In the ancient my country, “women’s dress men’s clothing” is often accompanied by the story of the people, such as Hualan, Meng Lijun, Han women. In contrast, “male dress,” this phenomenon is accompanied, actually a strange story, destroyed three gods.

Why will the two phenomena have such a huge contrast?

Ancient male standing in absolute dominance, “male dress” is obviously unable to be accepted at the time of the world. Counting the ancient male dress, generally can be divided into the following.

The first species belongs to the dirty brutation that happens in the palace.

There are many emperors that have different orientation and normal men, they don’t like the enchanting beauty, but they like men’s pets, which is the “Longyang Yi” that appears in history. Dong Xian during the Han Mi Di, in order to please the different emperors, regardless of the shameful clothes, to the Han Mei Di. Something of the Han Mi and Dong Xian with the same bed, Dong Xian turned into a sleeve of the Han Mi, and the Han Mi, who woke up, was afraid to wake up his own lover, and took out the knife to cut the cuffs. This is the origin of the word “broken sleeve”.

This kind of erosive life, even the princess of the rear, will be affected, and the ugly ugliness included in all kinds of historical materials. During the Liu Song, the mountain yin princess was a 30 “face”. Wu Zetian is more controversial, and the outsourcing history of these hood is well known.

“Xijing miscellaneous” has this record:

The Queen of Han Cheng Di did not give birth to fertility. In order to keep their own position through the “bother”, Zhao Feiyan has to “borrow” to folk men. So Zhao Feiyan hit the scorpion of the gods, not open a room in the palace, prohibiting other palace people. Zhao Feiyan’s personal palace person put the young and beautiful “light teenager” into the carriage, quietly transported to the palace, and Zhao Feiyan. In order to hide the eyes, Zhao Feiyan will command these men to wear women’s clothing in front of the palace and play as a palace. It is said that there are more than a dozen men wearing women and Zhao Feiyan every day, but Zhao Feiyan’s stomach is still unrestrained.

In the history of “Jin Shu”, there was a history of Queen Jianan:

Jiasan’s growth is extremely ugly, short body, dark skin, her appearance interprets the “ugly” blame. Jia Nanfeng’s character is mixed, and life is ridiculous. In order to satisfy sexual desire, Janan often sent a palace to the folk to collect young men, and sent men to the palace with a secret manner. Of course, these men with Janan’s swing of spring are very good, mostly by Janan. It is said that there is only a small child who specializes in Jianan specially likes to kill, but this little family has to accompany the old and ugly Janan wind, and it is not as good as death. This little child often goes into the palace, will it wear a woman’s eyes and ears? “Jin Shu” is not detailed, but in addition to wearing women’s clothing, there is no other camouflage method, it is expected to be the case.

The second is the fraudulent behavior of the male dress.


Young men wear women’s clothing from young women, living with girls, and learn women’s techniques. Since all years are mixed in a woman’s heap, these men are not different from the usual women from the appearance. These men can take into time in the people of the people, and take the opportunity to deceive women. This type of situation has occurred in the Ming Dynasty, which may be due to the social atmosphere at the time.

“Five Miscellaneous” records:

There is a guy called San Yu, and he wrapped his feet like a girl from urinating, learning a female worker, leaning on the clothes of the widow. In the Sang Yu, I went to Pingyang, Zuo, Shunde, and Jinan, etc. Once you have encountered a woman who is a woman, you will use a drug such as a drug to force a woman. It is said that there is a “demon law” in Sang Yu, each time he just wants to spray the drug on a woman, and then make a spell, you can let the woman lose their actions and cannot call for help. Sang Yu is very cautious. During the committee, as long as he heard the voice of the man, he will open it in the first time, never give him a chance. In more than ten years, the sauna wanted hundreds of good women.

However, often in the river, however, there is no wet shoes, and finally the Sang Yu is finally caught by the government, and it is convicted that the same party is convinced, these with the party have more than a dozen people. Their act is in the same way as the mulberry, or a “same door” that teaches a master. Finally, the criminal gang who was committed to the rape wearing a woman was taken by a network, including more than a dozen people in Sang Yu, was taken to the sentence to cut his head. Although the criminals have all volts, the nature of this case is too bad, and the criminal technique of the criminal is unheard. In the later generation, similar situation, this incident is reflected, is the hidden in the Ming Dynasty society. Major hidden dangers.

More terrible than the male dress is more terrible, the male dress is cheated, “菽 菽 记” has been included in similar examples:

At that time, there were many scam wedgers using “stealing the beam change column”, when the blind, the beautiful female liar appeared, and after the other party was ignited, then change the beautiful woman to an ugly woman, married into the man. Due to the ancient wedding, the woman will cover the face before entering the house, so when the man found that the bride was “dropped”, the fraud gang had already run. At that time, there were still many scamming men’s dress, and they played very realistic. After they marry to the man, they will take the opportunity to roll the men’s property when they do their wedding.

Today, there are still similar tricks, but fake brides are women, rarely appear in the case of men’s women’s fraud.


The third is the bad air of ancient male.

In the feudal dynasty of certain ideological and morbidity, there have been male groups who have been dedicated to women. There will be such people, mostly because of the social environment and unhealthy aesthetics of malformations.


“Xunzi” slammed this social phenomenon:


“Today, the world, the migrant of the hometown, the beauty of Yao Ye, Qiyi Women, the blood, the woman”, “This demon, the head of this demon, will lead to a lot of sought after, but wear Men’s body, it is inevitable that the ancient people who are conservative will be despised. In order to eliminate this phenomenon, many dynasties have introduced relevant policies, and the “male dress” is incorporated into criminal law, and Yan Yue will be severely sanctions.

In the Northern Song Dynasty, many people who had a clear show in order to earn a fur, in order to earn money. In order to prevent the spread of this atmosphere, the court has introduced the decree against the male and the male, but there are people who have a hundred and penalty for the penalty. At that time, the government survey this “unman litigation” is very large. After all, in ancient ancient times, this behavior is simply unacceptable, and it is the direct manifestation of “injury.” However, the government found that there was no such thing in the people, and the hacker of the consumer male and the hacker was not allowed to be more than a man. Until the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there are still many children, Tsing Yi.

The fourth is the fashion of the era of advocating.

During the Wei Jin Dynasty, men wear women’s clothing, have already been used to time people. It is not the Wei Dynasty man oriented anomalies, but the “fashion circle” at the time, the prevailing of women’s dressed dress. On the weekdays, many of the literati sons of Wei and Jin’s sons were plasticized, hanging the sachets in the waist, wearing women’s clothing, walking to the road to twist down.

Put it today, this is a “implant”, which is a more serious mental disorder. However, in the Wei Dynasty, this pathological aesthetic is popularized, and the people at the time began to trend. The words “jade”, “Yushu Lin Feng” appeared in “Swordsman”, is to describe this intimate man. According to the “Wei Gu” record, the famous celebrity is a typical jerky, his skin is more than the woman, likes to wear women’s clothing on the street.


The fifth is for the requirements of artistic style.

As we all know, there is a “male” art in China.

Why don’t you come to play in women, do you have to be played by a big man?

This is because of the big meal in ancient times, the number of actresses is very small. In order to ensure the performance of the performance, the male 伶 人 has a male dress, sang his roof. During the Tang Dynasty, “Song and Dance” and “Participation” popularize the whole country. At that time, the privilegers had a male woman, a male dress, a woman’s phenomenon, after all, for art, these are understandable. However, due to psychological factors, the ancients still have a small resignation to the man of the male, such as Han Yu in the “resignation”, first, the woman is praise to the body, and then ridiculed the monk to play the man: ” Like, there is a female in the throat. Jun heart is shameless? What is the daughter? “

In fact, the efforts of countless generations of the ancestors, today’s male performances have been upgraded to elegant art, relying on the artists of the monk of men to go, add color to the national quinum. It is worth mentioning that the male women’s performance is in order to stage effect, and there are different three-kind women’s clothing. We can only see the male play in the stage or photo, in life, they still wear male buildings.

In the past generation, the male dress is a despised behavior. When the Emperor North Qi, he humiliated him when he was persecuted in Wei Zong Ran. The high ocean made a man of Yuan Zhao, and the powder was placed on his face, so that he wore a woman’s clothes. Hi Yang took Yuan Yun, and everyone said: “This is my 嫔嫔.” I would like to know, what is the heart of the woman wearing a woman’s clothes.


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