Your pet has been troubled by flea and mites, are you using drops?

Now, a global explosive pet deworming ring is coming to China.

Today, Bayer carried out the top of the “8-month love” first China Conference in Shanghai.

Why is “8 months of love”? It turned out that this ring can provide pets to provide up to eight months of protection, eliminating usually in addition to spraying or dropping in vitro in vitro in vitro.

Flea, how bad is mites?

For cats and dogs, fleas and locusts are the most common in vitro parasites, not only spread insect media, critical pet life, and some are suffering from human animals, humans may also have serious diseases.

The pathogen of many insect media will always exist after infection. There may be a month or even years or even years that may have been in a healthy dog ​​before discovering clinical symptoms. Moreover, it is often used to use conservative therapy after infection, and in most cases, it cannot be clinically cured.

Flea adults and locusts in each growth stage penetrate the tattoolers into the host skin, breathe blood, and inject saliva into the host. After being biting by a flea or a locust, the pathogen can quickly spread within a few minutes to hours.

Traditional collar earlier than drops


Treatment of fleas and locusts, drops are the main way. However, drops typically require monthly to provide appropriate protection, which may be a bit troublesome for the owner.

In fact, deworming collars are not new things, and their appearance is even earlier than drops. Before the introduction of drops, the collar was mainly treated, and the collar was used to control the flea and mites on the cat catches and the mites with synthetic insecticides in the same period.

The earliest conventional collar is injecting liquid synthesis insecticide formula inside, or fixing a bag with a solid pesticide formulation on a cortical collar, thus continuously release compounds for several weeks. However, these active ingredients have high volatility, which may make the pets that are too large when the pet is too large, and the drug-efficient duration is unstable, and the efficacy may fall rapidly.

Thoughtful Jun saw on the e-commerce platform, now selling insectomy, the price is more than 10 yuan to dozens of dollars. Some users evaluate the smell, and the pet is easily stuck.

Low dose release drug also waterproof


According to Bayer, this revolutionary innovative product cable has been launched in 77 countries around the world.


Its main component is a pyridine and a fluorine chloride, a composite process to fit an active ingredient in a polymer of the collar, and can continue to release the drug with low dose.


Moreover, the drip is longer, it can provide up to 8 months protection, and there is no harmful effect on the health of people and cat dogs.

In addition to killing fleas and locusts, you can prevent locust bits, block the development of flea larvae in home environment, reduce the risk of pet infection media, and also protect the hostess family health and safety.

This ring is still a waterproof product, and there is no need to take effect when bathing and immersed water.

According to reports, this circle can be safe for 7 weeks old and more than 10 weeks old and above.

According to different body types of cats and dogs, you can choose different models. Moreover, once the pet is trapped by the recipient, the power of the animal itself is sufficient to expand the collar, quickly inspest.

It is reported that this week or next week, this circle will meet the channels of veterinary clinics and online platforms and Chinese consumers, and it is expected to prize at 380-450 yuan.