Plastic bottles are “artifact” for raising flowers, learn 5 wonderful uses, and never throw them away again in summer

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There are more and more people around who like to raise flowers, and many people raise a few pots of flowers and plants at home, which can cultivate sentiment and purify the air. In fact, there are many small things in life that raise flowers, and one of them may be an artifact. Usually drink water plastic bottles, there are many uses, in summer, drink a lot of water, plastic bottles can not be lost, today to introduce you to several, a few minutes can learn, let’s take a look!

“Flowers in plastic bottles”

-Plastic bottle made into self-priming pot-

Plastic bottles can be used to make self-priming pots, many flowers and plants like a humid environment, sufficient moisture grows quickly, such as green pothos orchid and other flowers and plants. Cut the plastic bottle from the middle, poke a few holes in the lid, find some absorbent cotton thread, pass through the lid, and make a knot at the inward end of the cap to prevent the cotton thread from pulling out.

The upper end of the plastic bottle is placed upside down in the lower half, and the cotton thread is immersed in water, so that the water can be absorbed into the soil along the cotton thread, absorbed and utilized by flowers and plants, because the speed is very slow, there is no need to worry about the problem of air permeability, suitable for flowers and plants to absorb and use.


-Plastic bottle to make cuttings artifact-

Plastic bottles can also be used to make cuttings, plastic bottles are not easy to deform, but also can observe the growth of the root system inside, the effect is particularly good.

The label of the plastic bottle is torn first, then a few holes are poked at the bottom to drain, cut through the middle, leaving half of it, and pour susa or vermiculite. When the cuttings are ready, trim off some of the leaves, insert them into the medium, water them thoroughly, and put them in the tray, making sure that there is water in the tray for the previous week, so that it is not easy to dry. Place it in a place with scattered light and it will soon take root. In winter, you can also cover the upper part to moisturize and keep warm.

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-Plastic bottles do high-pressure propagation-

Plastic bottles can also be used for high-pressure propagation. Traditional high pressure, generally wrapped in plastic bags or film, is easy to break, and it is not good to water. Plastic bottles can perfectly solve these two problems. The plastic bottle is cut from the middle, and the upper and lower parts are first opened with a straight groove, and the width of the groove is close to the diameter of the branches.

After the branch ring that requires high-pressure operation is cut, the plastic bottle is filled with soil, the upper and lower parts of the plastic bottle are stuck on the branch, and the groove is facing the direction of the branch, and it is closed. Then wrapped with tape, you can usually add water from the cap, more water will flow out of the gap, you can also see the root growth, easy to cut the branches in time.

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-Plastic bottle watering can-

Plastic bottles can also make watering bottles, some succulent, or some fluffy flowers, watering is best not to pour on the heart of the leaf, you have to use a pointed watering bottle to water, this can also be made with plastic bottles.

The simplest is to poke a hole in the mineral water bottle, insert a curved straw, and seal it with hot melt adhesive.

You can also find a way on the lid, the lid is baked soft with a lighter, folded a conical paper head, inserted from the center, after the cap cools and hardens, use scissors to cut off the tip of the tip to make it successfully.

-Plastic bottles for drip irrigators-

Sometimes when you go out, what if there is no one to take care of the flowers and plants, you can make a dropper, plastic bottles can do it.

Just turn the plastic bottle upside down and insert it into the pot, if you feel that the water is flowing too fast, you can use the upper method to make a pointed lid, so that the water will be very slow! Isn’t it simple?

“Plastic bottle” is a flower raising artifact, learn 5 kinds of wonderful uses, use it for a lifetime, and never be willing to throw it away again!

Let’s show it to those who need it!

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