Five-point T-shirt monophy is one of our young and vibrant single products, and in these two days that have just entered early autumn, choose to wear these thin costumes to show our personal style. Such apparel has the effect of thickness of the arm.

Solid color T-shirt

Five-point compassion printed, especially suitable for matching some high waist bag hip skirts. The bag hip long skirt can play a good role in modifying the whole body, and on this basis, we choose some short-selling five points, which will make the overall proportion look more perfect.


A black contemporary contemporary jacket style is suitable for some young women choices, intensive stripes and alphabetic design make the entire clothing out of monotonous.

In addition, the black wide legs reflect the woman’s temperament, butter-green T-shirt and the white-open bag buttons of the high waist are also very good partners.

The checkered short bag hip skirt is matched with this green five-point T-shirt, which will give us a different sense of fashion, because the checkered black bag hips skirt will improve the role of the waistline. Let the whole person becomes more tall.

Yellow bag hip skirt is especially suitable for us to choose early autumn, and its color is very tone at this time. The solid color five-point T-shirt with letters is a simple style. Choosing a solid color T-shirt makes the whole text, these garments have no more cumbersome modifications but can make the whole person look more absolute.


The T-shirt with a pleated femto skirt is also quite attractive. Sisters of sweet winds must not miss it. The black suit seems to be very cool, and the image of a cool girl is coming.


Striped T-shirt

Striped T-shirt is suitable for some small women friends, and this five-point T-shirt is relatively short, especially capable of improving the role of waistline. Whether it is with jeans or bag hip skirt, it is no problem.


Long-sleeved T-shirts are particularly suitable for women with more slender women, because such styles can show a smooth waistline of women more comfortably.

And this type of clothing is a single-faced sense of the long legs whether it is a classic black packaging long skirt, with a small white shoes, and the overall look is also particularly refreshing.


Five-point T-shirts and jeans are also very good, very thin, you will wear it. The trumpet-shaped pants legs are suitable for some women’s choices, which can help us block the defects of the leg lines while shaping the smooth leg lines.


Light colored fine lines T-shirts seem to be particularly standard, so wearing clothes can be improved.

Light blue and dark gray match five-point T-shirt with an irregular shutt-black long skirt, so that the whole person has a little bit of light.

Early autumn chooses such a style, not only fashion trend, but also makes the overall look quite grade. It can be said that the black and white classic match will not have time at all times, so do not know when we must collect such items.

The black t-shirt is matched with the beige bag hip long skirt and black pants. It looks a whole special youth, and the black T-shirt takes a simple design method, so that the whole person seems to be both practice and generous.

So women must start such a clothing in the autumn, which makes themselves look more vast vitality in minutes.

Yellow with lavender stripes T-shirt, whether it is matched with white trousers or with light-colored bag buttocks, can bring a clean and pure and beautiful. White bag hip skirt is unique, it is also convenient, while the overall looks still a bit of playful feelings.


Early autumn is a delicate woman! I want to be thin and wear more “five-point sleeve T-shirt”, age-age and charm