China Net Finance October 21 (Reporter Du Ding, a reporter An Yan) On the WeChat public account of “Shanghai Market Supervision” yesterday, the “Second Batch of Fake Illegal Advertising Typical Cases in 2021” released by the Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau showed that Shanghai Meilai Medical Beauty Clinic Co., Ltd. was imposed by the market regulatory department for improving an illegal advertisement for illegal advertisements.

According to the report, Shanghai Meilai Medical Cosmetic Clinic Co., Ltd. used the public website to promote the publicity content of its beautiful nose plastic surgery services, using Meipaist Sai Xixi (real name) as the spokesperson to show the advertisement of the comparison photos before and after the plastic surgery. Recommended, proved, and compared the parties’ beauty nose plastic surgery with other surgery in the advertisement.

The above behavior of Shanghai Meilai Medical Beauty Clinic Co., Ltd. violated the relevant provisions of the “Advertising Law” and was ordered by the market supervision department to stop publish illegal advertisements in accordance with the law, eliminate the impact within the corresponding range, and fined 185,800 yuan. The behavior of advertising spokesperson, Pu Mou, violated the “Advertising Law” and the provisions of medical advertisements should not use advertising spokespersons. The market regulatory authorities were punished by the market regulatory authorities to punish 185,800 yuan in accordance with the law.

According to the data, Shanghai Meilai Medical Beauty Clinic Co., Ltd. was established on September 03, 2014. It is affiliated with Meilai Medical Cosmetic Group. Huang Yi is the legal representative and executive director. %Of major shareholders.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time the company involved an administrative penalty incident. Tianyancha shows that since 2015, Shanghai Meilai Medical Beauty Clinic Co., Ltd. has involved 11 administrative punishment incidents. Wait, the total amount of penalties reached 1.729 million yuan. Among them, from 2018 to 2021, Shanghai Meilai had 4 records that violated the Advertising Law, with a maximum fine of 900,000 yuan.

上海美莱发布“违法广告”被罚18万 近几年已有4条违反《广告法》记录

According to the data, Meilai Medical Beauty Hospital Co., Ltd., the parent company of Shanghai Meilai Medical Beauty Clinic Co., Ltd., is a well -known medical institution in the country. There are more than 40 branches in Changsha, Wuhan, Nanjing, Jinan, Xi’an and other regions. Business includes surgery/plastic surgery majors.

It is worth mentioning that not long before, Shenzhen Meilai Medical Beauty, another company under Merrace Medical Beauty Hospital Co., Ltd., was fined 50,000 yuan for improper competition.

上海美莱发布“违法广告”被罚18万 近几年已有4条违反《广告法》记录

In response, China Net Finance reporters called Shanghai Meilai Medical Beauty Clinic Co., Ltd. and Meilai Medical Beauty Group, respectively. Relevant staff did not give a positive response to the matter.

(Editor in charge: Anxuan)