Fumad said:

It has entered November, and the temperature in many regions has begun to gradually decline.

In order to prevent cold and cold, many parents began to prepare warm clothing for children.

But Dad wants to say, don’t worry!

One said that the first reaction may be the three layers of three layers, three layers, especially the parents of the north, the autumn clothes must be thick enough to resist the winter.

Not long ago, Fumad had just compared 14 children’s warm underwear, and a small part of the parents felt too thin that these warm underwear were too thin, and the child was not warm enough.

So, today, Fumad wants to give everyone a good,

Warm underwear is, the thicker and warm?


In fact, the thickness of thermal underwear is not necessarily related to warmth.

This is because the inner clothing in the maintenance in the market is different, sometimes more than one.

That is, the ratio is not necessarily the same as it is exactly the same.

So there is no way to judge their warmth through the thickness.

So don’t think that the thicker upper body is warm, then you will get bloated, you will not say, it is not breathable.

So, how can we buy a real warm underwear?

Farm is recommended to purchase as much as possible

FZ / T 73022-2019 “Knitting warm underwear”

Standard products because the standard applies to thermal underwear products made from knitted fabrics,

Require insulation rate ≥ 30%

. As long as there is a thermal underwear with this standard, the warm performance is probably guaranteed.

So, I want to buy a real warm underwear is not to see how thick, but I have to have a standard, I have to remember to see the tag before buying.

Baby’s warm underwear is not only guaranteed, but also ensures safe and comfortable ~

Fair dad specially selected 14 children’s thermal underwear, I hope to find the cheap and high-quality child warm underwear, let’s take a look!

“14 children warm underwear evaluation: nearly half of the insulation rate is lower than the industry standard!” “

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