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Minimalist is one of the most sought after the most sought after the home improvement style, simple and taste. However, the items in the daily life are eight and eight, and if you want to clean and neat, you need to get a job, not only need detail design, but also should be organized and stored. Simple and good-looking racks can not only solve the storage trouble, but also help small apartment savings, decorative details.


· living room

The living room has an important role in the house and plays the role of the home. The furnishings of the living room, the color can reflect the personality, characteristics, vision, personality, etc. of the owner, and need to work in the details. The choice and furnishings of furniture, the storage and finishing of items, the personality and matching of the decorations, and a rack can enhance the living room.

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Blank wall hanging several irregular arrangement racks, putting a few books, a few artworks, so that the living room is simple and fashionable.

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· kitchen

The pot bowl is stacked, if it is not careful, I am afraid that even the mood of cooking is. The kitchen utensils are diverse. If you want to keep neat, you need to make a heart thoughts and storage. The countertop rack can be loaded with tools, dishes, ingredients, etc., allowing the kitchen countertop regular order, in addition to this, the wall rack is also a good choice, not only saves the desktop space, but also makes the blank walls have items. Have a certain decoration effect.


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· bathroom

The smart storage skills can make the smallest space in the home transform, most of the items stacked in the bathroom are toiletries, but due to limited space, it will be crowded and messy on the shoulder table, which requires reasonable use. Wall space makes “useless”!

Use the cave partition to organize the toiletries, and there will be a bar well around the water tank. At the same time, the empty wall is also fully utilized. Install the back of the back, there is no need to drill holes on the tile, hung bath, towels, clothing, etc., can use space to accommodate, and can also harvest unexpected beauty.

· Bedroom

As the most intimate place in the home, there must be the most clean and warm atmosphere, and the rack can also be ingenious. No matter whether it is in a blank wall or a narrow space, it can add a rack, not only practical, but also look good.

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The mirror is combined with hooks, both decorative and functionality, but also makes a lot of rituals.

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Are you still using vintage bedside tables? The metal frame is rack, not only on the surface of the water cup, the table lamp and other small objects, but also in the box, the book will be read in the box, let the bedside also have a decorative highlight.

· Wall angle

When the item is accommodated, the utilization of the corner is easily ignored. Simple racks can not only fill the beautiful defects in the wall, but also make full use of zero-dispersed corners.

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A cut-cut circle, rotating and folded. Used as a fulcrum is placed in a corner or an outer edge, or an ornament can be placed or placed.

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Green plants can beautify their home environment, improve air quality, but also enjoy the mood, so the home planting green plant has become a lot of people. But too much plant potted plants are arranged in turn, not only messy, but also occupy too many home space. A multi-layer rack can be easily solved, placed on the corner, clean and orderly.

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Image Source / IKEA Home official website