There is no one-stop preparation in the recent days. Don’t ignore the existence of the shoes! When the season of the beautiful legs is the season, choose a pair of characters, the words are treated, and it is a fashionable girl. Some people say: Human flies? Small C is getting guys! What is fashionable, in addition to the first choice of lazy people, there is no beauty, is there a shower shoes? Today, small c will recommend a call: iPanema shoes, absolutely let you have another sexy.

Know Ipanema starts from Jejier’s Chenshen

Ipanema was founded in 1971 and is a famous world famous shoe brand. This is known as the most famous beach ipanema, the most famous beach ipanema, which allows the upper pattern to continue to extends to the upper 3D printing, let you put on the pattern from any angle, represent Vital, color, elegant and quality life, full of strong Brazilian exotic style, is the most popular ocean style sandals and beans.

↓ iPanema’s most impressive is 2002 and “Forbes” magazine as the most gold, the richest Brazilian supermodel Jearer Bang Chen, Brazilian supermodel Greek Bonchen Cooperation launched the “iPanema X Gisele Bundchen” collaboration, selling 200 million worldwide.

Representative Series:

Global Limited Edition

Reference price: ¥ 499 yuan

Global Limited Edition

Ipanema becomes an international fashion world


Many fashionable film and television stars, wearing unique ipanema, with different style fittings, strolling in the new life concept of fashion capital with a comfortable gesture, letting Ipanema become an indispensable classic fashion accessories in modern women’s closets. IPanema is a darling of major stars, fashion trend swept around the world.


David Beckham & Alexander Anbaro

↑ Football Star David Beckham can be a representative of a fashionable man, a pair of ipanema gives people a comfortable and cool, naked feet is not monotonous, and Brazil supermodel Alexander · Ambaro is a purple floral dress It is highly elegant with iPanema highlights. The stars babies are all wearing the age and gender. Do you also change your hands?


LIAM with its fiancee Miley Cyrus


↑ “Hunger Game” movie Liam Hemsworth wears his beloved iPanema RJ flip in Australia shopping. When he broke up with his fiancee Miley Cyrus rumored, his iPanema accompanied him to a slight time. At that time, he worked in all occasions in his iPanema RJ, and he would have to have many hundred.

Ipanema and genius designers Philip Stark cross-border cooperation

It is very worthy of saying that Philip Stark is very worth mentioning. I want to do this, “ghost” designer may be some strange. He is a French Parisian, a famous architectural design, a famous architectural design master, and his design style is quite appended. It is very personal. He has a wide range of buildings, furniture design, daily design, transportation product design, and interior design. He almost included all international design awards, enjoy “design ghosts”, “design genius”, design the world “King” and so on.

↑ ↑ 情 面 面,, 出


Philip Stark’s global work

Top furniture TOG cooperation


Polaroid and transparent back chairs with yellow cushions and handrails, a sweeping of the original monotonic boring feeling, the whole work is toned.

Stark’s design works are different, but there is a common point, which is the same shape as “the horn”. This shape will not be too stimulating, but it has a unique charm.

Chair: loulou ghost

Home design works

It is a bit shocked and started to worship this cute design master. And his talent does not know these. He has more bull x to see the global media clipping. ↓


Global media clipping

After a three-year passionate and passionate, Ipanema has launched the Ipanema WITH STARCK collaboration in early 2016. Listening to a designer who makes a focus on architecture and furniture, it is difficult to let people understand, yes! That is, the brokerage crossover.

Ipanema and Philip Stark’s partnership birth

At this point, the cross-border cooperation, Philip Stark follows yourself to create a simple and fashion atmosphere, and shaping the dressing of slippers, shaping the fashion items that become simple and elegant. There is no need for gorgeous colors, complex design, as long as the smooth line and comfortable color matching, it will change a pair of very high-graphically dragging. The four series of cooperation is unmg, and the work present is very amazing. At present, there are online for sale, the size is complete. ↓


Take a photo with the slippers he designed


Philip Stark U Series


The TARCK U series is designed by the world’s most prestigious designer Phillipe Starck design, details and ultimate process, let Stark U Series have fashionable souls, and speak more evolutionary aesthetics.

Philip Stark U Series


Reference price: ¥ 549


2. Philip Stark N series


The Starck N series is designed by the world’s most prestigious designer Phillipe Starck, imagined art innovation, and a distinctive elegant atmosphere.

Philip Stark N series

Reference price: ¥ 599

3. Philip Stark M Series

M Series, continuing Philip Stark’s simple design style, smooth lines are flexible on foot, and they are absolutely naked.

Philip Stark M Series

Reference price: ¥ 499

4. Philip Stark G Series

The Starck G series is designed by the world’s most prestigious designer Phillipe Starck, using the most common lines outline the most amazing shape, and the artistic breath.

Philip Stark G Series


Reference price: ¥ 569

Seeing this, many small friends are amazing, and an ignored character is designed so elegant. For example, elegance in Philip Stark’s eyes is an attitude of life. The details of sandals can be simply a slow curve, which makes life present more and elegant. A pair of four-word drag can be sold to ¥ 600, wanting to have its quality is not usable. I saw the Philip Stark series, and I would like to drag the word a new understanding. So, small C will recommend this brand of the characters to you, let you go to your hands. ↓

1. Constellation Series

At present, this person drags, has appeared in the official website hot search, selling very fire. The temptation gradient was shallowed deep, or the gorgeous gem was decorated above the transparent shoe, as if the stars gaven to the ocean, distinguished shine. Beautiful pink upper, with lace on heart-shaped accessories, pretty living, very suitable for pure and fashionable girls.

Constellation series

Reference price: ¥ 299


2. Mosaic series

The first feeling of this shoe is a romantic. Its inspiration comes from Jesus, creates a new Peter decoration, coupled with the designer’s unique design is matched on the iPanema laces, other fashion classic atmosphere. Romantic pink upper, mixed with classic mosaic shoelaces, simple and no love, MM is not too beautiful?

Mosaic series

3. Summer Love V Series

This series is especially suitable for love-colored mm, a very bright shoe. Exquisitely dotted in the upper, pleasingly pleasant, perfect, and easy to capture the summer cool, what? Does it start to be stupid?

Summer Love V Series


Reference price: ¥ 349

4. Athena series

Roman shoes retro modern design, “gem” on the upper, shining in the sun shining, even if the gods, Athena, I am afraid I can’t help but look at a few eyes. The color of the whole shoes, let people think of peacock, enchanting.

Athena series

Reference price: ¥ 399

5. Slope and mesh series

The MM who likes the slope is also blessed, this slope is absolutely satisfied with the messenger. Super beautiful line shape, introduced the latest design concept, wear the slender of the ankle, add a long and add points to the calf, the short-lasted MM is more wear, looks long.


Slope and mesh series

6. Not heavy in the day

I like to sway, and my personalized MM can also have. This pair of freely versatile supersets and young fashion colors express a new life. With a lazy sweet, satisfy your beautiful fantasy. Blue upper, tangerine lace, so vibrant match, is suitable for energetic you!

Everyday is not heavy


Reference price: ¥ 279


Finally, Xiao C wants to say: Buying numbers and styles on the official website, but the discount is very small. You can go to some Kora and other Haitao website to buy, talk about a lot of cheap, but the size and style are not guaranteed. Today, Xiao C will introduce it here. Is it a sense of flip-flop? Summer weather is hot, liberating feet will start from ghost designers Philip Stark’s character dragging! Guaranteed your beauty, Shu Sun, goodbye!



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