It’s really cold these days, many people are preparing thick cotton trousers.

婴儿手工棉花棉裤,背带连体还包脚 从上到下都暖和

There are a lot of people say that I want to make a born baby, I don’t do it, I want to draw a picture.

婴儿手工棉花棉裤,背带连体还包脚 从上到下都暖和

Come and see the style of the style.

婴儿手工棉花棉裤,背带连体还包脚 从上到下都暖和

The shoulder, the back is open. It is convenient to wear how to wear. Even pants from the head warm

Front panel

Rear film

73 yards of cropping, suitable for 3-6 months of baby

There is a need for other numbers to push the plate according to the difference between the length of 7cm in length.

Crop chart

婴儿手工棉花棉裤,背带连体还包脚 从上到下都暖和

Rear opening

Complete tabetry

Production process solution

It is best to choose cotton knitting and soft touch. Can touch the skin directly

Handmade quilt, which is more than the machine quilts to be soft, dense multi-quilting lines can be washed without disassembly and washed directly. Convenient and clean

Libu effect

Shoulder strap, the back opening can be more convenient

婴儿手工棉花棉裤,背带连体还包脚 从上到下都暖和

Shoulder opening effect

Before and after

婴儿手工棉花棉裤,背带连体还包脚 从上到下都暖和

Based on the front and rear feet in the suture, strap

It is very simple to make, the old people at home will generally do, you can try it with you.

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Baby handmade cotton trousers, strap coils also cover feet from top to bottom