This 熙 t Tasha sandals, using a steady horseshoe side design, about 4cm high-aspects of the rendering of leg-type effects, but also suitable for daily walking; use of naked colored belt exquisite ripples, soft and textive, matchArtificial lining and soles, anti-slip, wearing, ankle with adjustable metallic buckle decoration, suitable for daily casual wear, with dress, is still mature, with short pants is also playful, naked is also a big fever in recent years.Oh ~

The US Amazon currently has a naked color to $ 23.43, which can be superimposed with additional 800%:

比呀比: Nine West 玖熙 Tasha 马蹄跟裸色凉鞋 $18.74


After the discount

比呀比: Nine West 玖熙 Tasha 马蹄跟裸色凉鞋 $18.74

$ 18.74

, Ship weight, 2 pounds, transfer to hand

About 190 yuan

比呀比: Nine West 玖熙 Tasha 马蹄跟裸色凉鞋 $18.74

(Without tax), the summer is not far away, the sandals of the gods will come up ~ Specific purchase methods reference ratio than exclusive fool Haiyao tutorial.More Haitao Information, please move the Haiyao channel.