After the autumn and winter thick dress was before, many sisters reminded me a period.

Autumn and winter pants


I don’t arrange it, I have to be submerged by your message …

Relative to the skirt, the pants will do more convenient to do something, but also

Because of its universality, it is more difficult to wear color.



Jeans who have filled the streets, we are hard to wear!


So I think

In the autumn and winter trousers, in addition to practical, you need some care machine


Little Sub-blogger like I am concerned –

153cm 敏 智 欧 欧 minjicong_

She will make yourself stand out from the passers-by ~

I said that I would like to wear, not to say that she is wearing a single product, and it is exactly the opposite.

Basic money is her favorite

Especially comfortable casual pants ~

We are impressive and loose, and the passers-by is full of casual pants.

Switch different uploads

To wear different styles.


Some are lazy, some sweet temperament.

Each set is very warm, suitable for autumn and winter, and the high and trendy index are also exploding

Here, I know that some sisters are going to say: may be a blogger,


How do we wear our ordinary small children? What pants is more suitable for autumn and winter?


Don’t panic, this is not me! I will bring everyone tonight.


Three species of special, soft and suitable for winter pants

Guarantee that you are full of satisfaction! Hurry and see it down.


NO.1 wick

Don’t worry about it, that is, you don’t know the trend!

Say the most hot pants this year, I think it is





That’s right, it is a small corduroy that I have discarded by us when I was.


Return to the trend

! Turn out all kinds of magazines can see its shadow ~


In addition to the fashion trend of the magazine, the autumn and winter LOOK from the small son blogger PO is also wearing a lofin gum.

Not only keep warm, but also knock down to cover meat, what is the width legs, it encounters it, it does not exist.

Then we have to pay attention to what we have to wore cord pants? Let’s take a look ~


1 Caramel color is the most classic, powder blue tone more vitality

There are a lot of colors of the wickle pants, in which the caramel tone is the most classic, it is not easy to make mistakes.

Dark brown cord pants with small high collar

It looks like a warm latte, which makes people feel endless.

There is also a kind of caramel color


It is also very popular, it is injecting some green into the dark brown.


Color will be more eye-catching

. Many Korean little sisters like to use it to do the coat, very feed.


If you want to be more different, you can try it.

Blue, purple, pink lofelk

, Color is more bright, very playful personality, wearing an invincible girl!

2 fine texture is more friendly


No matter what color, the fabric will be expanded because of reflective, it looks. Moreover, the wider the texture, the more exaggerated, and it is easier to be fat, so we







3 trousers don’t be too big, straight, tapered is more thin

In addition to texture, the version of the cord velins should also be taken:

The tapered pants that are under the upper and lower are the most slim, straight pants, and the rose pants is most fat.

Winner wool pants in the trousers, looks more for more, fear of cold, with high stockings or with small cartridges, warm and ocean.


Don’t be too long, take 150cm high as an example, choose

85cm is enough

It is easy to drag up. It doesn’t matter if you can’t buy a suitable length. We still have


. (The straight pants can also be turned into a cone pants through the cans of the roll.

If you say that the cord velvet pants are pants that return to the trend, then

Knit pants

It is the evergreen tree in the fashion world.

NO.2 knitted pants

You are only a distance of a knitted trousers with temperament.

I often see that my wear will find that knitted trousers are almost

Temperature GIRLS standard

The fabric is very soft, with thick sweaters, and hairy shoes are very.

Telling true, there is a hole above the knitted trousers, in fact, it is not particularly warm, but it is wider in the trouser leg,

I can’t see a thick leggings.

So even if the northern sisters can also pick!

The overall knitted trousers is still very friendly for us, as long as they pay attention to the color and matching OK ~

1 light knitted pants more warm oil

First of all, let’s take a look at the color of knitted pants. I recommend sisters to choose light styles, such as

Rice white, oat color, light gray

Wait, you can easily break your dullness, let the shape of autumn and winter are brighter.

2 pants legs than the thigh width 7cm is most slim


Seeing light pants, maybe some sisters will feel too picking up legs, but actually, as long as you choose


Pants legs are relatively light than our thighs.

Naturally, it will be thin ~


If you are worried about the width tube, we can also choose this.


Knitting trousers tightening, with old shoes, sports shoes are perfect

Ideal for sisters who like casual sports wind wear.

3 hierarchy with HIN advanced


Every time I mention the style pick, there will be many sisters to ask me how to take it, now I will emphasize it again.


It is the simplest and advanced good way.

Many magazine models are also wearing so, simple with Fan.

If you feel that the whole body is too monotonous, then try it.

A deep shallow co-color system echo

It is also a knocking grade is highly thin.


After finishing the two autumn and winter pants, the next thing is that you look forward to a long time.


Laha ~

NO.3 leggings

I am the autumn and winter wild pants, I don’t accept the rebuttal!


How do you get legs in autumn and winter? Dressing, even wearing pants. “Light leg artifact” has been said before (the background reply “light leg artifact” can see), let us talk about some other colors tonight.

In fact, I really say that I feel that the weather is so cold, but there is no need to pretend “light leg”.

Great side puts on leggings with colors


It is better to see.


When wearing leggings, we must pay attention to

Thickness, color and match

I also listed in one by one ~

1 According to the temperature selective thickness.

Common leggings are



Type, when we choose, the first thing is to look at the thickness first.

The weather in different regions is different, and the sisters can choose according to the local temperature:

80-200d in the south area is enough, the central area is more suitable, and the cold, the Northeast can buy 800 days above plus velvet.

There is also a leggings that can wear wear, namely


Shark pants

Because of the shape shaping,

Will look very well

When I visited the small red book recently, I saw a lot of blogger’s autumn tour.

With sweater, down jacket

It looks very kind, it is recommended to give sisters like sweet cool.

2 hundred lay on black gray, Japanese standard white.

There are a lot of colors in the leggings, and the most black wear is black.

Hundreds of thousands of gold oil

Do not pick it up to the shoes.

There is also a color, I also recommend it, it is


It is more soft,

Matching light clothes more natural than black

In addition to black gray,


I like the Japanese laundry

Soft sister can also try white leggings, which can often be seen in the day.

However, it is relatively high for leg-type requirements, and the micro-fat sisters are cautious!


3 All-inclusive feet is more convenient, lazy must

In addition to color diversification choice, I like leggings and because it has full-feet styles.


Easy and warm

, Directly provoked the troubles of the socks.

Tonight’s autumn and winter thick pants are shared here, I don’t know which pants do you like most?