The self-sealing bag refers to a bag that can be automatically sealed, and there is a sealing bag, a bone (bone bone), self-sealing bag, etc.

Self-sealing bags are also known as a confirmed bag, a bone bag, sealing bag, a clip bag, and a long bone bag. A plastic bag made of repeated sealing by a polyethylene and a high pressure line type polyethylene by a blown film. Common materials include PE, EVA, PET, composite bags, etc.

Self-sealing bags can be used in internal and external packaging of various small items (jewelry, small hardware, toys). Self-sealing bags produced with food grade can store various small food, tea, sea products, etc., moisture, anti-smell, waterproof, anti-insects, prevent things from scattering. Self-sealing bags can also be used in clothing and other daily necessities packaging, which is very wide. The self-sealing bag can be added to the anti-static self-sealing bag when the hair drying is produced, and the self-sealing bag is generally applied to the electronics industry.

Self-sealing bags have good sealing. For this reason, it can be widely used in various fields such as food, industrial, agriculture.

The sealing determines the value of a self-sealing bag. However, there will be some problems in everyday. For example, during the production process, since the production link is much more, the self-sealing bag may generate a heat-sealed drain, the cracks, micropores of the material itself, and the micropores, such as the small holes or intensity weakness of internal and external communication. These will directly affect the sealing of self-sealing bags, thereby losing the meaning of self-sealing bag protection products.

If the self-sealing bag lost its sealing, it also has no difference with the ordinary plastic bag. So how do you detect the sealing of your own bag? Next, you will explain it to you by Xiao.

Detection method

1. Vacuum observation method. By evacuating the vacuum chamber, the sample is caused by internal and external pressure difference, observation of the test, and the recovery of the sample shape after vacuum, and the sealing performance of the sample is determined.

2, the water in the water (vacuum method) Sealing performance.

3, anhydrous impregnation method, charge the sample into the test liquid, and then place the sample on the filter paper after the sealing, observed the leakage of the test liquid from the sample, and determine the sealing performance of the sample. It should be on both sides.


The above is the relevant content of the introduction, application and how to detect its sealing performance. It is hoped to pass the above content to make a further understanding and understanding of self-sealing bag products.


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