After the epidemic, one side from the market, everyone has changed the awareness of imported milk powder, and the imported milk powder itself is also accompanied by the market. Comprehensive foreign Dairy Co., Ltd., in the first half of this year, and the milk powder circle visited the market, many imported brands were in terms of inside and outside. Today, the milk powder ring is in combination with overseas factory, and imported infant powder data and other depth analysis of imported milk powder, and analyzes the current status of current imported milk powder from 5 key points.

109 imported baby powder production enterprises registered in China

But the formula registration factory is less than half

Recently, the milk powder circle statistics on the registered list of imported infant formulas issued by the General Administration of Customs, as of now,

There are 21 countries, 109 imported baby powder production enterprises are registered in China, and only 15 countries, 52 have passed the infant formula registration, accounting for 47.7%,

There is still a large number of overseas factories that have not been registered by formula.

Infant powder distribution powder sold in my country’s entities, its formulations and production plants must be registered through my country’s infant formula, even if they have not passed the imported baby powder, such as crossing bits, etc.

Its manufacturers must also enter my country after implementing registration management certification through overseas companies.

Therefore, through my country’s milk powder formula registration has passed the overseas production enterprise registration, the specific form is as follows.

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(Data from the General Administration of Customs and the National Municipal Supervision Bureau)

In general,

New Zealand, Australia, France, Netherlands, USA is the most registered country in China through imported infant formula.


17, 15, 13, 12, 10 production companies were registered in China. in,

New Zealand, Netherlands, Australia, France, etc. are also the most countries through the formula registration factories.


11, 8, 5, and 4 of the formula registration plant.

It is worth noting that although there are 10 infant powder plants in China in China,

However, only one factory registered through my country’s baby powder recipe, accounting for 10%.


Although there is a factory in China, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Estonia, Belarus, Argentina, is registered in China, but there is no corresponding factory to register. It can be seen that the imported infant powder powder in these countries is mainly through the online e-commerce, cross-border purchase, Haitao, etc. The way is sold in my country.

More 60% imported baby powder from the Netherlands, New Zealand

Imported source country concentration continues to improve


From the other half of the customs import data, in the first half of 2017, my country’s baby powder imports were 295,900 tons, 324,500 tons, 345,500 tons, 335,000 tons, 128,800 tons, 2019 to achieve maximum. Among them, from the import volume of each source country,

The Netherlands and New Zealand imported baby powder accumulated with continuous improvement, and imports accounted for more 60% in the first half of this year.

(Data from the General Administration of Customs


The Netherlands is the country with the largest amount of flour in my country.

The mainstream milk companies such as Aoyou, Darle, Nestlé, Mead Johnson, Fei Shilan have a layout of infant powder production plant registered through formulas.

Production includes Jiabeiite, Haptoon, love his beauty, Mei Su Jia, Novo, etc. is a well-known brand.

And New Zealand is the most overseas country through our formula registration factories.

Yili, Blue River, Mengniu, Hengda, Zhongzhu, Guangming, etc. have the layout of infant distribution powder production plant registered through formula,

Production includes A2 to early, Blue River sheep milk, Carlotani, Golden Collar Corund, Bellamy, New Run, New Roison, etc. excellent milk powder.

Therefore, from the development of various milk powder brands and the concentration of the brands continue to increase, it is not difficult to understand why the Netherlands and New Zealand imported infant powder is constantly improving. And, from the importance of imported source, the import of domestic and baby powder is in the case of 2020, in the case of the total amount of infant powder powder in my country, the total amount of patch powder is down 3 points.

The Netherlands and New Zealand infant powder imports still maintain an upward trend.

Most of the other importers decline, as shown below. It can be seen that the Netherlands and New Zealand are the firm status of my country’s infant powder imported.

Imported baby powder is full, the situation is grim

Ireland, Germany decline near half


Epidemic, etc.


From January to June, my country’s infant powder imports have declined by 21.5% over the first half of last year.

In addition to the month, in addition to the total amount of imported infant powder powder in January is increased, February is 36.3% year-on-year last year, and April is 44% year-on-year, this aspect or due to the outbreak of the epidemic last year. Many production of milk enterprises, the channel is increased, the base is large, and it is naturally more powerful than the decline in the year; on the other hand, the number of new population has been reduced this year, and the domestic milk powder accelerates the real factors of consumers. .

Inlet quantity: ton

From the specific decline in the first half of this year, as shown below,

The main imported countries of infant powder flour is sliding, and Ireland, Germany decline points up to 47%.

Australia fell 33%, Switzerland fell 27%. It is to know that the four of the four formulas in Hua Ying Powder in Hua Ying Powder have passed the formula, with a total of 8 milk powder brands, including the core products of mainstream foreign brands such as Nestlé, Darone, Abbott.

For example, Darle Own, Abbott Jingjing, Abbott Platinum is good, etc.

Therefore, some foreign-funded brands fell more in the first half of this year.

Germany has three in the factory registered by the formula, accounting for half of the registered companies in China,

Nestle, Danone, etc., there are all layouts, produce superchun, love his beauty and other brands,


In the case where the imported infant powder powder in Germany has fallen seriously, the core brands of these foreign capitals are also facing a decline in dilemma. And, only one registered producer in China is only one, which means all the Swiss imported baby powder from the Customs from Nestlé, which is from Nestlé, which is from the Customs.

In the first half of this year, the import of infant powder in the factory was 0.22 tons, which was 27% year-on-year.


Imported baby powder powder price upstream

Australia’s largest increase


According to the import quantity and amount of the Customs infant powder powder, from 2017 to this year, my country’s imported infant powder covarian is an upward trend, as shown in the following figure. As far as specific countries come,

Netherlands, New Zealand, France, Germany, Denmark, Australia


Waiting for the average price of the imported powder in infant powder,

The Netherlands rose from 89.4 yuan / kg to around 103 yuan / kg this year; New Zealand rose from 97.9 yuan / kg to 125.6 yuan / kg in the first half of this year; Australia rose from 104.8 yuan / kg to 133.1 yuan / kg.

Specifically to the brand through the formula registered, Mengnut Dora lamb, Synbiotics, Beth, Australia, etc., is produced in Australia; Shengyuan, Jianhe, etc. There is a factory in France, producing excellent Bo Ruigu, Youbo, Shu Shu, Shengyuan Myis Time, Synbiotics and other brands. In addition, there are also some national infant powder imports in the import of imports, such as Ireland, Switzerland, etc. The import price of countries and the development of local estate industry and the level of various enterprises have great relationships with the level of the upstream production chain.


In the independent dairy analyst, Song Liang, the increase in the average price of imported baby powder,

On the one hand, it is brought about by the high-end development of imported milk powder in the past few years; on the other hand, the adjustment of the imported product structure.

For example, goat milk powder and organic milk powder increases or drive its price up.

Cross-border purchase, Haitao declines seriously

Foreign factory formula registration road is still going on


From the half-year report released from foreign companies such as Nestlé, Danone, Fei Shilan, the influence of epidemic on cross-bornes, Haitao, etc., many imported brands have fallen seriously. However, there is no imported baby powder from the formula registration factory. For example, Sweden will fell 28% year-on-year year year year.

Austria has declined by 57.6% year-on-year year from June.


10 registered companies in China but only one registration

The import of infant powder powder from June and June this year is over 53% year-on-year.


Offline entity maternal and child shop as a place to contact consumer is the largest sales channel of milk powder brand, which is a greater opportunity to register with the formula and more favorable guarantees.

This is why some foreign factory formula registration is still the cause,

In the face of my country’s huge consumer market, the imported milk powder is only into the national door. If you go to the line, you can get more shares.

In short, accompanied by the further occupation of the national powder on the market share, the choice of the selection of maternal and child channels, the number of new students decline, domestic and foreign epidemic conditions, imported milk powder, especially foreign milk powder, is obvious, and facing huge The challenges, the two-level differentiation of imported brands is further intensifying. We always believe that there is excellent imported brand will stay, rushing out, accounting for a high level, just this process, who can finalize the channel and consumers Tightly. And this, the milk powder circle will continue to pay attention to various data, bringing more comprehensive market analysis.

(Data from the General Administration of Customs

(Data from the General Administration of Customs




Inlet quantity: ton