A variety of clothes in autumn and winter appears, what is the down jacket, velvet, chemical fiber material, is it very surprising, what are these, and caught fluff? The name sounds warm and comfortable, what is it role?


Today’s logs don’t discuss beauty, come with you some fashion knowledge about dressing, good today’s class, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of causing the fluff, no longer bought it!

What is the first thing to catch the fluff? This problem is already enough to fall a large number of people. Is it?

Grasping the fluff, refers to clothes mainly made by polyester (it is used to domestic habits to grasp, fleece), is the main winter outdoor sports insulation fabric.


This sounds too complicated, then we come to a version simple, grasping the velvet is made of ultrafine chemical fibers into a wool yarn, weave it into a fabric, metal wire brush, surface and then passing like a mower A type of clothes made after shearing after shearing. Anyway, if you still don’t understand it, you can directly ignore this section, enter our key content today – what is the advantages and disadvantages of the fluff.

It is no longer bought any more you can’t buy anything else.


The advantages of caught velvet:

At present, we are made of high-tech methods. It is basically touching very soft fabrics, wearing very comfortable, very light, travel very much, it is not easy to generate your actions Various burdens, so the most common of fleece is the outdoor sports project, and many people outdoors or expansion will prefer this clothing.

The advantages of caching the velvet also have a layer of fluffy fabrics on the surface of the clothes, which can quickly absorb sweat, and then absorb the moisture through the capillary effect. Achievements, this means that they will be worn in the velvet stickers when they are walking or hike outside, and it is easy to sweat.

The spill under the new technology has a windproof character. This is a friend who wants to start. Please pay attention.

Dippomes of caught fluff:

Compared with the high-tech fleece, the traditional fleece is there without a windproof character. This is also one of the shortcomings of the cave, and the sisters who started to make clear the clothes, it is not a windproof.


Another disadvantage of catching the velvet is that it is not possible to clean, and it is easy to start. This is the common problem of winter fabric clothes. We basically can’t solve it, not only hinder the beauty of clothes, it is easy to make flee ups. It is thin, lost the original softness and insulation, and there is no more use value.

The above is the advantages and disadvantages of causing the velvet, don’t you know that you get?