“Your mother and your daughter -in -law dropped the water at the same time, who would you save first?”

When you are still thinking about this problem, if there is a soldier brother next to him, he may have jumped into the water to save people.



It is an instinct for soldiers

The belief of “serving the people”

It has long been engraved in the bone marrow of their hearts

At around 4:20 pm on October 28, the K8373 train from Xuzhou to Lianyungang East slowly drove into the Donghai County Railway Station. Passengers took their luggage to get off one after another. At this moment, there was an exclaiming: “Help! The child fell into the railway under the platform!”

A soldier in Beijing rescued the boy from the railway within 1.2 seconds of the boy and left the scene quietly afterwards

When I was about to move, I saw a figure quickly rushing forward like lightning, and a successful rescue of the child was successfully rescued. Afterwards, the surveillance video of the railway station showed that the whole process of saving only took 1.2 seconds. In order to rescue the child in the first time, he threw the computer bag aside.

After being found by the rescued boys’ families, on November 5, the rescue guy was found. He was Sun Xiao, a East China Sea soldier from a certain part of Beijing. Sun Xiao, 25, went home to visit his parents along the way to the college entrance examination in Xuzhou that day. He did not expect to meet a thrilling scene.

“At that time, there was still more than 1 minute from the train. If it wasn’t for the soldiers and rescued by the soldiers, the child was likely to be in danger.” The 4 -year -old boy’s grandma Meng Jinju said gratefully.


Suddenly the incident suddenly fell down the platform by the 4 -year -old boy accidentally fell down the platform


On Sunday on October 28, the traffic flow of railway stations in Donghai County increased significantly. At 4:20 pm that day, the K8373 train from Xuzhou from west to east stopped in the East China Sea. According to the staff on duty at the station, this train stopped at Donghai Station for 3 minutes, and soon drove away.

On the 11th, a family of five people came down, and three adults took two children aged 3 or 4. At this time, the 4 -year -old boy suddenly ran to the front of No. 10 and looked up at the window. “There is a gap of about 20 cm between the platform and the train track. The child is small and attracted by the items in the window. Forget the road under his feet, accidentally step on the air, and the whole person fell into the rails on the platform. “Li Qingjun, a passenger duty at the platform, recalled the scene of the day,” I was working with the train commander at that time. I didn’t know that some children had fallen in until I heard the call for help. “


Grandma and aunt on the side wanted to reach out and pull out the child, but unfortunately couldn’t make it. At this time, the child’s crying and the voice of the adults were intertwined, which quickly attracted the attention of a guy.

Corporation came out, the windbreaker man rescued the boy in 1.2 seconds

It can be clearly seen from the surveillance video of the railway station. At this time, a guy in a trench coat came down from the No. 18 compartment and just passed the No. 11 compartment, 5 or 6 meters away from the child falling. After hearing the call for help, he immediately dropped the computer bag he carried and turned to run towards the child’s drop.


The railway was 1.7 meters high and vertical. The 4 -year -old boy raised his hand and jumped up, but he couldn’t come up. I saw the guy struggling to go to the platform, lay his body, explored the upper body into the gap, and put his hands under the two armpits of the child with both hands, and quickly lifted it to the platform. The entire rescue process was only 1.2 seconds.

“When we heard the call for help, the child had been rescued.” Li Qingjun expressed surprise, “The whole process is too fast! It’s incredible!”

The people at the scene said that if it wasn’t for the agility of the young man, he could not rescue the children from the gap of only 20 cm wide. At this time, the father of the child who heard the sound of the call rescue ran back to the platform. The family hugged the child and did not slow down from the scare. Fortunately, the child is not a big deal.

Since everyone puts attention on the children, no one found that the rescue guy had picked up the computer bag on the ground and quietly left the train station.


The rescue guy is a certain East China Sea soldier in Beijing

On the 5th, after several days of searching, the family who was saved by the child finally found the mother who rescued the family. “My son returned home that afternoon, and I found that his computer broke, and his neck seemed a bit twisted, so he asked him what was going on, and he said he accidentally fell.” Shi Ying said that the son did not save the child from the beginning to the end. Things, “But give a praise for his son’s behavior!”

It is reported that Sun Xiao is an active soldier in a certain department in Beijing. This year is the 6th year of his soldiers. On October 26, he took a train from Beijing to Xuzhou to participate in the adult college entrance examination. After the last course on October 28, he took the car from Xuzhou to the East China Sea by the way, and returned to Beijing after visiting his parents who had been away for a long time.

“I only asked for a leave for 4 days. I didn’t expect to go to Donghai County Railway Station, and I encountered such a sudden thing.” The reporter contacted Sun Xiao, “We are the people who are soldiers. In the forefront! I will do this if I have to encounter such a thing in the future! “


When he returned home, Sun Xiao discovered that due to the excessive force, the computer was broken, his neck was twisted, and his shoulders had discomfort. “I have my learning materials in the computer, and I am going to take it back to Beijing to repair.” Sun Xiao said, no matter who changed it, he would choose to save the child as soon as possible.


Thanks in person, never forget to save your life for a lifetime


At noon on the 5th, Sun Xiao’s mother came to the 4 -year -old boy’s house and met with the family. “Thank you Uncle PLA! I have to be a soldier when I grow up!” I learned that it was a soldier who saved himself.

Shi Ying said that as a mother, I can understand the feelings of the child’s family: “The train only stops in the East China Sea for 3 minutes. At that time, it was one or two minutes. If the child ran randomly in the raily, then I dare not think about it.”

“Thank you for your good heart! This kind of kindness, our family will not forget it all my life!” The child’s grandma Meng Zhao held Shi Ying’s hand, “In the future, the two of us will keep in touch and say that we must not forget the benefactor!”



Is this accidental?


The soldiers are “priority”, always there!

Many times, they choose to do this

The “Internet celebrity”, who was affectionately called “the most beautiful soldier” by netizens, was Zhang Yuxue, a retired female soldier from the 77th Army’s “Tiger Brigade” from the 77th Army of the Army.

Local media reports Zhang Yuxue’s deeds


On the evening of June 22, a traffic accident occurred near a road near a special police team in the Rocket Army. There was a wolf borrowing at the accident scene.

On the occasion of life and death, the three officers and soldiers who traveled on the scene found the situation and quickly rescued emergency rescue. They stopped bleeding, calling for help, and metastasis. They staged a realistic version of “life and death”!

The wounded was sent to the hospital at the fastest speed, and because of the timely rescue, they successfully saved a life.

At 10 o’clock on June 23, a couple in Wuzun Town, Kahaxian, Aksu, Xinjiang, drove a tractor on the way to the river, was besieged by the flood due to rising river water. The Kuqian Fire Brigade immediately dispatched two rescue vehicles, including 12 officers and soldiers and police officers of Wuzun Town Police Station to jointly implement rescue.

The water flow at the rescue site was turbulent, and the situation was very critical. The rescue officers and soldiers implemented a variety of ways of rescue, but they were beaten back by Julang. The trapped couple watched the rescue personnel constantly beaten by floods, and they cried: “It’s too dangerous, don’t you come!” But, how can you abandon the people as a soldier of the people? What’s more?

Blood and gallbladder can still be learned, and the sky feels crying. Under the courage to move forward and work together, through the continuous struggle with the flood, he finally rescued the trapped couple in the hands of death!

On the morning of July 6, Li Zhong, a soldier who returned to Yiyuan’s visiting relatives, bravely dived in Duan Duan, Liuzhuang Village, Henan, and rescued 74 -year -old people who fell into the water.

The old man in Luoshui is a villager in Nan Liuzhuang Village, Yiyuan County. When he drank alcohol before the incident, he was ready to go to the other side of the river to work in the river. He accidentally dropped the water. Li Zhong, who was pathway, saw that he quickly jumped into the water and swims to the elderly.


But when he was close to the old man, the old man in the panic picked up his shoulders and pressed into the water. He quickly broke away, walked behind the old man, held the old man with his left hand, padded his right hand, and swim on the shore.

The old man had a sickle around his waist. Li Zhong’s arm was cut by the sickle. He couldn’t care about the pain and worked hard to swim on the shore.

“I am a soldier, saving people is my duty.” Li Zhong said lightly when he said the idea of ​​saving people at the time.

On the evening of July 1, Zhang Jiasi, a soldier soldier of the Navy Air Force at home, and Yang Chun, his partner Yang Chun, was on the way home, and suddenly found that a resident was smoky not far away.

Zhang Jiasi immediately ran forward and looked inside. I saw a fire in the house, and two people were lying on the ground. At that time, there were two liquefied gas tanks in the house. If the rescue is not timely, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Seeing that the fire was getting bigger and bigger, Zhang Jiasi opened the door with the help of his neighbors and rushed into the room. At this time, the indoor flames were scrambled. He shouted a few times to the elderly and did not respond. After the situation was quickly determined, Zhang Jiasi rushed into the sea of ​​fire two times, and eventually rescued the two elderly people successfully.


“At that time, something happened, the fire was critical, and the people’s lives and property were seriously threatened. I didn’t think of how dangerous it was. There was only one thought in my mind, that was to save people!” Zhang Jiasi said.


At about 16 pm on July 8th, Peng Jingmin, a soldier maintenance group who had a marriage leave in Linyi, Shandong, returned home by Peng Jingmin and his lover was ride home. Standing by the bridge and crying, before they approached, the woman jumped from the bridge.

The situation is urgent and too late to think. Peng Jingmin instinctively jumped out of the car and ran to the bridge to visit him.

Because the Yihe Bridge was more than ten meters away from the water, and the underwater structure was complicated, Peng Jingmin did not rush to diving. Instead, he immediately arranged a lover to call the emergency call and alarm call. He borrowed the rope from the passing vehicle. Put it down, and then tie the rope to the waist of a light woman, and cooperate with the passers -by to save the woman on the shore.

Then the police and medical staff rushed to the scene, and he took his lover silently to leave.

At 8 am on July 21, a fire occurred in the C4 building C4 in Lushan City, Lushan City, Jiangxi Province, and the thick smoke continued to emerge from the house.

The burst of the window glass will wake up in the front of the building in front of the sleep. Zhan Jianan was a comprehensive training base for the Eastern theater of the AD -RMB in Fujian.


After the fire broke out, Zhan Jianan was decisive, and the first time he rushed to the residents to ensure that there were no one in it. Then he urgently informed the owner to move the fire channel vehicle to ensure that the fire truck was connected to the fire to extinguish the fire in a timely manner. Even after the Minghuo was extinguished, Zhan Jianan was still unhappy, and he volunteered to bring the fire staff to transport the water to extinguish the dark fire.


“My name is Zhan Jianan, a soldier.” When a reporter interviewed Zhan Jianan, he answered like this.

On the afternoon of August 7, when a beach attraction in Chongwu Ancient Town, Quanzhou City, when many tourists were playing with water, a yellow woman was rolled away by the waves.

After seeing Zhang Jianfei, the fourth -level sergeant of the Eastern Theater near the sea training near the beach, he immediately judged the woman drowning with more than 10 years of sea training experience. He rushed towards the drowning person without thinking at the fastest speed, swim to the drowning woman, and dragged her back to the shore at the fastest speed.

Later, Zhang Jianfei’s four comrades also arrived at the scene. Zhang Jianfei pushed the drowning belly with her knees, and several other comrades filmed her back and asked her to spit out the water. Two minutes later, the healthman Hao Jun also rushed to the scene to rescue the drowning woman.

Five minutes later, as the 120 emergency vehicle arrived, the woman falling water was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. As the officers and soldiers took timely and effective first -aid measures in the early stage, the woman was quickly discharged from the hospital after arriving at the hospital.

Many netizens said that these heroes who saved people are the gods of the soldiers and the protection of the people.

However, for themselves, they just show the instinct of a qualified warrior, and the standing forward at the moment of crisis of the masses has already become a “subconscious”.


This “subconscious” comes from the rigorous training of the army. The ideological influence of the accumulation of the moon that day has long been merged into the genes of soldiers in the blood of soldiers, internalized in mind, and externalized.

This “subconscious” made each soldier not afraid of the mud current beach, not afraid of guns and bullets, retrograde between danger, and helping the people in water and fire. When the people’s life and property are threatened, soldiers must be prioritized!

Flood anti -rescue, earthquake relief …

Not just a period of natural disasters and human disasters

It’s not just the time to accept the task

Soldiers will charge in front

Like the above -mentioned “priority of soldiers”

There are countless nicely

can only say

Where is the soldier

There is a sense of security!

Do you agree?

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