The figure said: Various regeneration products made of recycling materials, attracting visitors’ eyes, new people, news reporters, Jin Yu, the same

Coffee slag can do T-shirts, plastic dining boxes can make recycled bricks and mobile phone shells, plastic bottles can be a bag … Today, a fun exhibition “useless” kicked off at the Yangpu Park Party Service Station. The “useless” garbage in the public’s cognition, after the transformation of high-tech and skill, gaining “new students”, so that visitors are amazing.


Half a tea cup made a mobile phone shell

0.5 recycled broth, after breaking, cleaning, melting granulation, modification, mixed injection molding, etc., it has become a cute mobile phone case … exhibition, this uses recycling plastic The phone case has attracted a lot of people’s attention.


In addition to the mobile phone case, this recycled plastic box can make a building block, even a light gray regeneration brick that even becomes the booth. The organizers “Love Classification • Love Recycling” introduced this year, the company cooperates with the US group to take the takeaway box, sort, clean, etc.


The familiar milk box familiar with the citizens is also an important material in the “new” tour. Before the flower fair, a bench made with a bright milk box is still new. Now in this exhibition, a hand bag with a milk box is “out”. After the milk box is recovered, after breaking, after the hydraulic pulp is separated, it has become a recycled paper, and eventually becomes a stylish little bag.

5 plastic bottles become an umbrella

There is also an umbrella in the booth, and “Love Classification • Love Recycling” and the recycled product of heaven umbrella. The waste plastic bottle is recovered, cleaned, crushed, high temperature, granulation, etc. “Plastic bottles are filled into the ground, it takes 500 years to degrade, will also pollute the soil and groundwater.” The organizer introduces, “can turn waste into treasure, reduce pollution, save resources.”

There are still many exhibits such as such a “coffee carbon fiber” manufactured by coffee and carbon fibers, and crafts made of plastic lunch box recycling, crafts, etc.

The center of the exhibition hall, a pair of paintings common to exhibitors very high. You can use weaving as a painting tool, connect your own garbage product, each with the corresponding data. Through a large screen of a recycling data, the public can also see the amount of smart recycling machine in their own community, understand the contribution of the environmental protection.

The figure said: By large screen, the public can see the amount of delivery of recycling in Yangpu District and its own community

Yangpu District daily recovery 180 tons


In October This year, the State Council “2030 Pre-Carbon Peak Action Plan” proposed: Implementing the “Internet +” recycling mode, realizing renewable resources should be received. Since 2018, Yangpu District Green City Hasports join hands in China “Love Classification • Love Recycling” to explore the “Internet + Intelligent Recycling” service model, gradually create 1 + 12 + X recycling “point, station, field” service System, implementation of low-value recycling special subsidies, and maximize resource utilization. At present, “Love Category • Love Recycling” has replenished 180 tons in the Yangpu District, which helps waste reduction and resource efficiency. Nearly 2,500 smart recovers have also been placed in the city, with a daily daily delivery of more than 100,000.

“Love Classification • Love Recycling” CEO Chen Jingyu introduced: “I hope that through these creative unique works, the environmental protection concept of” classified new fashion, subtractive new life “is integrated into the public, and the waste reduction resource is further helped.” The group said that since the launch of the “Qingshan Plan” in 2017, the green low-carbon development of the promotion service industry has been exploring.

This exhibition is guided by the Office of the Yangpu District Domestic Waste Classification and Reduction, Yangpu District, the main enterprise “Love Category • Love Recycling”, the United States Group, will last until January 15, 2022, citizens Free visit.

Xinmin Evening News reporter Jin Wei