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Recently, the Shanghai No. bankruptcy court public micro-channel push a “double 11” special edition, sells clothing Iger’s assets.

October 8, 2019, the Shanghai Higher People’s Court on the application of Shenzhou Knitting Garments Co., Ltd. Shanghai Lu, ruling on the admissibility Gold Shanghai AIGE Clothing Co. debtor’s bankruptcy liquidation case, and specify Lixin Certified Public Accountants (special general partnership) as manager .

June, July, has conducted creditors to file claims, submit evidence and a meeting of creditors and other processes. November 11, Shanghai by the bankruptcy court named “Gold Shanghai AIGE sale shop manager” Taobao shop a special discount clothing Iger disposal of assets, including down jackets, coats and so on.

November 13 morning, the municipal boundaries of inquiry, this Taobao shop found in the sale price of goods leaving only a slim skirt of 39.9 yuan.


November 13, news Iger bankruptcy again rushed trending, many users have recalled past high school age to buy Iger clothing, and to sigh: their youth is over.


Eye of Heaven investigation revealed Gold Shanghai AIGE dress holding a FRESH START. FRESH START is a company registered in Hong Kong, the company also holding Shanghai Garment Co., Ltd. and British model Garments Co., Ltd. Taizhou Iger. It is worth noting that the three companies are faced with a large number of judicial proceedings, including labor disputes, labor disputes, contract disputes, etc.,.

Municipal boundaries found that since the beginning of March 2019, some of the staff Iger clothing, franchisee mentioned in arrears of wages, fees will not be returned to join in the days of eye problems check the comments section.

British model corporation Shanghai Garment Co., Ltd. and Gold Shanghai AIGE Garments Co., Ltd. are Lu Xun Yi, Yi Lu Xun has currently been listed as restrictions on high consumption of court personnel.

Iger (English name: Etam) 1916 originated in Germany, was originally a lingerie store, and then gradually became France and Europe’s famous ladies chain. In 1997, Iger listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. Completed its privatization in 2017, the Paris stock exchange delisting.

The end of 1994, Iger enter the Chinese market, set up a branch company in China – Shanghai Garment Co., Ltd. heroes, and in January 1995 in Shanghai opened its first store. After Iger set up special counters in shopping malls by the well-known self-employed and franchisees, soon known throughout the country. During this period, Etam Etam weekend continued on the line and other sub-brand line.

Iger China served as a senior media people who had memories of 1999 to 2007, Iger performance of China’s double-digit growth. In 2009, the Etam Group founder, told the media: “Chinese clothing market demand remains strong, we will add more investment.” According to Iger number of public disclosure of data in 2014, Iger in China already has 3083 stores.

But with the rapid development of later Zara, H & M, Uniqlo fast fashion brand, and Taobao online shopping platform in the Chinese market, Iger began to decline appear. Publicly available data show that by the end of 2016, the number of stores Iger China fell from 2014 3083-2596.

2018, Iger said the company has Etam Weekend, ES and E & JOY three clothing brands sold to a Hong Kong professional investment institutions. The agency also won the Etam brand in Greater China Group, the relevant platform-wide network of sales channels.

In July this year, the number public Iger has issued a document, said: “Let us together, start again.” According to Iger number of public information, the company re-focus the main industry in the underwear industry.