After a long waiting and extension, the 107th annual bicycle race finally opened on August 29. To this end, the United States riding is looking for, statistics, and organizes the honorary list of the territorial law in recent years to be preheated as the opening ceremony.

This article is to introduce the number of riders in the history of the championship.

So far, there are four rides that have a total of the most championships, and they are listed in the 5th championship, and the “Seven Crowned King” Armstrong is excluded from the use of stimulants. In addition, in these four drivers who have received 5 championships, two are French drivers.

1, Bernard Hinault, Bernard, France (5 champions, 2 total year-in)

Champion Year: 1978, 1979, 1981, 1985, 1985

Has been effective team:

1975-1977 Gitane-Campagnolo

1978-1983 Renault-Gitane-CampAgnolo

1984-1986 La Vie Claire (former Tour Side)

Height: 1 meter 74

Weight: 62kg



▲ Araflip and Iranian


Born in 1954, Bona Iranian is a rider with amazing perseverance. He tightly biting the game of the front car, making it the title of “”, this French has won In addition to the five-way law champion of the record, I also won 3 cycles, 2 times, is a unconfilled strength. Since Bona won the championship in 1985, the French did not win the championship in the circulant.


2, the same from Jacques Anquetil from France

Champion Year: 1957, 1961-1964

1953-1955 Pearls (la PERLE)

1956-1958 Hayette Bouria Hutchinson (HUTINSON)

1959-1960 Alcyon-Dunlop

1961-1964 San Rafael – Dunlop team (Saint-Raphael-r. Geminiani-dunlop)

1965-1966 Ford France – Gitt France-Gitane

1967-1969 Bic-Hutchinson (BIC-HUTCHINSON)

Height: 1 meter 76

Weight: 70kg

Nquitil, who was born in 1934 is a car race, and he is also an hour of riding record holders at the time. At the same time, this excellent timeline has also helped Enquiri to win the five-way championship, 2 rounds of championships, and 1 ring-West Championship.

3, Miguel Indurain from Spain

Champion Year: 1991-1995, five consecutive championships

Has been effective team: 1984-1996 Mobile Star Team

Height: 1 meter 88

Weight: 80kg


Nickname: Big Mig

▲ Andur and Porsche

An Durland, born in 1964, is the youngest driver in Spain (he is only 18 years old), while at the age of 20, Andur has become the youngest leader of the ring. In addition to winning the richest championship, this powerful driver has also won two annihilated champions, 1 World Championship, and a gold medal of the Olympic Games. .

4, “Car King” Aid Mox (Eddy Merckx) from Belgium

Champion Year: 1969-1972, 1974)

1965 Solo-Superia team

1966-1967 Sign-BP-Mi Tarin

1968-1970 flying horse team

1971-1976 Morti Team


1977 Fiat team


1978 C & A Team

Height: 1 meter 85


Weight: 74kg


Nickname: Eating Magic, Car King

▲ Now you can also see the emergence of Adidi Mox on the ring method

Born in 1945, Edison Mox can be said to be one of the most successful drivers in the bicycle. The driver has won the championship of all three rins and five major classes, which is very strong, and Mox is very strong for the championship. In 1969, the circulatory yellow shirt, green shirt in 1969 , The red dot shirt and the white shirts that have not yet existed are all in the body, which is one of the temperament of the “Magic” title.

In addition to the 5th championships in the Tuanfa, this Belgian driver is also a rider who wins the championship of the championship.

Has been effective team:

Has been effective team: