Used to cover the bed bedding with dust-proof, and fabric with decorative effect. With cotton, chemical fiber, cotton and chemical fiber blended, etc., there are also raw materials such as cotton and chemical fiber intersection.

1 role


The main function of the bed cover is simple, it is dust, but the main thing is that the sheets are as gray. Guarantee both the cleaning of the bed and looks also decorate.

2 purchase skills


Based on texture

The cotton bed cover is relatively wear-resistant, affordable and style. You can use your hand when you purchase it. If you feel different, it will be different; if it is a silk, you can use the fire to see if it is immediately It is ash, and the elasticity and hygroscopicity are very good.


According to the bed cover density

Look at the density, and whether the color is in printing and uniform, watch the printing and dyeing, it is necessary to pay attention to the printing and dyeing. It may be very heavy, and some dyes are harmful to the human body.


According to personal habits

When the compared bedspread is cleaned, the surface does not have floating, and it is very soft. When washing, the material is used through the material of the bed cover, and some of the bedspread should also be cleaned separately to prevent dyeing.

3 cleaning method

A Cleaning Frequency According to personal hygiene requirements, just bought back to the new bed cover, you can rinse first, the surface will attach a slurry, dye, etc. It will be soft in use, but don’t soak too long.

c Pour the detergent into the water of the washing machine, the water temperature should not exceed 30 ° C, and after the detergent is completely dissolved, then add the bed to the bed, soaking time should not be too long. There are special materials that specify the washing requirements, according to the determination.

D Use a basic detergent or a water temperature too high or the detergent does not have an average dissolution or soak for too long. At the same time, remember to wash the washing when cleaning, avoiding mutual dyeing.

A little tip of skill every day, realize the perfect home improvement.