The following small series will teach you how to use the headband hairpin design tutorial, the elegant hair style design gives you a different temperament? Get a good-looking and fashionable headband, add a more temperament! Don’t miss the mm you want to see, here there is also a face-to-face design tutorial!


Striped bowl

Is the buckle short hair in the middle? Then, use the striped bow to embellish yourself, the fresh headband not only modifies the face, but also very sweet and lovely, the girl’s face is very temperament.

Crystal beautiful Korean headband

Han Wei is very concerned about building aesthetics, so after the side of the shoulders, you can use the crystal headband to make yourself with the princess wind, brown yellow hair is more in line with the face, Not only beautiful, elegant is not here!


Black hat bow headband

Let’s take a look at how you will use the headband to make yourself age, no Liu Hai’s hair, it is easy to return to the girl’s breath, 40 years old. She is also the same, but a good way!

Simple Liu Hai Hair hoop


When the big fat face is hot in summer, there is no Chinese short and shoulder and shoulders, and then it is very natural and simple, not only makes you refresh, but also makes you look very pretty and simple. !

Ribbon headband

The long ribbon is also a very good headband. After the side division, the twist plus hairpin is added to the hairpin, it is not only very cool, but also the leisure wind to the extreme, the long face girl’s fashion taste is also quite High, very attractive!


Qi Liu Haibao Baotou Hairstyle

The brown yellow hair is fashionable, and it creates a trend of breath. Liu Hai is very thin, and the sparse Liu Haoling has made a happy red headband in the top of the head, adding a beautiful red headband to the hair Beautiful and beautiful, so that this hairstyle is beautiful and charming.

No Liu Hai Gao Zhai taili type

Beautiful street girls have a fresh generous temperament, a simple cyan short skirt, a hair with shallow brown-yellow design, add a pure little female. Simple gaps gently use a leathernet to make the hair, and a wide headband is simple, and it is very refreshing feeling.

Qi Liuhai


Very sweet long curly hair girl, small tip of the Palestine on the beautiful yellow sea, very pure temperament. Gao Ja’s hair has a very fluffy comb, but it is not messy. The high-tech side tray is placed on the shoulder, and a big cloth flower is adding sweet temperament.

Korean version of Liu Hai Pai Pub-headed hair type


First tie your hair into a ponytail, then do the hair style is common? Of course, it is very common, and according to the hair of the hair, there is also a different name and partition. The hair is simply reversed, making a laminated hairpin, which is the head of the meatball hair.