Whether it is on the train or on the plane, it is the flight attendant and flight attendant. The requirements of flight attendants on the high-speed rail and flight attendants are relatively high. First, the long phase must be customary, and the body is also Very tall, we know that there will be a pleasing feeling in the era of seeing his face now, there will be a pleasing feeling, and the appearance of the good look will bring a lot of good luck. I believe that friends who have sitting a plane should know that when they are uniform, they are wearing a skirt but not a pants. Why is this? Let’s take a look at Xiaobian.


First, the feeling of the skirt is very late, and the temperament of the whole person will increase, and it is very comfortable to look very comfortable. We know that flight attendant is also required for your body. They all have a tall, and the perfect body can be highlighted. As we all know, the industry like flight attendants belongs to the service industry. Although this industry makes many girls envious, it is actually very hard in the process. First of all, they mean that there is no time to rest, wearing a skirt because they will not be tightened to the legs, so the leg muscles can be released, if the legs of the legs are very tight, if the legs are very tight, long time The leg muscles will be damaged.

For many women who have become flight attendants, Xiaobian is here to tell you a little talking about it. First, the first phase is necessary, and also requires the height of height. Generally, the flight attendant height has reached 1 meter. 68 or more, the two conditions can be said to be two completes. In addition, most women have become the most important thing for flight attendants. Since flight attendants encountered a variety of people in the plane, the most demanding requirements are to let them use fluent English and customer.


Recently, a “aviation regulations” again in Japan will be red. This provision is also very warm. This provision is that the flight attendant must have safety socks in the skirt, have to say such a provision really for flight attendants. Consider very thoughtful, the reason is that the reasons are gratifying, we know that flight attendant often helps customers put things on the top, when they see the underground, they will help customers pick up, here Safe socks will play a lot in cases.

The above is the Japanese “new regulations” introduced today, the flight attendant must wear “safe socks”, and the reason is gratified. Through my introduction, I don’t know what do you have?