Skin is not resolved, and the skin of the skin comes one after another.

Oil, dark yellow, rough


The acne muscle, the pores are thick. . . . . It’s uncomfortable

Xiaoxian also pays attention to the water

It is crucial to a good skin care product at this time.

Yue poetry new green tea essence balance watermast set is a good choice!


The green tea series is the star product of Yue Shi Fengjia.

One of the most best selling products, from Jeju Island, South Korea Organic Green Tea

The price is good for the price! Green tea is essential to strengthen hydration is not lost!

Green tea ingredients effectively soothing the sedative skin


Refreshing water, lasting moisturizing, not sticky, absorbing fast


The elastic skin provides nutrition, the ingredient is moderately mild, pregnant women are available!

Natural green tea extraction essence, so that the skin is filled with moisture from the inside.


The knock chicken is refreshing, not greasy, has a good moisturizing control effect, gentle but not stimulating

This series of ductility is very good ~, the absorption speed is very fast ~

Natural green tea extraction essence,

Can penetrate the skin surface,


Transfer moisture to deep skin,


Make the skin from the inside out,

Super refreshing is not greasy,

Have a good moisturizing control effect,

Mildness is not stimulated.

Yue poetry green tea series uses green tea 100% from the green tea tree

High purity green tea makes the skin look new!

Green tea seed oil forms a layer of protective film to the skin to lock the skin moisture

Let the skin fresh and natural, clear water, gentle and smooth ~~


Let the skin inside and outside the water!

Yue Shi Feng Green Tea Water Milk Set New Packaging

Contains the basic skin care products required for our daily, polarized skin


Use also a burden, Tianzhang green tea extraction essential empty abnormal surface

After changing the new packaging, the packaging is simpler, more beautiful.

Extraction from the precious plants of organic cultivation

Herbal nano mineral, water and essence,

Effective for various skin problems.

Mitigate the dry problem of autumn and winter seasons,

Dedified facial fine lines and dark yellow,

Return to the 18-year-old white negative skin texture.

Toner is milky white


Liquid fluidity is good crystal yin water loss,

The taste is fragrant, gentle texture, refreshing, very easy to absorb

Make the water simultaneously locked water

Adjusting the water and oil balance effect, especially suitable for mixed skin

Balanced green tea lotion

Yue poetry’s watermast is a relatively sticky, but it is not greasy at all.

The green tea itself is refreshing, it is very suitable for oily mixed skin.

Many small sisters who have long acne can use this ~

Don’t be refreshing

Balanced green tea cream

Cream crystal bright white, refreshing, not sticky, flavor is a faint green tea fragrance

After painting the cream, it feels that the skin is tenderly white, and it will not have a thick sensation.

No brickly, moisturizing is also great, suitable for use in four seasons

Transfer moisture to deep skin,