In Hainan listening to the township, explore the forest canyon, watch the Galaxy Space …

Go to the camping, pass poetic life

Hainan Daily reporter Lin Shutte

How did you have seen Hainan? For the deep experience of humanity, feel the natural scenery, very conventional, personalized, enjoy the free travel route seem more attractive: choose 3 o’clock in the morning to feel the reflection of the sea Galaxy starry; listen to the birds in the temporary forest in the night!

Natural resources are rich in Hainan, ideal for outdoor activities such as camp tourism. Should be on the back of the tent, bring the equipment, in the land for the bed, as the starry sky, in Hainan and nature, come close contact with nature, feel the wonderful camping culture!

Tourists in white sand red camp. Meijiu photo

Scenic country:

Peer-like pastoral life

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Sanya Rice National Park, Sanya Damidian, Sanya Middle Liao Village, Haikou Fengtang Village, Joan Zhongshi Village

Come to Hainan to feel the “first experience”, where is the most suitable? Come to a strange tourist environment, many people tend to choose the full facilities, sound protection, and complete service providers provide a scenic spot attractions in camping sites.

“Choosing a professional camp to carry out camping tour, not only save time, the most important is to experience camping culture and safely under the guidance of staff.” Sanya Rice National Park staff said, combined with the idyllic characteristics of the scenic spot, they Specialized in the room camp, providing a bonfire party, outdoor barbecue, leaf tea bar and other supporting products and services for tourists who come to experience rice field camping.

With the development of personality, quality tourism, more and more scenic spots have launched camping products to meet the diverse needs of tourists. Among them, Sanya Dadong Tianshan Galasses the advantages of coastal resources, creating sandy camps, rivotes, etc. More choices for the parent-child families to experience the monkey island; Baoting, Noda Scenic Area launches rainforest camping products, so that visitors feel close to the jungle tie, strange rocky tropical rainforest.

In addition, many beautiful villages in Hainan have become a good place for camping. For example, Sanya, Middle Liao Village launched a field of field tent; Fengtang Village, Haikou, combined with ancient village, volcanic culture to create a special camping place; Qiongzhongzhan village forest is dense, streams, also provide a camping place, visitors can zero distance from Hainan Ecology Protect the beauty of the core area and experience the original ecological culture of Li people.

Rainforest Canyon:

Tracing to Xi Deng’s high beauty

Le Dong Jianfengling, Oriental Russian Ridge, Qionghai Baishiling, Wanning Xinglong Tropical Garden, Wanquan River Canyon Drifting Scenic Area, Jiongxia Rafting Scenic Area

If you love to explore the mountain forest land, experience the beauty of the nature of the people, Hainan also has many tropical rainforests, forest mountains, suitable for camping tour.

The coverage rate of London Jialongling is as high as 98%, including more than 40 attractions such as Tianchi, Mingfeng Valley, Rainforest Valley, Butterfly Valley, Gugu Yulin, and Bauhinia Falls. Make an activity in the sunrise, fishing in the boat, and hug nature. In addition, the Oriental Russian Lingling Forest Camp, Qionghai Baishiling Camping Base, Wanning Xinglong Tropical Garden, etc. is also suitable for the launch of forest camping tour, choosing a sunny and comfortable day, in the hill mountain, feel flowers and fragrant, enjoy “Sen breathing” At the same time, close contact is natural, and it is also worth recommending.

At the moment, heat waves come, if you want to add more cool and comfortable recreational activities for the itinerary, Hainan also has a lot of camping in many canyons, and has experienced and challenging. Among them, the Wanquan River Canyon drifting scenic area, upstream groups of mountains, Joe ginseng, Linshui, wider, water flow soothing, coconut pose, betel nut, there is “natural oxygen valley”, tourists It can also wear an emergency flow in a unique tropical rainforest landscape, and there is also a product that covers camping and gaming activities, allowing visitors to feel the poetry of the gorge and enjoy the rainforest.

The drifting of Jiongxia Gorge, the Juqi Village, Qiongzhong Heping Town, has also launched a fusion of drifting, parent-child development, farming, real CS, camping activities, etc., can also bring thrilling and exciting trips to tourists in the hot summer day. .

Coastal lake:

Listening to the moon

Sanya Niu Bar Bay, Wanning Sun Moon Bay, Tunchang Wooden Lake, Ding’an Nan Lake National Wetland Park

Hainan west sea, has a wealth of marine tourism resources, I believe that many friends are yearning for a beach in the Qiong Island Coast, and experience the romantic trip to listen to the moon.

Sanya has not only a popular bay area such as Yalong Bay, Haitang Bay, but also has a lot of scenery of small bays, which is very suitable for camping. You can experience the “face of the sea, spring blossoms”. Among them, Sanya Niu Bar is located more than 30 kilometers in the east of urban areas. It is located between Haitang Bay and Yalong Bay. It looks like Wuzhizhou Island. The bay shape is like a moon. The two reefs are steep, and the sea is clear. The bay is hidden in the wild pineapple, phoenix tree, coconut forest, Hainan red bean tree and other jungles, but also experience the beach camping, bonfire party, catch the sea, etc., you can also dive, canoe, windsurf, reef rock climbing, rainforest mountaineering Wait for outdoor sports, enjoy the island relaxation.

Wanning Sun Moon Wan is clear, it is a famous surfing place, and it is also a good choice for the beach camp. The Bay Area is hugged in the mountains, the north is hugging, the sandy beach is white and soft, the sea is clear, the bay area is in the sea, and there is a Ri Xinhe, Tian Hehe River flows quietly. Come here, you can feel the beautiful scenery and quiet scenery.

If you are used to a magnificent sea sky, you may wish to choose a lake’s lakes and quiet and comfortable, and you will yield Zhazhai. choose.

Outdoor camping safe place

The camping is the main camp way to carry out outdoor activities, and you can explore natural and soothe your body and mind. However, starting a camping tour, not only to do a good preparation, but also learn the necessary emergency skills to make the camping trip more peace of mind and comfort.

Before departure, the camping equipment has to prepare, and consult the camp staff in advance to ensure the comfort and safety of the wild camping. Equipment includes tents, floor, moisture-proof pads, sleeping bags, special cookware, lighting products, kettle, communication tools. Some emergency supplies can not be ignored, including cold medicines, antipyretics, anti-inflammatory drugs, gastrointestinal drugs, etc., and wound pain, paink cream, bandage, gauze, medicine cotton, painkiospactic, etc., and wind oil, cool oil, Snake medicine and other insects. In addition, emergency foods such as compression biscuits, chocolate, beef, raisins can be carried with you, to prepare for from time to time.

来海南露营!听乡野蝉鸣、探森林峡谷、看银河星空 过诗意生活

Choosing the right weather, location camping is also important. Opening a camp tour To avoid choosing rainy days or weather repeated seasons. On the choice of location, we must survey the terrain in advance, avoid rolling stone, rolling wood, and weathered rock scattered areas, relatively safe in low altitude area; do not build camps in the river beach, riverbed, stream and Sichuan Valley to prevent sudden floods Walk away.

In addition, the camping tour will carry out a good place in ecology, it is inevitable that there will be “visiting” in small animals. Therefore, when establishing a camp, it is also necessary to carefully observe whether there is an animal’s footprints around the camp, feces and nests, do not build in the strip of Snake, can spread some grass ash around the camp, can effectively prevent the snake,, poisonous insects .

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★★★ Recommend