There are a lot in winter, but no matter how good, you need a proper bottoming shirt to accompany. Don’t think that the bottoming shirt is just enough, many times, the bottom of the bottom shirt is more important than the jacket, because its color, texture, and style, etc., will affect the overall match. In winter, a good-looking coat is matched with a right bottoming shirt, which can not only bring you warm, but also improve the exquisiteness and trendyness of the overall dress, and add points to the shape.

Round neck bottoming shirt

A solid colored round neck bottoming shirt, wild practical, is the basic single product of autumn and winter. Especially white cotton long-sleeved TEE, soft skin, and brightening effects, you can adapt all kinds of autumn and winter common suit, coat, windbreaker, etc., and with different material coats can be harmonious.

Winter black coat, camel coat or thick flower coat, color tone is more dull old, the white long sleeve round neck TEE as a bottoming shirt can be resolved, and you can make the skin color lining more bright, overall The fresh breath given on white, it looks more light elegant.

In addition to the white round neck bottoming, the round neck sweater is also very practical, and it is more warm than the T-shirt. The basic gray round neck sweater is suitable for black suit, down jacket or coat, simple and warm, with straight jeans, is the simplest fashionable. Deep gray round neck sweater and pink coat are perfect match, sweet and elegant, and beautiful. You can also put a shirt over the round neck knitting shirt and turn it out of the shirt to create a more levelless winter dress.

French long-sleeved striped TEE


French long-sleeved stripes, also called “sea soul shirt”, balanced striped elements, awake and fresh but not too dazzling, is the best in winter, no matter how dark color, as long as one black and white Or the blue white stripe TEE, the overall equipment will become refreshing and clear.


Black suit is mixed with jeans, and the inner selection of striped TEE makes it out, easy to casual, and it is elegant, with white boots, and the overall wearing is more beautiful. Khaki windbreaker with dark blue jeans, in blue white striped shirt, the age-fledged effect is full, plus a blue-white printed small square scarf, wearing a level, and wear more.

Half-high collar knitting shirt

Half-high-torized walhels, is one of the most recommended bottoming shirts in winter, the neckline is not high, there is no pile sense, wearing both warm and very clean, suitable for girls who are not slender enough.

In actual matching, we can use a semi-high collar shirt with a down jacket or lapel coat, and the wool material will be more warm, and the skin is better. If you want more exquisite, you can match a long necklace, which is more trendy.


High collar wool shirt

In cold winter, woolen high collar places is essential, used to match coats. It is also possible to wear with a dress and black coat, build a hierarchy. However, the high-level shirt is not suitable for girls with too short neck, so everyone must choose according to their own conditions. In addition, the neckline of the high-neck bottoming is quite important. It is best not to keep it too close to the neck, otherwise there will be a feeling of being held in your neck. Select a slightly loose style, let the neck and the collar have a certain space, which will be more “breathable”.

If the weather is very cold, you need to wear a down long coat, you can also try more levels of stacking. Pick a white high-necked bottoming shirt, with a grilled suit, plus brown down jacket, 3 layers, warm and fashionable. Ginger high collar bottoming shirt and Linger knit cardigan superimposed, with a concrete half skirt and apricot down coat, heating, and very retro.




Winter wear shirts, more suitable as a bottoming shirt to wear, especially white shirts and light blue shirts, which is ideal for stacking with knitted high tirts. In winter, most of them are very heavy and heavy, the light fabrics and refreshing hue can bring more refreshing and lightweight for winter wearing.

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