Old communities remodel, almost the biggest problem in the area of ​​urban renewal.

Putuo District Cao Yangxin Village, calculated a case in achieving counterattack: When the new China’s first worker new village in the 1950s gradually faded, it was thought that it may never keep the steps of the development of the times, I can’t think of the village. On the 70th anniversary, here is one of the two key sample communities in Shanghai City Space Art Season. It is in parallel with Xinhua News Agency; the beautiful design of the blueprint gradually became real, and a group of old houses completed the completion of completion, and wanted to return to the residents. The newly built “high-line park” has received professional attention, and the “Happy Dining Hall” that has been distributed in a fireworks, and has contracted a lot of residents’ three meals …

This round of “big hand” is updated, what did Cao Yang did?

Shanghai Old Workers New Village Jianbai Park, Happy Dining Hall, also completed the old housing, who is from the big hand?

Transform a new Caoyang Village. Jiang Diwen shooting, Shenyang production

Raine the way is “unplug”

In a community, if all people think that they are their masters, perhaps it is an ideal state.

Many people involved in Cao Yangxin Village are updated. Recently, like a tour guide, with guests “to this”, full of pride, and do all kinds. The reporter interviewed in the community in two days and married Zhou Wei, the president of the Shanghai Tongji City Planning and Design Institute, who took the team to investigate the completion of the completion, and the founder of the Social Organization of the Baiyu Park in Baiyu Park. There is a speed of writing, and the “Cao Yang Baijing” Cao Yang Cinema retirement beauty Li Shide et al.

If you can’t think of it, Zhou Rui is so sensual to understand Cao Yangxin Village. He was born in the staff of Shanghai Mint, and he lived in Cao Yangxin village from the note, and he spent a happy childhood and adolescents. “That is an acquaintance community, the employees of different plants live together, our parents are friends, children are all in school, the communities and the communities are open, we play bullets on large air , Chess, do games … “

Shanghai Old Workers New Village Jianbai Park, Happy Dining Hall, also completed the old housing, who is from the big hand?

Caoyang Yixun’s residents are leisure in the community

In the memory of this planning expert, this “neighborhood” community spatial structure that represents the most advanced planning concept at that time is crucial for people’s growth. However, with the change of the times, the industries in the district are moved away, and the neighborhood of small scale gradually disappears. Instead, more residential communities, one by one, enclosing the wall, the public road has become a small road in the community that is no longer open, and the cell that once turned back is no longer connected, and the air of the game has been cut into pieces.

In 2019, the starting point of Cao Yangxin Village urban update, it began in this “community living circle head planner”. “15 minutes of community life circle”, this concept seems to have echoed with the history of workers’ new village.

“The original intention of Cao Yangxin Village in Cao Yang is so similar to our philosophy today.” Zhou Wei’s team is a young planner. They use modern vision to examine old communities, and found that the original intention of the plan is not lost. Better enhanced.

Shanghai Old Workers New Village Jianbai Park, Happy Dining Hall, also completed the old housing, who is from the big hand?

Aerial view of Cao Yang New Village in 1957

The planning team believes that the community partial branch is cut or closed in the community wall, it is better to connect and open the group-level road and the horn trail, and then the open pattern of neighborhood space.

“Not only need to make a short board, but also pull the long board.” Zhou Wei summed up, Cao Yangxin Village’s update should let the original advantage re-glow. “Excelleling Board” is the fundamental way of this old community. From the perspective of planning, any current storage community, he thinks it can find a long board and optimize, not to mention such a historical and cultural community. For example, the material carrier, Hongqiao, Cao Yangjing Cinema and post office such as Cao Yang Erzhong, Cao Yang Park, Huanbun Park, etc., can construct a community cultural experience system, interpret labor model culture, good neighbors Cultural and city culture, etc.

Once, a drawing guided Cao Yangxin Village leading ten years. Nowadays, new planning drawings, I hope to continue to lead the next ten years, inherit the historical style, advocate green sharing lifestyle, improve the quality of service, build a cultural space system, and build a high quality demonstration area and friendly city Community.

Shanghai Old Workers New Village Jianbai Park, Happy Dining Hall, also completed the old housing, who is from the big hand?

Zhou Ying team drawn by Cao Yangxin Village in three different time spatial structures

Specifically, there are 3 updated focus. The first is to restore and upgrade the classical space pattern of “neighborhood”, open, and open public space. However, today’s residents pay more attention to privacy, the community management generally follows the principle of “private garden is not allowed”, how is the contradiction between the two? Use digital technical means for wisdom management, such as electronic access cards, etc., I hope that five years or even ten years later, the community “open”.

Second, build a slow bank system. The vitality of space, the communication of people, and is inseparable from the comfortable slow environment. Zhou Wei team has always wanted to find a “slow network” community sample in Shanghai. Cao Yang, which has “bend, narrow, secret” branch network, may be the most appropriate.

In the planning of Cao Yangxin Village, the slowing system is mainly composed of branch system, group road system, Huanhath and Baiyu Park. The community sets slow-priority area and parking space, encouraging residents or cycling travel, control machine Trains in some roads, thereby cultivating urban communities open space vitality, promoting all kinds of communication activities.

The planner is very elephant: in the future, a closed “garden” can be opened, Cao Yang residents hand a community electronic access card, you can go into the surrounding “garden”, so that the residents of different communities can stroll Contact acquaintance, form a comfortable joyful slow system.

The public space system is defined as “a ring double-axis” “three bending core” and “five-leaf lingering” – Cao Yangli, who has been rectified by a water environment, is a ring, and the Taopu River is planned in the West An East. Oasis and Baiyi living axes, “a ring double axis” is the three winding roads, Xingyanshan Road, Lanxi Road, the third, surrounded by Cao Yang, forming “three bending core” patterns, and focus on protection in the future Historical style; eight residential communities in Cao Yangyi Village to Cao Yangjiu village can be summarized as a five-petal blade, planning to build a slower priority system.

Shanghai Old Workers New Village Jianbai Park, Happy Dining Hall, also completed the old housing, who is from the big hand?

Zhou Wei planned “three bending core” pattern

Moreover, it is the activation of culture. The urban update of the old and old communities needs to be widely recognized by residents. And “recognized” does not have a uniform standard, not the best, only better. This also means that all “update” must be higher than the standard and must be reached with creative thinking.

This is also the meaning of establishing the “Beautiful Life Design Alliance” in this round. In 2020, Tongji Planning Institute also established alliances along with the Shanghai Garden Planning and Design Institute, China Construction Technology Group, Shanghai Building Decoration Group, Shanghai University Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, etc. Each item is updated. Today, the “five-star door”, a variety of art devices such as Cao Yangyi Village, and Various Park, which are praised by the residents.

Shanghai Old Workers New Village Jianbai Park, Happy Dining Hall, also completed the old housing, who is from the big hand?

Robust as the old “five-star door”

“Non-typical remaining space” excavation potential

Cao Yangxin Village is planned to be “project package”, a total of 191 items, and set the landing time one by one.

Nethong “High Line Park” Baiyu Park is one of the established projects in 2020. The ranking land and later farmer’s markets are renewed for a multi-level, composite walk experience community park in less than a year.

Liu Yuyang, the general designer of the Baiyu Park, is proud of this work. Recently, he launched the public activity “deeply visiting” with the arms show “, and each time the registration quota released on the Internet is always grab. The park north and south is close to 1 kilometer. Liu Yuyang said while talking, walking and stopping, 15 minutes walk can go for 2 hours.

Liu Yuyang told people that he found the earliest planning map of Cao Yang New Village in 1953, in the drawing of ink painting style, the railway line in the north and south axle is not eye-catching. But when he saw this site in the first place, it was very surprised that there was still unexpectedly in the familiar city, and the remaining space of surprises. He hopes that this width is only 10-20 meters unequal, such as vines, and the seeds of some future events.

Shanghai Old Workers New Village Jianbai Park, Happy Dining Hall, also completed the old housing, who is from the big hand?

The earliest plan map of Cao Yangxin Village (1953)

Finally, “vines” have been given three times the spatial extension, mutual interference and interlace dialogue. Because of the residential area, there are subways through the surrounding, “3K (ie 3k (ie 3 km) Wrong Gallery” Yang Di-short — Semi-Underground Space “K1 Art Works”, excavation depth control of about 1 meter; floor layer “K2 Leisure Sports Gallery”, the ground is raised by 1.4 meters, reserved space as a community activity, “Space Storage”, etc. of Wenchuang Market; Endroom’s “K3 Cloud Gallery” vision is open, the highest is 3.8 meters away It is below the height of the second floor of the residential building along the line, avoiding interference residents.

Shanghai Old Workers New Village Jianbai Park, Happy Dining Hall, also completed the old housing, who is from the big hand?

Liu Yuyang Architectural Firm Design Render

Once the line of sight is raised, the “Tibetan Poster” is revealed, such as the unrecognized illegal construction along the line, the resident community is full of garbage roofs. For Xu Chunhui, Secretary of the Street Party Working Committee, this has also become the driving force for promoting updates. During the park construction process, he seized the opportunity to talk about cooperation with the units. Some units quickly removed and cleaned up the venue, and also planned to build a new event place, with the function of the Baiyu Park; there is a unit to make our own space, let Baidi Park There are more than two beautiful small gardens; parks are also set up small doors within 11 communities along the line, which is convenient for residents to enter, and can also be copied.

Shanghai Old Workers New Village Jianbai Park, Happy Dining Hall, also completed the old housing, who is from the big hand?

Nandi Ganna Bridge in the Ten Scenes of the Park. Image from Liu Yuyang architectural affairsPlace

Taking yourself as the owner of the Baiyu Park, the operator of the Village Wunning District, since I took off the only small white building “Baiyu Station” operational task, she is full of heart, Continuously injecting resources, bringing visual artists, musicians, fashion designers, and gourmet friends to here, and organize the content of the Baiyu station to make a proposal, concerts, charity, and gourmet, food salons.

The funds for the government purchase service are very limited, why must I “brush face” do this? Zhuang Ling said: “Cao Yang is a warm and charming place, not only a sense of belonging, but also has the passion of dreams!” She is ready to hatch some special brand services, such as the residents show talents “Cao Theater “, Can make people buy high quality good objects while driving the” Cao ‘s “Cao’s Cabinet” and “Wutong Market”; she is also intended to develop a series of cultural products with artists, let it become a cultural business card in Cao Yangxin Village. .

Shanghai Old Workers New Village Jianbai Park, Happy Dining Hall, also completed the old housing, who is from the big hand?

The food blogger teaches the children to do cartoon when they are in the Baiyi Station. Picture provided by Zhuang Ling

Providing overall artistic design and transformation for Xiaobai Building, and making the entire art wall is the world’s famous installation and light and shadow artist jujuwang. Before doing design, she came to Cao Yangxin Village to collect the wind for a whole week, read many historical information, and felt that the entire community was surrounded by floral plants, beautiful and livable. So the walls of her design have appeared in sequential flowers that use acrylic material, representing the “workers’ powerful” fists, representing the “five stars” of Cao Yang, and the “wheat ears” representative of hope.

Jujuwang retains the old wall of the small white building because it carries the common memories of Cao Yang. Interestingly, this American Chinese artist does not know the “five yield” philosophy of Shanghai to build a community living circle, but the elements in her works are completely intended to be eaten, Yiye, Yiyou, Yihua, and should be intensive. Consistent.

Shanghai Old Workers New Village Jianbai Park, Happy Dining Hall, also completed the old housing, who is from the big hand?

Fashion show held in front of the art wall. Shenyang production


The core is still an improvement of people’s lives.

Behind the infinite creativity, the core of urban updates is still a life that improves people. In this round of urban renewal, the streets also opened the 7th community cafeteria in Cao Yang, who had lack of people’s livelihood service resources. It has a famous name — People’s city living room · Tung Bai District “Happy Dining Hall” Open on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival this year.

Xu Chunhui has been a waste-abandoned building with a yard in Cao Yangwu village community, and its property rights belong to Guangming Group. Time and place, this year, he talks with the Guangming Group, and the street leases a small building with a lower price below the market price, and there is a community cafeteria.

Shanghai Old Workers New Village Jianbai Park, Happy Dining Hall, also completed the old housing, who is from the big hand?

“Happy Dining Hall” is located in the old community.栾 吟


The pragmatic Chen Baohua’s positioning in the canteen is very clear – providing a price week three meals in accordance with Shanghai people, the elderly can have a breakfast, and the office worker can pack breakfast, and also provide reunion feast for the community family. His layout of the outdoor garden also considered very thoughtful, creating a “home little garden” for residents, you can sit or walk for the meal, he built a nutrition festive house, slide, lounge chair, vegetable planting area Wait.

When a total of more than 30 price list of Shanghai cuisine was sent to Zhang Lei, deputy director of the street administration, Zhang Lei, who has been investigated, has worried that the pricing is too low and affects long-term operation. Instead, Chen Baohua persuaded the street, he can distribute the raw material through his central kitchen to reduce costs and in the community canteen, to ensure taste.

Shanghai Old Workers New Village Jianbai Park, Happy Dining Hall, also completed the old housing, who is from the big hand?

Many residents come to get together every day

Professional persistence, really producing benefits. Originally Chen Baohua expects the daily income of water in 78,000 yuan, I can’t think of the first month, I have reached around 20,000 yuan. Many residents will buy 10 dishes, I have to pack it, the elderly have taken a team, enjoy The financial subsidies of “15 yuan minus 3 yuan” have been over 65 years old, and when the residents’ strong demands, Chen Baohua further lets the benefits, and relax the customer’s annual limit to 60 years old. Next, he also wants to launch online platforms to achieve online dining, dining.

Shanghai Old Workers New Village Jianbai Park, Happy Dining Hall, also completed the old housing, who is from the big hand?

Here is the park of residents.吟

All of this, was seen in the eyes by Lao Cao Yang Li Shude. He recently took a speed to “Happy Dining Hall” several times, and it is necessary to incorporate this warm service point into his creation.

67-year-old Li Shide is good at writing, and has created numerous works in Cao Yangxin Village. Now there is his creative element on the street lane during the city space art season. Despite this, he still feels that his brush does not change the people ‘s livelihood of Cao Yang. He also wants to draw a set of details of Cao Yang Yizhou after the completion of the completion, and draw a fragrance of “Happy Dining Hall”.

“I have witnessed the community change, and I also participated in the development of the community. My inner belongs are more strong.” Li Shide did not add correction, and the voice of many people.

Shanghai Old Workers New Village Jianbai Park, Happy Dining Hall, also completed the old housing, who is from the big hand?

Cao Yang Yizu, Li Shide

[Expert Interpretation]

Planning’s fineness determines the lifetime of the community

reporter:Cao Yangxin Village from the past “neighborhood” to the current “15 minutes of community life circle”, does it represent the upgrade of ideas and transformation?

Zhou Zhen(上海同济城市规划设计研究院院长、同济大学建筑与城市规划学院教授):从我的理解来看,“15分钟社区生活圈”的概念里有两个主题词,“五宜”(宜居、宜业、宜游、宜学、宜养)和“六共”(共创治理机制、共商社区需求、共绘规划蓝图、共建社区家园、共评治理成效、共享治理成果),这已经远远超出传统规划Place讲的公共设施服务半径范畴,超出了邻里单位的含义,有更宽广的思想内涵。

The “15 minutes of community life circle” is integrated. The green space is not just green, and the housing is not just a residential, and the road is not simple traffic, but the concept of space integration. Every point in “5 Appropriate” has mutual overlap relationships in space and function.

And “Sixth Against” is actually a mechanism problem, and the essence creates a community. Because the community is a very complex object, it will involve all aspects, whether it is a complete set of transformation or street rectification, not by experts, designers, but according to community demand, by community residents , Government managers, experts are agreed, even together to implement and manage.

reporter:“Five Yiyi” is first “livable”, what kind of community is livable?

Zhou Zhen:Listed is mainly reflected in the sensibility of residents. It is advisable to live, seeing residents have no trust and pride on this community, living here, there is no neighborhood, can get more social support. These three aspects have, plus elements such as parking spaces, greening, public services, and education, are a complete livable concept. In particular, mutual benefits, including mutual assistance between people, the social responsibility of residents and the friendly skills of the group, which is very important in the community level.

reporter:You have made the first round of Shanghai community research, what conclusions have you already?

Zhou Zhen:We have chosen 13 types of communities, summarizing a very important commonality, is the residence of people, especially the attention of the elderly to health. A community in social support is relatively high and interpersonal relationships, and the subjective health of old people over 60 years old is very high. “Social Support” has a significant correlation with the mental health and subjective health status of the elderly. There is no significant positive correlation with the mental health of the elderly near the community.

reporter:You have always paid attention to the human space in the community?

Zhou Zhen:是的。人文空间也是宜居性的重要部分。在城市更新过程中,我们要挖掘当地的历史文化内涵,通过保留不同时期的建筑和集体记忆场Place,让人们获得一种文化身份的认同;同时要保留可达性高、具有文化多元性的小尺度街区,这样更易于各阶层社会群体相互接触、交流融合。

reporter:You mentioned many times that the exquisiteness of planning is closely related to the high quality of space, how can we understand this “refinement”?

Zhou Zhen:Fine planning is an organic component that governes refinement. It is not to say to make the planning, and focus on grasp the precision of planning landing.

“Non-uniform” in urban space is a common quality of a beautiful city. The phenomenon of “non-uniform” in urban space is everywhere, it brings us the diversity of the identification and urban development level of urban sections in space. The special experience is also because of this complexity, we need to plan a fine space lifetime. First, precise positioning, targeting the grasp of space composite utilization, the diversification of urban land and the complexity of building function, “how to mix” and “mixed proportion” need to be accurately determined by planning; second, accurate Shi Ce, to divide space height and spatial density, both of which affect space experience, space characteristics, even comfort, atmosphere, etc., but not only environmental quality and land efficiency; Third, accurate floor position, refers to the combination of different buildings, density, and various types of buildings in the mixed land, which is the point of the space layout, requires planners with professional cultivation and rich cities. Know, use professional skills to be accurately lifted.

Shanghai Old Workers New Village Jianbai Park, Happy Dining Hall, also completed the old housing, who is from the big hand?

Cao Yangxin Village is priced. Li Maojun photo

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