Basically New Balance shoes are a pair of people, especially in the fake goods, many people are learning how to distinguish between true and false, I will bring a little hard knowledge to everyone, I hope to help everyone.

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Below this is the code of the standard New Balance shoes (after I was abbreviated into NB), the vast majority of NB codes consisting of these three parts above. The easiest understanding is the number of the second part, such as the 574 of the subject, and 996, 997, four digits of 1300, 1400 and so on, these numbers represent the name of this pair, as if Nike has Air Force 1, Adidas has Superstar, like a shell header, NB’s running shoes are numbers, which is simple and good. In China, of course, the biggest name is 574.

Then we look at the first part, this part of the simplest understanding is to identify men and women, “M” represents men, “W” represents women’s models, such as M997 and W576 in the picture below, don’t worry, third part meaning We slowly said.

New Balance鞋子鞋标上的编码是什么意思?

However, as the NB style is increasing, the same pair of shoes will have different design styles, and the technology will also be upgraded or footwear, and the origin changes. The first part is only used by one letter. It will easily make people mix.

New Balance鞋子鞋标上的编码是什么意思?

Next, we will take a look at each of us, first of all the same model shoes.

Design style is different

The typical case is what the ml represents ML574 in the subject is the meaning of ML574? I suddenly wanted to smash, OK, we say that this ml refers to the meaning of Men LifeStyle. LiFestyle direct translation is “lifestyle”, don’t touch your mind, do you have a lifestyle? LifeStyle is actually more in the field of the ball shoes, which refers to this pair of shoes to relax. For example, the following two pairs, the top is M574, below is ML574, the truth does not seem to be too big, but according to the position of the officials of the NB, the following two is the legendary 574 three original colors, that is, the most classic 574 color matching, so more cool. But actually in my personal opinion, the difference between M and ML is really not so big, almost the number of plaque.

New Balance鞋子鞋标上的编码是什么意思?

The second case is

Technical upgrade

New Balance鞋子鞋标上的编码是什么意思?

. This time we come to see the most typical 996, most of the most traditional M996 is produced by the United States, retaining the feeling of 996 the most juice, but the fatal injury of this birth in the early 1980s, the fatal injury is the weight, so Upgrading technology upgrades in NB on 996 last year, using the latest Rev-Lite technology, the sole is a lightweight material, which was born last year, this newly added RL is a refractory of Rev-Lite. The two pairs in the picture below are still gray, the above is M996, below is MRL996.

The third case is

New Balance鞋子鞋标上的编码是什么意思?

Shoe type change

New Balance鞋子鞋标上的编码是什么意思?

It is still saying 996, and the MRL996 has also been introduced in the same year, and the R or the REV-Lite technology, and H refers to the meaning of the shoes into “high help”. The following is a pair of MRH996. At the first part of the encoding, H is generally said that this pair is a high-top version. It is more common and girls’ WH574. Although the low-top NB is the most likely, but in order to meet the mass needs, it is also a rich product. Line. It is not necessary to change the trend of the sky to wear a high help.

New Balance鞋子鞋标上的编码是什么意思?

The fourth case is

Origin change

It is simple to popularize first, NB is a relatively rare sports brand that is still in the United States and the UK. Of course, most NBs are still manufactured by the third world whose third world whose Chinese leader is fighting. Go back to the origin change above, or take 574 examples, the most market is M574 and ML574, which is generally manufactured in Vietnam, Indonesia. In recent years, the 574 high-rise trend produced in the United States will push so one or two times every quarter, and their number cannot be used by M and ML, so they have been replaced with US574 to show their inner heart to “manufacturing” in the United States. ” Pride.

Supplementary a special situation is MT, and the reason why MT is to be said, because for many people who love the shoes, there are special feelings for the NB’s MT580, because before it takes a long time, NB is the most loved trend. People are sought after by MT580, where T represents trail, which is the meaning of cross-ware shoes, that is, NB positioning is a landing of this pair of shoes, so the overall feeling of shoes is very thick. Effects, you can also feel that this extremely affected shoes will soon be seen by Japan’s tidal designers, and then fired MT580.

Also in last year, Rev-Lite technology has also been used on MT580, which has a lightweight MRT580. Many of the newly listed women’s WRT580 are also favored by a relatively new girl.

Basically, the first part of the letter meaning is roughly, the above cases are for NB retro shoes, if it is NB

running shoes

There will be MR representative “Men Running”;

Tennis shoes

Most of the CT, meaning “Court Tennis”;

New Balance鞋子鞋标上的编码是什么意思?

Child shoes

The words are often K representative “kid” … After all, NB is also a big company, a lot of shoes, but the most popular affirmation is still their retro running shoes, so others will not be one. listed.

Next, we will see the third part of the code, first of all, some NBs are no third partial coding, such as M996, M998, two-pair of gray beauty shoes, because they represent the earliest introduction in 1989, the first-year introduction of Yuanzu 996 and In 1993, Yuanzu 998, the big brother in the circle didn’t need so many suffixes to modify it. Of course, don’t worry that the M996 and M998 buying now is produced in two or three years ago, this intermediate NB is also constantly improving upgrade M996 and M998.

Of course, most of the NBs have a third part of the code, simply understand: Part II is used

New Balance鞋子鞋标上的编码是什么意思?

Identify this pair of shoes

. The most basic, such as Gy, GR or GRY is used to refer to Gray, N, NV or NAV is the Navy Blue (NAVY), BLK or BK is representing black (Black), etc. This encoding appears above the monochrome NB.

So what is the third part of the NB number of color spells? Then, extract each part of the color, such as M998GNR, is the first letter of Grey Blue (Red) three-color, the first alphabet of the Grey, M990GB, is the first green (Blue) Letters placed together.

But if NB writes the third part of the code in accordance with such a principle, it means that the same model of color shoes can only have a pair, otherwise the encoding will be coincident, especially for gray, naval blue this expiration rate is very high. NB In terms of color matching, if you can only have a pair, the NB should tears. So in order to solve this problem, NB often integrates the names of the series of this shoe into the third part of the encoding to distinguish between different series. Typical examples are the most popular 574 three original colors, ML574VG, ML574VN and ML574VB, where V is the meaning of the Vintage retro series, and the g, n, b represent ash, blue, red, red, and red should be R? ? In fact, the redness in the three primary colors should be a burgundy, so use B to represent, wine red is also a red nb very common, because it is retro!

New Balance鞋子鞋标上的编码是什么意思?

For example, the British product 577 is a 25th anniversary of birth this year, launches gray and blue specialty, and their models are M577ANG and M577Ann, where the AN represents “Anniversary), and the g and n are Yuanzu ash and navy Blue meant.

New Balance鞋子鞋标上的编码是什么意思?

At this time, I look at the question of the question, and the three pairs of red 574, where the first double is 574CVF, it belongs to the 574 CV series, and the same series is green 574CVG, so F should be used to represent red, which red English is the beginning of f, I feel that English vocabulary is not enough.

The second double is 574SGR, then the SG series, the same series, there is also a blue 574SGB, R and B represent red and blue, respectively.

The third pair 574vrk is a V series, where R represents red, and k is black, because this pair of shoes are red-black, the same series is 574VBK.

New Balance鞋子鞋标上的编码是什么意思?

So what is the CV, SG and V here? Knowing it, I don’t know, I don’t know, 574 is really too much, and dozens of series will be made every year. Some may have specific meaning. For example, the V represents Vintage in the 574 three original colors before I have said, and some may have no specific meaning, just to distinguish between different series.

New Balance鞋子鞋标上的编码是什么意思?

In addition, there is a part of the third part of NB that does not represent color. This is usually a joint collaboration. At this time, the third part is often used to identify partners, such as this year’s strongest US M997CPT, It is NB combined with American tide shop Concepts, so take three letters of CPT. For example, the CM1400IV cooperated with NB and Taiwan Tide store Invincible, and IV is the two letters in Invincible. So what does the CM in the first part of this pair of shoes? I didn’t seem to say it before, this cm refers to the meaning of Custom Made customization.

Or Nb’s brand collaboration with Hong Kong Star Yu Wenle’s brand MRL996SY, SY is the two shawn yue of Yu Wenle, written into the code into the code is also enough, NB and Yu Wenle are definitely true!

New Balance鞋子鞋标上的编码是什么意思?

The third part of the coding is not necessarily a letter, and there will be a number of characters, such as NB and the US fashion store J.Crew’s collaborations to identify the order in which different styles launched (below).

OK! Are you interested in this hardware?

Train shoes:

New Balance鞋子鞋标上的编码是什么意思?

No.1 You and the goddess are only eight pairs of shoes

New Balance鞋子鞋标上的编码是什么意思?

NO.2 all over the world

New Balance鞋子鞋标上的编码是什么意思?

NO.3 years, we have bought the fake shoes

No.4 Air Jordan Series Science

NO.5 Adidas Adidas all shoes collection

New Balance鞋子鞋标上的编码是什么意思?

No.6 [Nike Class Cortez] Maybe the next pair of Stan Smith

No.7 How to put Converse

NO.8 on the foot 200 pairs of old birds recommend your 25 pairs of shoes

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— NIA uncle shoes micro-signal aa58672618 —