The double -layer defense of children’s rooms can not only save space, but also help the growth of two children, but also more practical. Now there are many storage of the design bands of double -layer children’s rooms.

How much is the price of children going to bed double bed?

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How much is the price of children going to bed double bed?

How much does the double -layer bed cost? The price difference between the double -layer bed can be said to be very large. The price of double beds with different materials is very different. Also, the brand is different, and the price is different. Two -layer beds with species, let’s take a look at what price is.

Combined double-layer bed price: 3300-3500 yuan

The combined double -layer bed has a ladder, which is convenient to use. It can store the changeable bookcase computer table at the bottom of the bed, which effectively saves space while developing children’s IQ. Cleaning and pure white, with the child’s pure heart, giving the child a free and carefree living space.

Iron double-layer bed price: 600-800 yuan

The iron double -layer bed has paid off tedious decoration, attributed to nature, and combines the manufacturing process of modern furniture. It not only has good craftsmanship, but also from raw materials to accessories.

Plate dual-layer bed price: 2200-2500 yuan

儿童上下床双层床价格多少 双层床什么材质比较好

The panel double -layer bed is a multi -functional design specially designed for young children. It is lively, with small bookshelves on the side of the bed, and small stairs to open the door of fantasy for your baby.

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What kind of material is good for children to go to bed double bed?

1. Elm

What is good for double -layer beds? It is common to make double -layer beds with elm. It is also a material that many people will choose. After the elm is cut, the core material is light brown, and the lines expand like feathers. The double -layer bed made of elm is calm and generous, beautiful appearance, delicate wood, and beautiful markings. However, there are certain defects in the double -layer bed of elm solid wood, that is, the water content is high, it is not easy to dry, and it is easier to crack.

儿童上下床双层床价格多少 双层床什么材质比较好

2. Matsuki

Pine wood has natural color, clear texture, good texture, durable, strong elasticity and breathability, which is very suitable for making various solid wood furniture. For example, the double -layer bed of pine wood has the characteristics of solid, lasting, durable, so it is said that choosing a double -layer double -layer made of pine wood is also very good.

3, teak

The surface of teak wood has golden brown luster on the surface and clear surface texture. It is known as the “king of wood”. Therefore, it is often used as the main material of double bed. Teak double -layer beds have natural oily properties. Waterproofing, non -deformation, and no bending, cracking, etc., and teak double -layer beds also have a special fragrance, which can drive insects and ants to ensure the service life.

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What kind of material is good for children to go to bed double bed?