“Retreat money, return money, return money!”

These two days, “132 million price decoration fee” is probably the most concerned public event on the Internet.

On Weibo, “The worst design of the dream renovation” has appeared “” The homeowner responds 13.2 million yuan to transform the old house “” How to look at the dream transformation home “… a hot search top question, all point to the renovation of the home improvement variety” dream The latest episode of the eighth season “20 people ’empty nest” “.

The focus of people paying attention, a sudden at a farmer family in the northwest, as well as the old house they have been transformed.


Gansu Baiyin’s old Du is working hard with the old companion for a lifetime, providing five children. After the children became a family, in the Northern Sea, in order to endow, in order to accommodate the 20th people reunite, the old couple decided to rebuild the old house for 40 years. So, there was the latest “dream transformation home”.

On November 17, Lao Du family accepted a house for a long time. Two days later, the programs of tense clips were broadcast. I thought it was a wonderful “space magic”, I didn’t expect that a public opinion style has just begun.

“1.32 million covered houses, this?”

The old Du family’s house is a typical northwest rural embedded small courtyard. The four bedrooms are sitting in the north, the east is the kitchen, the warehouse and living room, the only dry toilet in the southwest corner. In addition, there is a chicken nest, a piggy and a sheep.

The main structure of the housing is a biochemical, and then slowly has been hardened with the ground. Since the pavilion, the brick, the floor tile, but does not do waterproof, alkali and back tide is more serious.

For this old house, Du Jia’s smallest son commented: “Although it looks simple, in my memory, it has always been very warm and warm.”

This is a very warm scene, however, the barrage has expressed “waiting for you to redefine simple”.

Before the transformation, the bedroom house exterior is laid in the tile decoration.

There is a curious netizen to jump directly to the transformation completion, but found that the house appearance is very eye-catching, and even two words have no feelings.

In fact, the anger of many netizens on Weibo is coming from here. After all, the “1.32 million yuan decoration fee” and “Red Brick Mold Room” are really too disruptive.

What’s more, there is also a designer’s arrogance.


In the program, the designer came out of the mirror, and a series of long sentences –

We do new houses today. You don’t just want to make a designed thing to be wonderful, there must be details, we must enrich, this is your basic problem, you must be able to think.


It is your style, your material, your construction means, you have to match your economy, match your climate, match your living habits, match our country memory, more in line with our people, Falling with the bottom floor of nature and land.

So he became more reasonable, and more reasonable things will certainly last longer, this is my judgment.


Designer Tao Lei believes that the country is born in rural areas. It is not too grounded from the perspective of talking.

For example, Lao Du’s initial heart is a two-story young building, and a designer went to the neighbor’s home to read his dreams, and introduced the road “The house in the village, all with a corridor, in order to keep warm, It is the second floor. “

However, for the desire to build two floors, the designer’s point of view is not necessary.

Subsequent, the designer gave a series of explanations: First, the contradiction between the old Du family is not the land, because there is a lot of wasteland in the countryside, the population is very low; second, it is inconvenient to live in the second floor; finally rising to the residence concept “Your residential relationship, you can produce some interesting life”.

For the universal cognition of the “one floor is the building, the second floor is the building”, the designer also gives his own opinion. “.


However, this paragraph is almost completely ignored that Lao Tu said, I wanted to live in the second floor, not because the first floor lived, but for winter warmth.

Finally, the designer is still unwilling to make a compromise and built two bedrooms in the main house.

In the eye of the designer, this is neither a simple catering house, nor a house returning to the countryside, but a country building that is developing in the times, facing the future.

“Think about it, sitting on this toilet, side is a glass, there is a tree. I believe this kind of toilet experience, we have few people, there is a feeling of returning to nature, right?”


“Future” toilet.

The designer seems to be expected to be recognized by the retrofit house, “Ten years later, he may feel this truth and will be accepted.”


However, it didn’t expect it. After the broadcast, the old Du has not yet proposed any objection, but the other audience of the screen blows the pot.

Top reviews under the program group Weibo.

Huge decoration fee

Where is it?


After the public opinion is widely concerned, the program group issued a statement responded. The content is mainly two points: the transformation has not yet been completed; the transformation cost program group has half a share.

The client responded through the media is “the house has not been given to the work, no moving in the house, the house is so bad, and the house can be objectively evaluated, and the design and construction fee will be handed over.”

If the retrofit house, the outdoor thick red brick style and the indoor bleak lighting can also be explained by “not yet completed”, then the high-end decoration cost of the tail is undoubtedly the last silk fire of the public opinion.

People also want to pass, such a set of seemingly flat and unmortical or even a little low-cost decoration, how to need the soil of 888,000, hard work, 118,000 soft, a total of 13.29 million yuan?

This has to say it back to the first wall engineering.

When choosing building materials, the designer told the “universality of local house” and taking into account “a response to climate”, and finally the cheapest red brick.

But to the brick factory, the color of the red brick cannot be satisfied.


So, the designer led the team to design a variety of masonry, trying to cover the soil color of the red brick, only showed the solid color.

This masonry makes it possible to increase the amount of bricks, but this is just the most common masonry. “I have gone a lot of construction columns, beams, corners, and the hollowing of the hospital wall. If you encounter a window, there are still a lot of special masonry.”


The water wall on the surface is actually done in accordance with the standards of fine decoration.


This challenging bricklaying method, “advised” many construction workers.


Local workers are unwilling to do, they are adjusted from the field to Gansu. The designer insisted on the price of this wall style is to launch bricks from July 3, until the end of July, only less than one-third.

From the joining of “Brick Sale” from Beijing, it has finally enhanced the construction progress of the scene. However, even in accordance with the designer “a smooth” masonry, it is very mottled.


However, these don’t seem important. The designers who came to accept and were obviously inxicated in this unique visual experience.

The exterior wall is else, if you have a good hope for the interior, the result may be more disappointing.

There have been many netizens who have a little eye find that in the retrofit room, furniture is IKEA –

The ball is pine –

If the sponsor is not a paint brand, the designer may have a wooden board.


In fact, there is a large number of walls in the house, which is directly bare red bricks.

Seeing this, netizens really can’t sit.

So, you can see a large number of fierce messages in the microblogging of the program group or the designer.


Summarize, “return money, return money, return money”.


Hot comments under the designer Weibo.

Who is the dream?

After the show, the designer Tao Lei instantly became the focus of public opinion. Soon, the company he opened was exploded to violate the security regulations, and his residential is also suspected of illegal construction.


In addition, the roof crack, heating, is suspected of plagiarism … More issues are still waiting for the program group and designers.


“What is this dream transformation? It is a dream to destroy the home.” Even if the program group and the designer responded many times, the anger of netizens is still difficult to calm; even if it is the most understanding of the industry, the industry, the industry, is also very difficult. Acknowledged this time, in fact, the designer put its design concept, forcibly adding the house of the old Du family.

This leads to a question: “Dream Reconstruction Home”, who is realized?

The audience once thought that this dream is owner. After all, “Dream Reconstruction Home” This program can be fame and fame, and it is to make a trustee in the spiral shell, realize the peace of mind of each principal.

Whether it is a 12-square-meter of snail to transform into a miniature mansion –

Still retrofitting less than 40 square meters of L-shaped houses to the exquisite sun room –

Designers invited to “Dream Reconstruction Home”, seem to always display “space magic”, which will make various possibilities.

Even if it is renovated in the village land of Guangxi, the number four of the seventh quarter, it is a case.


Such an audience is known as “like a museum”, which cost is 6.91 million yuan, just half of the renovation of Lao Du’s home.


This may be the most out of the “Dream Reconstruction”, but it is also very likely that the program group is the most reluctant to see the first phase of the coming. Throwing an exclusive theory, this time “rollover” may be aesthetic cutting, ie “this honey, and the cream of each other.”

The same is half-shed paint, bare bricks, wear stucco wall, dim color, in some artists seem to be a stylish breath, but in most ordinary people, it is broken Cheap rough room.

The poor pointers are over the top of the United States. / unsplash

And when the owner has a contradiction between the needs of residential building function, and the designer is contradictory for the needs of the aesthetic display?


Over the years, Chinese people have seen a lot of strange strange soil buildings, and they are more competitive than the annual “top ten ugly buildings”. But the clouds when talking about the wonderful modern buildings, people are particularly true for residential style. The reason may be, “I really have a room”.


At the Xiangshan Campus of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts, the foreigners talked about this campus, which was designed by the famous architect, and the “Plyzk Architecture Award”, but for the truly needed For students living in this life, it is “Winter Cool” “Universal” “Illuminated” and even “can’t live up”.

Chinese Academy of Fine Arts As Mountain Campus. / Visual China


Go back to the beginning of the problem, knowing the Lord, the architect Yuan Mu believes that this period “turning” is not entirely the designer’s personal capacity or attitude, and it is large to reflect the design industry. Universal problems that occur when they are doing rural buildings.

In an article exploring rural architecture, Yuan Mu also tried to give his answer –

Forget the personal style preference, actively promote the technical technology of modern building materials, avoiding strong push their aesthetic style.

Sincerely start from the subjectivity of the villagers, pay attention to their quality of life and cost, so that the building is truly universal, rooted rural areas, these body factors will naturally grow local rural aesthetics.

In the end, the aesthetics itself did not have absolute pairs, and they can only say that different people feel different in architectural aesthetics.

What’s more, for most people, there is no more extravagant in the situation that has not yet been guaranteed.


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