Nowadays, both daily office or work meetings, tablet computers with both portable and productive forces have become an indispensable thing. I do n’t know if people like the author in front of the screen have the same feeling. Especially in terms of data records and inspiration, tablet computers have shown strong advantages. In the current tablet market, there are still few products with good productivity, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series released a few days ago is undoubtedly the best among them. For users with office needs, Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series is definitely a good choice.

Top performance blessing

Throughout the tablet market, most of the processors used in products are Snapdragon 870 or 778G. It is still enough to daily, but for people with office needs, there are indeed some fires. In terms of performance, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series is very picky. The entire system is equipped with the latest 4nm process process Snapdragon 8 mobile platform. The more powerful performance is matched with a high 16GB of running memory (Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 | S8+operating memory is 8G ) It provides strong guarantee and support for users’ efficient work and multi -tasking processing.

办公党最佳选择 三星Galaxy Tab S8系列给你不一样的体验

Light and light screen, top experience

In addition to excellent performance, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series also takes into account the balance between large -sized screens and light and thin body. For example, although the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is equipped with a large 11 -inch LCD screen, the weight is “magical” at 503 grams; Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+has only 567 grams under the premise of having a larger 12.4 -inch screen. Compared with most of the products on the market, it is thinner and portable. This is a big gospel for users with daily mobile office needs.

办公党最佳选择 三星Galaxy Tab S8系列给你不一样的体验

While ensuring large -screen and lightness, Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series also comes standard with large -capacity batteries. Especially for the “oversized cup” tablets specially launched for efficient office needs, Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra has a 14.6 -inch oversized screen and 11200 mAh over large battery of the 14.6 -inch computers, which can easily meet the needs of the office and ease the pressure of battery life. Essence When traveling, Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra even supports reverse charging. It can supplement the mobile phone with the USB Type C connection cable to play a “emergency” role in key business occasions.

Multi -task window+S Pen, greatly enhance productivity

办公党最佳选择 三星Galaxy Tab S8系列给你不一样的体验

In order to maximize mobile productivity, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series brought a new multi -tasking window function and S Pen handwritten function. The multi -tasking window function can open multiple different applications in the same interface, allowing users to participate in the video conference, and can also conduct conference records on the screen, or visit the content files required by the meeting.

办公党最佳选择 三星Galaxy Tab S8系列给你不一样的体验

The S Pen function is the finishing touch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series. The upgraded S PEN not only has a smoother writing experience, but also can restore the writing feel on real paper. Not only that, through the latest AI algorithms, S Pen achieves ultra -low latency and precise writing, making users catch instant inspiration at work as possible, making creativity and imagination a step closer.

It can be seen that in the current tablet market, products like Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series are indeed rare. For users who focus on mobile productivity, Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series is worth considering.