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As a special human geographical phenomenon, Feidi forms complex historical, economic, and administrative reasons. Recently, surging news reported the cases between Jiangxi, Anhui, Henan, and Shandong, and also ignited some readers’ discussion enthusiasm.

Some scholars announced in 2004 that of the 34 provincial administrative districts in my country, 26 were flying land, and 82 administrative units had 100 flying land. According to its sorting out, one type of flying land is mainly based on one or more towns or street offices of the administrative unit as the expression form of the “place”, and it is not obvious on the map. Although these flying areas are not large, the number and wide distribution of its number fully illustrate the “chaos” of my country’s administrative division.


At present, there are still a large number of flying land in my country. For example, the frequent visitor in the news, Langfang City, “North Three County” (Sanhe City, Grand Factory Hui Autonomous County, Xianghe County), is China’s largest county -level flying land in the highest area and the highest administrative level. They belong to Langfang City, Hebei, but they are wrapped tightly in Beijing and Tianjin in geographical location, which makes Hebei Province a state of “hollow”.

The influence of flying land is mainly reflected in administrative management, economic coordination, and urban development. Surging news noticed that in recent years, some areas have set out to rectify the internal land of the city. At the same time, a considerable number of flying land has been silent in substantial zoning adjustment and changes in jurisdiction.

Practice of Tianjin: Administrative divisions are consistent with administrative jurisdiction

“Flying ground is a special area where the administrative division is planned and jurisdictional in Tianjin. It is a stubborn disease formed in the process of urbanization.”


In November 2021, the Ping An Tianjin Construction Press Conference was introduced in 2021. Tianjin district, film -oriented, widening, and households were investigated, and 546 “flying land” in 10 districts were determined. Four types of “flower arrangement”, “flower arrangement” that do not border, and the unclear areas of responsibilities formulate implementation plans. Precise policy. In the cracking of the problems left over from history, Tianjin formulated the “Opinions on Solving the Grassfrained Social Governance of Flying” in the village in the city “and the” change plan for some administrative regional boundaries in Tianjin “to promote the” flower arrangement “administrative regional boundary line in accordance with the law change.

The surging news noticed that since April 9, 2020, the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee has decided to carry out the localization of grass -roots social governance in the city to solve the uniformity of the administrative division and jurisdiction, unclear responsibilities, unclear responsibilities, service of service is not unclear, the service is not service There is a problem of blind spots in place.

Take the Shuanghuan Village Sub -district Office of Beichen District, Tianjin City, from Hongqiao District, Tianjin City in 2020 as an example. According to the Hongqiao District Committee,

Shuanghuan Village area is a residential residential area built in Tianmu Town, Beichen District in the late 1980s.

In 1990, after applying for the Hongqiao District Government, the Civil Affairs Bureau approved and agreed to set up the Shuanghuan Village Street Office, which was clearly implemented by the Hongqiao District Government. Since 2020, in accordance with the relevant work requirements of the grass -roots social governance of Tianjin’s “flying land”, in order to effectively solve the problems of cross -site governance responsibilities and unclear responsibilities, the People’s Government of Beichen District implemented a territory and proposed that Shuanghuan Village will be held in Shuanghuan Village The affiliation of the subordinate administrative division is changed from Hongqiao District to Beichen District to ensure that the administrative division of the region is consistent with the jurisdiction of administrative jurisdiction.

In December 2020, the Tianjin People’s Government approved: Agree with the revocation of Shuanghuan Village Street Office of Hongqiao District and the establishment of Shuanghuan Village Street Office of Beichen District.

It is worth mentioning that according to the Hongqiao District Committee,

In order to maximize the rights and interests of the residents of Shuanghuan Village streets, in accordance with the principles that are conducive to the masses, after research by relevant municipal departments and relevant departments of the two districts, the “three unchanged” policies and measures of the “flying land” governance of Shuanghuan Village areas Unchanged, unchanged household registration, and unchanged students.

After the changes in the affiliation of the subordinates of Shuanghuan Village Street Administration District, the houses in the area do not move the property right certificate, and the certificate of the certificate is maintained as “Hongqiao District”; when the purchase of a newly built project of the project, when the property right certificate is issued, the certificate of the certificate is “Hongqiao District”; When the regional houses are registered and changed again, the license address is still “Hongqiao District”. Residents’ household registration remains unchanged, and the household registration business is still under the jurisdiction of the Hongqiao District Household Registration Organization Organization Organization Organization Organization Organizations. The household registration archives continue to be managed by the Hongqiao District Household Registration Management Organ. The student status in the school remains unchanged. In the future, the Hongqiao households who will be enrolled in the area will still enjoy the educational resources of Hongqiao District in accordance with the current enrollment policy of Tianjin.

According to the Tianjin Civil Affairs Bureau, Tianjin Feidi governance experience has been praised by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and promoted to the country.

The report published by Tianjin Daily in December 2021 stated that in the report of the Ministry of Civil Affairs to promote the city’s “Flying” governance work experience report to the National Civil Affairs System, Tianjin City took the leader in the high cities’ governance efficiency as a traction, facing grass -roots social governance The pain points, difficulties, and blocking points in the middle, broaden ideas, create conditions, actively solve the problems of cross -level social governance responsibilities, unclear responsibilities, and vacuum vacuum caused by the “flying land”. The service management dual coverage has maintained the authority of the rule of law in the administrative division in governing the country and governing the country.

It is reported that the specific methods of Tianjin include: the “flower arrangement” of the soil to the soil changes the boundary line of the administrative area in accordance with the law, communicate and negotiate by the area and the affiliated area, formulate the administrative regional boundary change plan, strictly follow the legal procedures, change 8 districts and 7 borders in accordance with the legal procedures, and change the borders of 8 districts and 7 pieces. The “flower arrangement land” administrative area boundary, consistent the management of management and responsibilities, and thoroughly stretched out the obstacles of the institutional mechanism; in accordance with the principles of respecting history, facilitating management, and protecting the interests of the masses, the jurisdiction of jurisdiction is placed on administrative administration. In the place where the district is located, residential real estate registration, household registration, and student status remain unchanged, and to the greatest extent to protect the interests of the masses.

History left: When will fly to the ground?

Flying land issues involve the interests of all parties, which is one of the difficulties of social governance. Surging news noticed that compared with special areas in the city such as Tianjin, adjustments that have occurred in inter -provincial flying land, inter -city land, and flying land in the province in recent years are rare.

Map of Weishan County

Taking the nine counties and cities in the two provinces of Sulu, nine counties and cities in the two provinces of Sulu, and the Shandong Jining Weishan County, which is named after Weishan Lake as an example, in order to strengthen the unified management of the entire lake area of ​​Weishan Lake, Weishan County was in 1953 in 1953 Established in the year, the Government Affairs Council No. 136 was approved by the “Agreement of Agreement of Weishan, Zhaoyang, Dushan, and Nanyang Lake District, and set up a pure fishing village and half -fishing village along the lake as Weishan County.” In 1971 The need for water and agricultural water along the lake, the Jining Earth Revolutionary Committee determined that immigrants were resettled by fishing lakes and were scattered in Zoucheng, Tengzhou, Yutai, Rencheng and other places in Shandong.

In June 2020, the Jining Civil Affairs Bureau introduced when the CPPCC member “Suggestions on Weishan County Feidi and Population in Yutai County” was introduced to the CPPCC.

The transfer of the village involved in the village is neither the adjustment of the administrative division nor the change of the boundary of the administrative area. It is only the adjustment of management rights. It should be transferred on the basis of obtaining the consent of the villagers involved in villagers and the consensus of the two county governments.

After receiving the proposal of the members, we held a meeting from the Civil Affairs Bureau of Weishan and Yutai to study the problems of flying land and the jurisdiction of the masses. The comrades of the meeting agreed that the jurisdiction of the land and the masses’ social affairs to transfer to the local economic and social development, the harmony and stability of the social and social affairs, but also related to the vital interests of the masses. It is necessary to actively and steadily promote it under the premise of maintaining the overall social harmony and stability. In the next step, we will do a good job in the work deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government.

In fact, the origin of Feidi of Weishan County is special.

According to the Jining Civil Affairs Bureau,

The establishment of Weishan County is to strengthen the unified management of the entire lake district of Weishan Lake and fundamentally solve the problem of disputes and fighting.

Essence The central government clearly set up the basic ideas and principles of Weishan County. In order to strengthen the unified management of the Weishan Lake area, the State Council No. 124 in 1956 emphasized again: “Weishan Lake surface is managed by Weishan County, Shandong Province.” The surging news noticed that there was a representative of the Municipal People’s Congress that “re -scratched Nanyang Town to Yutai County”, and the Jining Civil Affairs Bureau stated that this proposal was not consistent with the establishment of Weishan Lake in the establishment of Weishan County.

Until now, various news released by Jining did not mention substantial adjustments to the ground. Among them, a flying place in Nanyang Town, Weishan County has also controversial due to the relocation problem.

Zhaozhuang Village, Nanyang Town, Weishan County is located at the junction of the south bank of Lao Wanfu River and the west bank of the Baima River in Yutai County. It is the land of Weishan County. It is surrounded by Yutai County. There are more than 400 households in the village. Because Zhaozhuang Village is located in the Chemical Park of Zhanghuang Town, Yutai County, it is less than 500 meters away from Shandong Lutai Chemical Co., Ltd. in order to ensure the safety of the villagers and ensure that the Zhanghuang Town Chemical Park is successfully completed. The Shanxian People’s Government has coordinated and communicated many times, and Zhaozhuang Village started the demolition in March 2020.

“In the process of relocation and resettlement, the provincial and municipal beautiful and livable rural construction headquarters requested the suspension of the demolition work of all undemolition villages, causing the cannot be implemented in the relocation house in Zhaozhuang Village.” The People’s Government of Zhanghuang Town, Yutai County introduced In order to return the villagers of Zhaozhuang Village as soon as possible, the Yutai County Party Committee and the County Government promptly adjusted the village’s return to the place where the village was relocated to the Jiayuan Community of Yunhe County. Street Middle School and Yutai County First People’s Hospital have convenient transportation and complete supporting facilities. They are superior to the original location of the resettlement placement. However, the people’s government and Zhaozhuang Village villagers in Nanyang Town, Weishan County do not agree to change the resettlement position. Houyutai County People’s Government organized the Housing and Urban -Rural Development Bureau of Yutai County, the People’s Government of Zhanghuang Town, Yutai County, and the People’s Government of Nanyang Town, Weishan County.

The People’s Government of Zhanghuang Town, Yutai County said in February 2021 that the next step will actively maintain communication with the people’s government of Nanyang Town, Weishan County, and report to the people’s government in Yutai County to determine the resettlement of Zhaozhuang Village.

In addition to Baili, Weishan County, Huaibei, Anhui Huaibei, in Suzhou, Duanyuan Town, Duanyuan Town has repeatedly attracted attention in recent years.

Duanyuan Town Location

Duanyuan Town belongs to Duji District, Huaibei City, and is geographically surrounded by Xiaoxian County, Suzhou and Tongshan District, Xuzhou, Jiangsu. Some representatives of the Huaibei City People’s Congress have suggested in 2017 that Duanyuan Town, as the only “flying land” in the city, is far from being played by the location advantage. The dense processing and manufacturing industry and foreign trade industry, location and location are the first advantage, and should attach great importance to this flying land.

The representative reminded,

Compared with the rapid development of Xiaoxian, the Duanyuan and Duanyuan Industrial Concentration Zone developed slowly as a flying land, and it was in danger of “eating” strategy of “eastward development” by Xiaoxian in the long run. In fact, the construction of the east outer ring of Xiaoxian County has signed some land in Ouji Village, Duanyuan Town.

The surging news noticed that as the only area in Huaibei, which was directly bordering from Xuzhou, Duanyuan’s flying land has been regarded by Huaibei as a “vanguard” that is connected with Xuzhou. For example, in September last year, the Ninth Party Congress report of Huaibei City proposed that “accelerate the construction of a new functional area adjacent to the provincial adjacent area, and strive to create a new area of ​​production and city integration, emerging industrial gathering areas, ecological innovation demonstration areas, and common together. Available zone. “

In addition, on the afternoon of September 13 last year, the chairman of the Huaibei Municipal Committee of the CPPCC went to Duanyuan Town, Duji District to supervise the proposal No. 71, the fourth session of the Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, “Let Duan Yuan” Flying Earth “early became Huaibei to dock Xuzhou. “Qiaotou Castle” “handle.

He pointed out that Duan Yuan is a new area of ​​the provincial adjacent area of ​​the Yangtze River Delta, a new area of ​​the industry and cities in the adjacent area, the emerging industrial agglomeration area, the ecological civilization demonstration area, the common prosperity, and the inter -provincial industry cooperation demonstration area. Since its launch, it has adhered to high -level advancement, highlighting planning and leading, improving infrastructure, innovative institutional mechanisms, and promoting industrial coordination. The overall planning and construction work is accelerating. He also emphasized that in the next step, we must focus on the historical opportunity of the integrated high -quality development of the Yangtze River Delta in the next step, focus on the overall situation of higher quality transformation and development in the new stage of the city, carefully study and use various policies, further improve various plans, accelerate infrastructure construction construction Grasp the development of industrial linkage, strengthen the guarantee of factors, promote the integration of social undertakings, actively integrate into the Xuzhou Metropolitan area, and serve as a demonstration for the high -quality transformation and development of the Huaibei New stage.

However, some netizens have suggested that the communication between Xiaoxian and Xuzhou is very close. They can undertake the transfer of Xuzhou industrial and accept the radiation of Xuzhou. Duanyuan Town is separated from the middle of the two places. Due to the administrative affiliation, many docking with Jiangsu Xuzhou in the future will be in the future. Influencing the process, it is recommended that Duan Yuanzhen to Xiaoxian.

The Anhui Provincial Department of Civil Affairs responded in November 2020 that Duanyuan Town is now under the jurisdiction of Huaibei.


Adjusting Duanyuan Town’s affiliated relationship involving major changes in the boundary line of Huaibei and Suzhou City, and widely involved the routine of urban development and the wishes of the people. Approval of approval step by step.

In February 2021, some netizens said that Duan Yuan has now become a flying land that restricts the coordinated development of Xiaoxian and Xuzhou. Can come forward to coordinate.

After the Anhui Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, the relevant provisions of the “Administrative Region Planning Management Regulations” responded as a caliber: The administrative division should maintain overall stability. When it must be changed, it should be conducive to the modernization of socialist modernization, the modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities. , The principles that are conducive to administrative management, conducive to national unity, conducive to consolidating national defense, adhere to the adaptation to the national development strategy and the level of economic and social development, focus on urban and rural coordination and regional coordination, promote the integration of urban and rural development, promote the harmonious development of people and nature and develop harmonious development The policy of formulating a change plan is formulated, and the approval is reported step by step.

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