Jacket (Jackets, also name Outdoor Jackets)


One of the necessary equipment for outdoor sports

The reason why the jacket can become the preferred coat of outdoor enthusiasts is determined by its all-weather function. The jacket is a jacket, but because this functional dress is transmitted from abroad to China, the Chinese people will start from its “translator” in order to distinguish between ordinary clothes, called “Jacket”

The jacket is the earliest use of the peaks in the peak in the mountains, and will take off the down jacket, remove the big backpack, only wear a more light clothes to lightly, this is “off sweater” The origin of Chinese name


Based on the scene and range of use

,It can be divided:


Ultra-light, light function jacket, medium-level function jacket,

Expedition adventure

Dedicated function jacket.

First, according to the use of materials,

At present, the jacket is mainly

Four categories

1, hard shell jacket

Hard shell jacket

It means that the clothing material is a multi-layer composite, which has a complete waterproof, a certain breathable performance, that is

Gore-TEX, Event

Materials and the like. The hard shell jacket is our usual clothes, but because of its comfortable performance, it limits other purposes.


Direct translation from abroad is hard shell,

The advantage of hard shell jackets is that the waterproof performance is outstanding

2, soft shell jacket

Soft shell jacket

Adding a waterproof layer on a warm windproof fabric is a clothing between fleece and jackets, suitable for clothing for spring and summer communication and autumn and winter. The soft shell jacket, light weight, easy to carry. The outer layer adopts waterproof fabric, and has a waterproof and wind-resistant performance, a fleece fabric is used, and it has warm and breathable performance.

3, three-in-one jacket

Three-in-one jacket

Also known as the 2-piece set of buzzings, can be disengaged in the jacket single and liner, and it can be combined together, so it is called a three-in-one jacket. The main functions include windproof, snowfall, waterproof, rain and warmth.

4, fleece jacket

The fleece jacket is actually a kind of soft shell jacket. It uses a double structure in design, and the fleece jacket is particularly suitable for more drought but temperature differences. For example, when traveling in the western region of my country, wearing a fleece jacket is a good choice.

Hard shell jacket

ARC’teryx initiator

Hard shell.

ARC’teryx arms buzzard jacket

and also



Eig Limit Series Jacket

Norrona old man

Mountain Hardwear Mountain Hao (Big Nut), Patagonia Patagonia

The peak limit series in the northward,

Haglofs match,

Klattermusen climbing mouse,

Fjallraven North Pole, Helly Hansen Hanli Hansen and other foreign famous brands, as well as domestic well-known brands,


, Polar star, etc.

Second, well-known waterproof materials

1, Gore-TEX

Daddy Gore-TEX,

This is GORE’s ace product; this is the ace product of GORE. Its learning PolytetrafLOTHYLENE (PTFE), Gore-Tex is a porous film that needs to be pressed in a layer of nylon material to do clothes fabrics. Because its small hole is smaller than the water (20 um), it can be waterproof and breathable. Through the mesh liner of the jumpsuit, you will see a white gel film pressed against the nylon material. 3 floors (3-PLY) GORE-TEX is 2 layers of materials, and a layer of gas is added. Because the 3-layer fabric is tightly sticky, you can’t see the Gore-Tex film inside.

Its advantage is that the layer of fabrics can be better ensured that the Gore-TEX film is not worn, but its disadvantage is weighing than the 2nd floor GORE-TEX, and is slightly breathability. Because most of the more Gore-TEX is compressed (laminate) in nylon material.


Event, one of the most excellent waterproof materials in the world, is attributed to a high performance EPTFE film, contains tens of thousands of capillary gas bores, which are 10,000 times higher than the water droplets, which is larger than the gas molecule. 700 times, in the waterproof, has an outstanding gas permeability.

EVENT Waterproof Textile Skills After a durable film, the EVENT will discharge sweat steam, so that your shoes are insisting on boring and let you get a fresh touch feel. Event’s unique “direct breathable” characteristics have twice the gas permeability of its strongest competitors, and 100% waterproof.

3, Omni-Tech

Omni-Tech is a patent from Columbia, it



The material is equipped with waterproof, windproof and breathable function. The surface of the fabric has a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) waterproof coating, which makes the rain cannot be infiltrated. The breathable film is pressed on the bottom of the fabric to help discharge hard sweat, plus the rubber treatment at the terminal, so that the professional function in a difficult environment. Even after 20 washing, the waterproof effect can still be maintained.

4, Dentik

Dentik fabrics developed by Domestic Daytime companies are also excellent, commonly used in domestic brands such as Musshig Tag. Waterproof and breathable index is more than 20,000.



Mammut is like a Drytech 2.5-layer technology fabric that is independently developed.

High waterproof performance, the waterproof value is as high as 20,000 mm, the gas permeability value is 3.8 Ret (RET value between 0-6, representing very breathable). Even in the case of high-intensity movement, it is still maintaining the feeling of the body.


Waterproof index reference

No matter what impacter, on its fabric choice,

Waterproof and gas permeability is key

Jackets are seen from the materials and production perspectives, with fabric and coating waterproof, waterproof breathable films reach the waterproof effect, and there are two combinations of waterproof.

Since the fabric of the jacket can waterproof and breathable, how do we distinguish between their performance? Here we must first introduce you to the two measures for the waterproof and breathable performance.

Jacket waterproof index is generally 5000-20000mm

Waterproof factor

The unit is a millimeter water column pressure

(Unit: mmh20, mm water column pressure): Simple Waterproof Index is 10000mmH2O fabric allows 10,000 mm high water column to be pressed above, and water from the fabric does not exceed 3 drops from the fabric within 24 hours.

Breathable index

(Unit: g / m ^ 2 / 24hr, water vapor per square meter per square meter): It is a square meter area, how many grams can be passed through. A person will lose half-liter fluid (almost 500g) every day, with the increase of exercise, this loss will be improved, that is, we need a higher breathable index to ensure water vapor discharge of the skin surface. .

Basically, a gas permeability of 3000 g / m ^ 2 / 24Hr or more, the waterproof performance is 5000mmh2O, such performance can ensure that the wearer is not wet under heavy rain, can also support medium levels of motion Sweth demand.


When we are buying jackets, the most important thing is to choose good fabrics, water-proof and breathable

In contrast, the aesthetic requirement is the secondary

The higher the waterproof index, the stronger the waterproof performance, the higher the price is also. The key to picking up the jacket under the indicator, the key to see your actual needs.

If it is just used in urban travel, the waterproof index is 3000mm to 5000mm in daily outdoors.

If it is a priority outdoor hiking, camping or crossing, the jumpsuit of 6000mm to 8000mm waterproof indicators are sufficient to deal with it.


If you need to go to the natural conditions, you will have an outdoor activity, and you can choose from the impact of the waterproof index of more than 10,000 mm.

Fourth, purchase guide

When buying jackets, I believe that you will roughly decide to purchase behavior from the jacket brand, jacket price, junction fabric, etc., of course, these are the factors that should be considered when buying jackets. But the light is considered these or not enough. It is really noticeable to judge a jacket. It should start from the details of the jacket, because the brands, fabrics, etc. of the jacket are more obvious. But the details of the jacket need you need to study it carefully.

Jackets Purchase Guide 1: Pay attention to the accessories of the jacket

In the purchase of the jacket, in addition to the fabric of the jacket, we must also pay attention to accessories such as card buckles, nylon sticky, zipper. Sometimes the quality of these accessories directly reflects the quality of the striker, which is also related to the comfort, reliability, and durability of the actual use of jackets.

Choose the jacket, be sure to pick up from the fitting, from a jacket, what accessories can be used, you can basically judge the grade of the jacket.

Jacket Purchase Guide 2: Targeting the cropping and stitching of jackets


If it is a jacket on the jacket list, it is very stunned. The jackets are based on the principle of human engineering, with three-dimensional crop, to maximize the various joints of the human body, so that there is no binding sense after wearing, will not affect outdoor activities.

The suture of the jacket is also very important. The suture of the jacket is much strict than ordinary clothing. According to industry standards, the neat meticulousness of the pin should be between 3 and 5 pins per centimeter, and the spacing is even uniform. In some frequently motion, pull or need to be used where intensity should be enhanced. Then, you have to see if there is a pressure strip on the back of each suture. If there is, you have to judge the firmness of the rubber strip. If we are the jacket of the three-layer rubber, we can use the nails to light a few times. If the pressure gum has a rope, then it is clear that the rubber of the sweater is not strict, it is recommended that you don’t have to choose, because it is very likely you After a few times in the cleaning jacket, the rubber strip will fall off.

Jacket Purchase Guide 3: Consider the needs of the season

When buying jackets, you should consider you mainly for winter or in summer. If you need to participate in outdoor sports in winter, I suggest you buy two sets of jackets. Because if there is only one quarter, it is difficult to do it in two seasons. When buying a winter jacket, you should have a big last or two when you need to add a warm layer.

Many friends and friends ask DARCY brothers, how do you choose outdoor jackets? Is it a choice online shopping or a physical store?

This problem is more complicated. First, professional outdoor wear, definitely a high performance of the jacket. Three important functional requirements for jackets:

Rainy, windproof, breathable

. I also made a presentation.

Due to professional outdoor sports, it may face a variety of bad and complex weather environments. For the choice of jackets, we must do a good study. With the performance of the jacket, the details are fully understood, consider whether the choice is online purchase or physical store purchases.

For brands with physical stores or mall counters in China, such as the ancestor bird, it can be selected. You can go to the physical store to choose, experience, and learn more about the clerk. Then determine the physical store or online according to the factors such as price

For the brand without physical stores or mall counters, it can only go to the e-commerce platform to buy.

In terms of price, take the ancestor bird, because it is acquired by Anta, there is formal sales channel in China, but the price system is high. In the same style, if you choose Haitao to buy, usually only one-half of the domestic price

In short, whether online shopping is still online, the most important thing is to have a full understanding and understanding of the jacket. In addition, you must polish your eyes, don’t be fooled by the merchant.

If you have a good suggestion, please also participate in the discussion.