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The birth of a small life means the transformation of parenthood, which means that the road as a parent is about to begin. The road to raising is cumbersome and hard, involving eating, wearing, living, and using row side. As a newbie parent, there are always many questions and difficulties waiting to span. Today, this article will come to the new hands and parents, how to dress different seasons? How to wear beauty while ensuring comfortable!

We know that little baby is so afraid of a lot of elderly people. Under normal circumstances, as long as you wear young people, you can wear a little less. In many regions, the temperature difference between the four seasons changes. Therefore, Mom and Dad need to increase or decrease the clothing in accordance with different seasons and temperatures.

Different seasons

1 spring

In the early spring, you can give your baby properly, don’t wear clothes too early. As the saying goes, “Spring, Qiuzhan”.

If your baby doesn’t sweat, then you don’t have to take off. When Mom and Dad feel hot, I can try to reduce one piece of clothes first, and change the thick cotton jacket.

When the weather is warm, you can

Gradually decreasing

But you need one piece, don’t fall too little.

The baby will walk, like to go outdoors, when the baby moves, don’t wear too thick clothes. It is best to give your baby a lightweight apparel to facilitate the baby outdoor activities.


2 summer

When the weather is hot in summer, the human body is easy to sweat. The baby is lively, I can’t stand my moment, so my mother should wear less to the baby, and the clothes should be ventilated.

The smaller your baby is even fear. Don’t feel that your baby is afraid of cold, give him too much clothes, so it is easy to cover out of the scorpion or eczema.

For small babies, you can wear a baby in summer.

Short sleeve shorts

Or directly wear

Connected bag hip coat

Such a thigh is exposed to heat dissipation.

Big baby, male baby can wear short tuffles or vests, shorts or tape pants, female babies can wear sleeveless dress.

3 autumn

Entering refreshing autumn from the hot summer, the temperature is not stable when you enter the autumn, may wear a short sleeve yesterday, and you need to wear a thin cotton suit this morning. Parents should give their babies in time to the baby, prevent my baby’s cold cough.

The temperature difference between the autumn and evening, the morning and evening is hot. When you take your baby out, adjust your baby’s wear in time.

If it is more than 20 degrees of temperature, then in the morning

Give your baby a short-sleeved shirt, out of a thin coat


Yes. This allows you to take off the jacket at noon.

When the temperature is low, the average temperature is more than ten degrees, you can


Wear a long-sleeved shirt or long-sleeved knee dress


Add a thick velvet or a cloak outside

. Decide whether to add a vest based on the specific situation.

Pants can be replaced with a thicker leggings or jeans.

When the outdoor activities, when the parents felt hot, they have to take out the jacket away before the baby has no sweating. If your baby is sweating, don’t give your baby off your baby, but you should first wipe the sweat on your baby, help your baby unsaled the jacket.


4 winter

Just entered the winter, don’t worry about add clothes to your baby, let your baby slowly adapt to the process of getting colder. As long as the baby has no sneezing symptoms, you can freeze it properly to enhance your baby’s resistance, so that your baby can withstand cold weather.


In the winter indoor outdoor temperature difference, the clothes should be divided into

Indoor clothing


Outdoor clothing

. It is necessary to wear more every time, while it should be applied to the room.

Outdoor activities, keep the heat preservation property, to prevent the neckline, the cuffs are cold, the coat is preferably down jacket, thick plus cotton clothes, etc.

The more prevalent onion dressing method, as the name implies are the same as the clothes, can be peeled down by one layer. The biggest benefits of onion dressing method can be free to take away, and it can maintain trendy and absorbing in different temperatures and spaces.




Inner-layer wicking function good clothing

(Cotton coat) +

Medium-wearing warm clothing

(Cotton vete, down vest, different thickness sweater) +

Outer waterproof wind

(Thick coat, different thickness down jacket, cotton clothes)

Under the body:

Inner layer thick pants



Motor trousers of different thicknesses

(Intermediate layer can be added wire pants)

Details for your baby to buy clothes

01. Newborns don’t buy outlets

The newborn baby is soft, because it is not sitting, so wearing the head clothes. It is best to choose a clothes with a button, or more convenient to take off at the clothes of the chest.

02. Don’t give your baby to choose a lot of clothes

No matter how big your child, don’t buy him to buy a string of string. Nowadays, there are still a design of the drawing string, which looks very fashionable. However, when the drawstring child is playing, it is easy to entangle the neck to cause suffocation, and it is also possible to hit the face. If you bought the clothes when tied, it is best to pull the string out.

03. After two years of age, choose to be easy to wear.

At the age of 2, you can train your children yourself to wear shoes to prepare for the kindergarten, so you will continue to choose your baby’s clothes and shoes.

Because the child’s little hand is not very flexible, the buckle is difficult, it is easy to let the child impatient, so don’t don’t force the child to practice, so as not to affect interest. It is best to choose to take off, such as suits or zip-chain tops, convenient for your baby to practice yourself.

Shoes choose the styles of lace, such as convenient stickers or direct set of feet.


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