Source: Global Times

[Comprehensive report of Global Times] There are many supermarkets of many supermarkets in Japan, it is difficult to see the movie of disposable plastic trays, more “free-free plastic packaging” packaging with plastic film.

According to the “Forbes” website, Japan has recently set off “Reduce Plastics Use Rate”, and many stores no longer use disposable plastic trays, so that the sales volume of the plastic machine is greatly improved. Stone Field from Kyoto, Japan is a company specializing in the production of plastic sealing machines, the company’s plastic machine sales reached 3 times the sales volume of 2019.


It is reported that many Japanese people will lose the disposable plastic tray with raw meat or raw fish in the checkout, and modified in the plastic bags belled. In fact, this is not only easy to cause hygiene problems, but also adding a supermarket for garbage classification. Thus, many people hope to have some way to reduce the use of disposable plastic trays. Thereby, “no tray plastic packaging” came into being. After the customer purchases fresh, it is only necessary to place the food on the plastic seal. This not only protects the environment, and it is also large to facilitate customers and merchants. (Fang Qing)