Tea, is one of the necessary furniture in the living room, and the coffee table has a rich style, the size is different, then when choosing a coffee table, how to choose the size of the coffee table? This problem, different families may have different answers, and even some families will choose “There is a bold design attempt” without tea “. Today, let’s talk about the selection of the living room, you can refer to it!

// 1, what is the function of tea? //

1 drinking tea


As the name, the original literal meaning is “a small table used to drink tea”, and in the real scene, some families who like to drink tea are also retaining this living habit; when they come to guests, they are also Living room entertains guests to drink tea chat. Therefore, the basic function of the coffee table is to serve tea.

▲ In the hostel family, most of them like to drink tea, coffee table is an indispensable furniture.

2 storage storage

As a living room for life, the living room is not a trivial necessities. These life supplies cannot be placed directly on the table. They are all required to accommodate, and the drawers in the coffee table have officially accommodate these small items. Location.


▲ Want to keep the coffee table, the cofferdrons of coffee tables are also important.


// 2, how do you choose a few sizes? //

1 living room features

Like a family in some tidal areas, drinking tea is a unique culture in the local area. Therefore, the tea table naturally is naturally big, then put a professional tea set, so drinking tea has a sense of ceremony.


▲ There is a coffee table, and professional tea sets, drink tea has a sense of ceremony.


In some everyday, you don’t need to drink tea, and there are other lockers to store small items. This kind of tea can have no, just put a small coffee table, so that guests come to drink tea, put tea cups.

▲ If there is no tea habits in home, it doesn’t matter.

2 area decision

For small appended sizes, the size of the coffee table is in size in size. For the comfort of the living room, the coffee table and the sofa is about 40 cm away, and the coffee table is about 1 meter from the TV cabinet, so the daily life line will be more comfortable. At the basis of ensuring the life of the life, the tea is a factor that needs to be controlled.

▲ The living room is not large, and the coffee table naturally has a small point.

3 living habits


Living habits are also a key factor in determining a few dimensional arrangements of the tea. I am used to the big coffee table. I am used to the spacious living room, you can put the small coffee table, even there is no coffee table.

▲ If you are used to spacious space, you will buy a small coffee table.



3, what is the case of coffee?


1 small apartment

People are in a busy urban life, returning home is often a relaxation space suitable for you. If the living room is small, there is a coffee table, sit down, knees can’t stretch, if you don’t want to return home, you are still bound, then there is a good design.

▲ small apartment has no tea, the living room is more atmospheric.

2 family with children

Because children have a certain space, I have seen a lot of families with children, they will make the living room area, cancel the coffee table design, then pad on the blanket, mat, put the living room as a child playing game. Space. The benefits of doing this are to let the children play in the living room, and the parents can take care of their children in the living room.

▲ Child often plays in the living room, can be empty, don’t tea.

// 4, what is the effect of the living room? //

There is a designed trend in recent years, this arrangement is also a more suitable residential design for the actual residence requirements of different families. Such a design allows the living room to be more spacious and bright, and it is also good.

▲ Remove the coffee table, spacious and generous living room, comfortable.

Regarding the size of the coffee table, I think it can be considered according to the comprehensive factors such as the size, living habits; the choice of tea several sizes is very rich, only to choose the coffee table for their own, to make life more easily and comfortable.