In less than six months, the Shanghai pet reproduction blind box. September 21, “hundreds of pets abandoned roadside blind box” aboard microblogging hot search, the original previous day, passers-by in the streets of Shanghai found hundreds of pets abandoned blind box side of the road, the rain was dying .

After the adoption of the @ Shanghai home to the scene to help rescue, in addition to the pet deaths and hospital, now healthy dogs and cats have all been diverted adoption, the police have also been involved in the investigation process.

Photo Source: Sina microblogging @ Shanghai adoptive home

Carrier doubt

September 20, a cell door Shanghai Wai Lok Road, Jiading District found that a large number of live pet blind boxes, adoption of home @ Shanghai released on 21 May in the microblogging news that rescue animals under rough statistics include 71 cats and 36 dogs has shunt 36 dogs, healthy cats also have been split for adoption.

Rescue officials said, police will take away the courier cooperate with the investigation, in conjunction with more than 70 volunteers cats and dogs to the police station garage placement. Meanwhile, volunteer doctors to the police station to contact the pet kitten milk dog quarantine. After the police identified the batch of animal owners to give up ownership, volunteers released a notice of adoption.

Source: @ Shanghai adoptive home microblogging video capture

As the carrier of this pet-blind box, it was reported that rescuers Mr. Zhao said, “because the pet from all over the country delivery to Shanghai in through outlets, but Shanghai is very strict investigation, through courier can not delivery, but We can not handle it abandoned on the roadside. “


In this regard, the afternoon of September 21, through courier responded: pet cats and dogs for alleged breach of video delivery concerns a large number of dissemination through social media outlets, verified, confirmed through the act in question has nothing to do with the video through the network, the relevant Tong has territorial public security alarm network, and provides the hands of the owner, the carrier and other clues to the police.


As for the specific consignors, the carrier of information, the pass does not give specific information to the Beijing Daily reporter. Other media reports, the label information on the site all the boxes had been torn off, the shipping company is unknown.

Within six months, several cases have been punished


Less than six months, due to the sale of pets blind box live several times express transport has led to the tragedy.

In May this year, there is a network of volunteers in Sichuan through courier intercepted more than 160 “Pet blind box”, which most pet dying, and some have even died. Through courier a public apology, saying that these are live animals electricity provider customers online sales, the halftone dots violation Lanshou, and published three corrective measures.

May 8, the local Postal Service official website notice of administrative punishment, Joy Logistics Co., Ltd. Sichuan because of irregularities acceptance can not determine the safety of goods is punishable by a fine of 30,000 yuan in competing Logistics Co., Ltd. unified management because Failing He was fined $ 50,000.

Only a few days later, May 11, through courier within a station Suzhou, Jiangsu province and the emergence of live cats and dogs courier. Within 30 express site of 21 cats and dogs have died, the site can smell the strong odor of corpses, in addition there are seven pets suffering from various diseases. Subsequently, Changzhou Postal Service suspected of acceptance can not be determined through courier Wuxi safety items Limited was fined 30,000 yuan of administrative penalties.

Beijing Tianchi Juntai law firm Sun Haiyang told Beijing Daily Reporter interview, “because the animal itself may carry zoonotic diseases, animal in case of death but will contribute to the spread and proliferation of germs, disease, and cats pet dog is also possible to carry the rabies virus, therefore, for our country live animals, especially cats and dogs of transport, is has strict rules, and first of all have done quarantine to determine the animal is healthy, especially rabies vaccine in the period within; followed by the transport process must take into account animal welfare. “

“Postal Law of the People’s Republic of China Rules for the Implementation” Article 33 prohibits the delivery concerns or entrained in the mail items include “a variety of live animals.” “At present, the relevant provisions of punishment is there, but enforcement of the relevant authorities, but there is hardly satisfactory in comparison with the economic potential benefits, after being found to be punishment, might too light; And being found competent authority or discovered and reported by the masses is still too little. “said Sun Haiyang.


Zero-cost business

Before receiving, no one knows what animal would blind box. Many consumers hold freshness and luck, hope to buy pet blind box, a lower price to buy rare species of pets. But in fact, there will be no basic pet blind box they expect surprises.

Due to tighter supervision, the current search “Pet blind box” platform Taobao and QQ group, and will not find information related to the sale. “Taobao and other platforms may block out information, but some short video platform still trading phenomenon behind the related industrial chain, someone to help them breed these animals.” HKSPCA education managers and Shenzhen veterinary authorities Wangrun Dong told Beijing Daily reporters, “covert operation blind box more, this line is a lucrative industry, a lot of blind boxes are captured stray animal breeding it, and then take a small to sell, no-cost.”

According to head leopard Research Institute released the “2019 Chinese pet breeders and live trading industry overview” report, there are many problems in Chinese pet transportation and distribution in vivo, including the lack of professional pet transportation agency, or because of cost considerations lead to high mortality pets , pet industry, the mortality rate as high as 30%.

Source: microblogging screenshots

And the sale and transportation of different low-cost, to rescue these pets but need to pay higher costs. Wang Rundong to Beijing Daily reporter said, “to sue the offending businesses and courier companies, is to the lawyer, who pays for this cost is a problem.”

In Wang Rundong view, light law and punishment is not enough, it should also be required to check the integrity of the courier undertaking to ensure that no transport of live animals, if the violation again, courier companies also have internal disciplinary measures. On the back of stray animals breeding and other issues, the degree of attention of the relevant departments are often lower than the heat of topics. Some first-tier cities such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, more emphasis on issues related to the government to take responsibility for the management of stray animals.

Source: Beijing Daily micro-channel public number


Photo Source: Sina microblogging @ Shanghai adoptive home