Drinking wine To use winegles, this is everyone know. But in front of the exubeous wineglass, do you know how to choose? Today, Xiaobian collected the seven most famous wineglass brands in the world, and let you answer questions, let these wine glasses bring better test experience!

1, 醴 醴 (Riedel)

It has a 250-year history of Austrian professional wine producer, which can be an unknown wine glass brand. From the northern Posmia, after the inheritance of 11 generations, the 醴 醴 is always at the top of the product pyramid. Its classic cup type is Sommeliers Black Tie, which is black in this series of crystal cup holders. At the same time, as a commemorative cup, each cup is artificially blowing.

2, Poetry Guestbook (Spiegelau)

The history of the poetry passenger is traced back to 1521. In the 16th century of the mirror, the poetic passenger is starting to make various mirrors, bead strings and bottles for the European royal family. In 1926, the factory was named poetry. From 2004, it officially became a brand of the company. Classic cup type is Adina. This series of advocacy, with a longer cup handle, looks particularly elegant.


3, Lalique

Lai Wan was founded in 1885 by Jewelry Designer René Lalique. This well-known international crystal brand is well received due to its superb handmade art and unique design. From the initial jewelry and perfume bottles, to the present tableware, wineglass is also one of its excellent products. The classic cup type is James Suckling 100 Points. This cross-border collaboration series is also handmade, a U-Type, is more important than a general wine glass.

4, Bacarrat)

When Louis 15 decided to open a glass workshop in Luolin, Bacara had a fate of “Royal Royal”, and every emperor is full of praise. Although crystal lighting is its star product, the Harcourt Crystal Cup afterwards is a milestone commemoration. The classic cup type is Dégustation Glass Romanee Conti, which is translated into Chinese is the Romani Kang Emperor Cup. This apple is round-rounded cup type, it is necessary to make the wine more fade.


5, Schott

This is a German crystal company, from 1872, is now the brand of famous camera Zeiss Group. The Schott Cup is the largest feature of the cup. The cup is thin, and is firm and durable. It is said that even the finest handmade cup can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The newly developed crystal glass Tritan does not include lead, very environmentally friendly. The classic cup type is Diva, this series of cups are long and curved, a total of 14 cups can meet your needs of different wine.


6, Bowman C & S (Chef & Sommelier)

This brand is created by the Bow and Archer, the original name is Mikasa. The brand cup is KWARX, which is a 100% colorless substance that is penetrated as crystal, but tempered glass is generally hard. It does not affect the color and taste of wine. The classic cup type is Oenologue Expert, which is designed in 1991. Dany Rolland, with a wide area of ​​the bottom of its cups.


7, Lukaris (LUCARIS)

Lucolis is an Asian crystal manufacturer and is also the only world of Asia’s top crystal cups. Factory in Japan and Thailand combines German cutting-edge technology to form this branch-blown crystal cup, especially in seamlessly connected cup handles, can increase beauty and reduce damage. The classic cup type has Shanghai Shen Yun (SHANG). This is a series of Shanghai inspired, with a longer cup handle, spacious cup belly, suitable for all top wine.



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