The sofa is the protagonist of the living room, whether it is home or in office, a beautiful, quality multiplication, and a suitable sofa, which is undoubtedly the highlight of the guest’s sight, and also gives visit to guests to bring many comfort and comfort. Therefore, when purchasing home or office furniture, the mind on the sofa is really small.

First, sofa size

1, single sofa size: length: 800-950mm, depth: 850-900mm; seat height: 350-420mm; back height: 700-900mm. European furniture is generally atmospheric, with large space, suitable for large families. The comfort of single sofa is very important, and the armrest of single sofa sofa is generally 560-600mm. Sofa should be hard, hard or too soft sofa will sit backache.

2, double sofa size: length: 1260-1500mm; depth: 800-900mm. The high size of the sofa is generally 400mm, which is almost flat with the living room, so that the seat is scientifically reasonable, with the living room furniture, it looks more spacious.

「沙发选购」家用沙发哪种好 办公室沙发哪种好

3, three sofa sofa: length: 1750-1960mm, depth: 800-900mm. If your living room is large, it is recommended that you buy continent sofas, European sofa design is relatively atmospheric, so the space occupied is also relatively large. If you are a small-size home, choose European furniture to be cautious, pay attention to the sofa size, you can grasp the living room layout space.

4, sofa armrest size: The armrest of the sofa is generally 560-600mm high. So, if the sofa has no armrest, and the height of the side, the height of the side should also be 60mm high. To facilitate pillow, call, write, put a table lamp, etc.

Second, the home sofa which is better?

Bedroom Sofa Selection

1, the small room should be equipped with a small solid wood sofa, and the purchase has a wider armrest, so you can save the “tea a few”, so that the room is empty. Second, the color of the sofa should not be too fresh. The small room can choose the type of storage space below the sofa sitting, and the taking place is very convenient, one is used.

「沙发选购」家用沙发哪种好 办公室沙发哪种好

2, the luxury home is suitable, put a large sofa in large rooms, and then with coffee table, convenient, comfortable, and appear.

Bedroom sofa placed

1, the sofa has a variety of shapes, single sofa, double sofa, long sofa, round sofa, etc., the shape of the sofa is diverse, but in the bedroom sofa must be unified, do not mix the sofa of the square or other shapes Use, otherwise you will affect your relationship.

2, now many people like the simple modern home style, so some people choose a relatively simple but color material relatively cold, in fact, these sofas are fooled in the living room but not suitable for placing in the bedroom. The sofa is preferably used in more yang materials, such as fabrics, fiber materials, cotton and linen sofas, etc., such sofas are more likely to bring good luck.

3, the bedroom sofa should not be too big, the bedroom is most important to rest, the sofa is only available in some other simple activities such as going to bed, so the sofa in the bedroom should not choose more, so exclude too much bedroom space, Let the bedroom make up, causing family unhamined.

4, the color of the sofa is more, but the bedroom sofa is more colorful or colorful, it is best to use the color of the bedroom owner.

5, the sofa is placed, it is necessary to rely on the wall, and the end is not enough, it will make people feel that the back is empty, not safe.

6, the sofa is placed on the top of the beam, the same truth as the beam is pressed. The impact is very much, which not only affects a couple or a family member, which will affect a old health, and work sentiment, etc.

7, the sofa is not going to the bathroom, it will affect the emotions, it will affect the emotions, and it is easy to have an unpleasant thing in his family’s talk. In addition, the sofa is facing the bathroom, people in the bathroom do not feel self.

「沙发选购」家用沙发哪种好 办公室沙发哪种好

Living room sofa choice

1. First, you need to consider the style: When you pick a sofa in a home store, don’t see the beautiful sofa immediately decide to buy. Because the sofa poses in the model between the store, and the surrounding matching, it feels very beautiful, but it is not necessarily suitable for her own home. When you purchase the choice of the sofa, you must pay attention to the sofa style with the overall decoration of your own home. The sofa has to play a role in the environment. So, be sure to pay attention when picking the sofa: styles and tones are unified.

2, consider the size: there is a wide variety of sofas on the market, and the size is different. The sofa displayed in the brand sofa store is showing us. Since the field of view of the exhibition hall is broad, only the meat is unable to judge the size of the sofa, the size is not properly lost at home, so, when picking the sofa, Decide to buy a suitable sofa according to the size of your living room or bedroom.

3, family habits: family’s living habits determine the process of use of the sofa, such as the child like snacks on the sofa, the old man likes to read newspapers, young people like to drink some coffee when watching TV, in all cases, open, open and handrail The two-to-one multi-function sofa is the final choice. You can also choose the sofa with moving shelves. Use open gauge or shelf storage, which save space and convenient life, and small-size decoration living room is effective. s Choice.

4, the diarity of the sofa is extremely important to physical health: the interior of the sofa directly determines the comfort of the people. The size of the sofa in the market is 95 cm, which is suitable for people height of 1.7 meters; the sofa with a diameter of 105 cm is a better choice for people who are height over 1.7 meters or more. The stress of young people is too high. Suitable for choosing a super-diameter sofa to completely relieve the tension of the back, so that your entire body can completely relax in the sofa, it is extremely important to your health.

5, the load of the sofa: The service life of the sofa is determined by the load of the sofa, and the frame of the sofa has played the weight of the sofa. The sofa to choose a frame for long-lasting and easy-to-varying is a durable sofa. The frame of the sofa is good in solid wood, and the imported eucalyptus is the first choice in solid wood framework. The sofa main frame made of eucalyptus can be at least 6 years, and the general wood is not reached.

6. Sofa’s back flexibility: There is a child in the home to choose a sofa that is not easy to deform. The serpentine spring is the most commonly used in the traditional sofa framework, and the long-term use will easily deform collapse, affect the beauty and use of the sofa. The sofa that is generally used in combination with a snake spring and bandage, so the strongness of the sofa will be double strengthened, durable, and children are not deformed.

「沙发选购」家用沙发哪种好 办公室沙发哪种好

7, the comfort of the sofa cushion: The normal sitting in the human body is not suitable for excessive sofa to prevent adverse effects of the human spine. The new cushion with sponge plus down is the most common comfortable sofa on the market. In the process of use, the sponge with different sponges in the bottom of the sofa, the sponge is simultaneous. A certain proportion of duvet effectively solves the problem of soft or hardship in the traditional sofa seat cushion process, and the duvet can maximize the comfort of the human body while ensuring the weight of the sofa.

8, the wear resistance and cleaner of the sofa: the fabric of the sofa is very important, there is an old man, a child, you have to choose a sofa fabric that is good for resistance and wear resistance. Cortical fabric, suede and twill fabric are nice choices. The material of the animal fur is delicate, and the latitude and latitude binding density is large, wear resistant, not easily deformed. Waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-oil stains, and tear-torn features are very strong, even with pet families are also very useful. When you purchase a sofa, you should make more sofa coats to make it easy!

Living room sofa placed

The sofa in the living room can be said to be a family focus, which can be seen that its role in Feng Shui cannot be ignored. If the sofa is selected, it is good, and the good luck is coming. If there is a pool, the mildew is coming at any time. Next, I learned about Xiaobian to understand the semolic knowledge of the living room sofa.

Third, folding sofa bed purchase points

1. Suitable size: The folded sofa bed must be lying in it, so the size must be appropriate, the high level is good between 35-42 cm, the seat depth is between 485 cm, backing the tilt Between 100-108 degrees, the height is between 62-65 cm, which is not conducive to the relaxation of human muscles, and it is easy to cause body pain.

2, a firm frame: the folding sofa bed frame is generally a hardwood or metal bracket. When picking up, you can repeatedly shake around the whole sofa before and after the whole sofa, feel the firmness of the framework, and consent to the businesspeople Under the premise, open the bottom of the seat, nothing, no insects, no scars, no bark or wood, the smooth and hardwood made, and the adapter is not used with nails But in a blink of mortise or engrave, it is a good folding sofa with a glimpse or in the mouth.

3, high quality fabric: When purchasing a leather folding sofa bed, the skin should be rich, no scar, the texture of the texture is delicate, pinching one with his fingers, you should feel flexible, sitting after the wrinkle It can disappear or not obvious, such a leather is a good skin. When picking up the fabric folding sofa bed, you should carefully observe whether the fabric is fine and smooth, no skip, and thick wear, pick the sofa bed of the detachable bed sleeve, which is convenient to clean, or later replace the new bed sleeve, increase The living room changes.

4, sponge and elasticity: high-grade sofa cushions and back pads should use high-elastic bubble sponges with density in 30 and 25 kg / cubic meters. In order to improve the comfort of the sitting, some bubbles are also ensuring that the density does not reduce the density, they do soft treatment, some of which set vertical springs in the cushion, so that the sofa has higher resilient and anti-aging performance. In general, the body is sitting down the sofa cushion to the best of the depression of about 10 cm.

5, the flexibility of the folded sofa bed: Most folded sofa beds need to open the folding card or pull the slide when the sofa “transformed” is the bed, and some sofa bed is also equipped with a pulley, which is convenient for the owner. Easily transfer location, so “joint” of these activities is also a key part of the sofa bed. When purchasing, you should pull the sofa bed or have multiple times. It feels that it is very smooth and unqualified in different angles.

Lazy sofa purchase point

1, comfortable and easy to buy any sofa, when you sit, you have to be soft and suitable, too soft, you must be vigilant. It’s too soft sofa that is not necessarily a problem, but “the feeling” makes people become “sofa potatoes”.

2, sofa brand: lazy sofa is a hot new furniture, now everyone is still discussing how this product is unable, at this time, the choice of furniture brand is based on the experience of the previous purchase. A good lazy sofa should be a priority that considers.

3, price: lazy sofa is different from the ordinary sofa in the traditional sense, and it is its greatest advantage. He is a new small apartment minimalist furniture, which does not require a specific location, room, study, and even a desk, as long as there is a small place, it is its site. Such a wonderful simple furniture makes the price and design of the lazy sofa have different concepts. The emergence of new furniture will affect its price gap, down to dozens of blocks, and up to thousands.

Fourth, the office sofa which is good

Office sofa choice

1. The comfort is most important. The general office sofa is used to receive guests or office staff is used. Therefore, the choice of office sofas is quite important. The seat surface and back of the sofa should be a surface suitable for the body’s physiological structure. It is very low to be moderate, too low, it is not convenient to sit up, too high, sitting uncomfortable.

2, the overall layout. When the office is small, you can choose some small fabric sofa, the small solid wood sofa can be used, which allows the room to empty more space. But a big office pattern can choose some large sofa and come with a suitable coffee table.

3, decorative style. The decorative style of the office should match the style of the sofa, so that you can show you the beauty. In addition, you can do several sofa sets for the layout sofa, which can be used in spring and summer autumn and winter, and you can give people a new feeling.

「沙发选购」家用沙发哪种好 办公室沙发哪种好

Five, the office sofa placed

1. Place the Ji Fang in the office. Traditionally, it is placed in Geely, and the whole company can have a strong gas; if the missed is not guilty, the whole company is hurt, you must not be peaceful. The swallization can be protruded from each other, and the symbol is comparable to the left and right. If you don’t do the left and right horizon due to too small area, you can put another sand in the water level to form a gathering of the gathering.

2, don’t hedge with the door. If the sofa has been in line with the door, the wind is called “hedging”, and the disadvantages will lead to the loss of property, and the disaster is four. In this case, it is best to move the sofa to avoid being twisted with the door. If there is nowhere to be moved, the screen has only placed the screen between the two, so that the air flowing from the door Will not directly scream, the company staff will not be pungered, and can also protect the wealth. If the sofa does not have a problem, it is not necessary to flash left right, and there is no need to place a screen resolution.

3, the top of the sofa is best not to be direct. Sometimes the rays of the sofa are weaker, and many people will install lighting on the top of the sofa, such as the soil lamps hidden on the ceiling or the outgoing lights, etc., because they are too close to the sofa, often formed from the top of the head, this is violated The way of feng shui, there should be avoided as much as possible. And from the environmental design, there is light from the top of the sofa, and it will often be emotionally tense. If the lamp is changed to the wall, it can be alleviated.

4, the top of the sofa is topped on the top. If there is a beam in the sofa, it belongs to the top of the beam, which is very affected by the people sitting below, and should be avoided. The method of flux is in the renovation. Second, on the coffee table on both sofa, set two pots to bamboo to undertake the top of the beam.

5. It is advisable to rely on the sofa. The office sofa puts the feng shui, refers to the mountains, refers to the reliable wall after the sofa, no worries, this is in line with the way of Feng Shui. If the sofa is the window, door or aisle, no solid wall is reliable, then it is equal to the back of the mountain, empty, in the bureau, difficult to save. From the perspective of modern psychology, the sofa has no reliable, which makes people lack the sense of security, there is always a feeling behind it, and it is better to rely on the wall. The method of change is to put the short cabinet or screen to remedy with “man-made mountain”.

Sixth, office folding bed purchase points

1, must withstand us with weight, otherwise sleeping half, the bed is not good.

2, the best choosable, which is more secure.

3, choose a little soft, easy to get into the bed, how to sleep, how to sleep.

Seven, how to get good nights in the office

1. The case is the least good, so that it will be oppressed to the internal organs of the body, only to prepare an inflatable neck pillow for yourself. When the OL in the office is sleeping at noon, it is best to sleep on the bed or on the sofa. The space allows you to bring your own folding bed. If the office is not allowed, you should be ready for the inflatable neck pillow for travel. Find a chair with backrest, then put the inflatable neck pillow in your neck, you can enjoy a nap.

2, don’t think that the time for the nap is overwhelmed, especially in the usual office, especially in the summer, it is air conditioning, but once the muscles are relaxed after falling asleep, the capillaries are expanded, the sweat is large, if this time Warm measures are not good, it is very easy to have a cold or other diseases. Therefore, the OL family must pay attention to the cold, in addition to the air conditioning, in addition to the air conditioning and the air outlet, you should also match a thin Carpets to ensure warmth during sleep.

3, air purifier: Now many companies will have a large air purifier for employees in the office to ensure that employees working in the company will not feel that the air breathed is too turbid, if it is not configured yet Air purifier companies, OL can choose to configure a small, convenient air purifier to put on the desk or the corner of its own position, in addition to usually adjust the purification of air for you, you can also Let you easily enter the role of sleep.

4. The short nap time is to win the second for OL, so many OL will immediately sleep after lunch, in fact, this is the least good. It will result in a large number of blood flow to the stomach, blood pressure drop, the brain oxygen supply and nutrition will also have a significant decline, which is easy to cause the brain’s blood supply. Therefore, the correct nap time should take more than ten minutes after eating lunch. There is also a small suggestion, that is, if you are going to sleep, lunch don’t eat too much or too greasy.

5, drink a glass of water after nap: There is a buffer period after the noon, we will feel some nerves when you wake up, so don’t rush to put into work immediately at this time, especially some complicated or dangerous Work, you can drink a glass of water after waking up, take a break, and wait for my mind to restore it and then put into work.