Talent Heart Sutra: Where is the trash can that combines beauty, texture, and practicality?


Waste sorting is a global trend. By sorting out garbage, it helps to better examine life and grasp the sense of order in life. How to find a trash can that integrates beauty, practicality and texture to make the small home more beautiful and shake hands with the green earth? Please take a look at the Talent Sutra brought to you by the 1st Finishing Editorial Department.

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Garbage sorting secret: “rule of thirds”

One has been practicing waste sorting since the beginning of 2019. In my experience, the average household has very limited hazardous waste. So, I decided to use the “rule of thirds” and prepared three bins for wet waste, dry waste, and recyclable waste.

Let me briefly describe my experience for you.

Since February 1 this year, I have started a fat loss plan, basically make three meals a day, and when I go out to work, I will also bring my own bento. Therefore, the amount of wet waste in the home has soared. I chose for myself the German WESCO knight barrel.

The reason for choosing it, first of all, is appearance. Stainless steel material, easy to care.

The second is the foot-operated type. You won’t get your hands dirty when you throw out the trash. In recent years, the popular sensor trash can, I always feel that it will fail.

The third is the extra-large capacity (12 liters). There are not enough garbage bags in the daily supermarket. You need to select the matching garbage bag on the network.

Since the tidying up, there are flowers in the house all year round, and a large amount of flower waste is generated every week, and all of them need to be thrown into the wet trash can. So, this is also the reason why I chose this relatively “big-hearted” trash can.

A DIY single-plate dish that wants to minimize the amount of garbage.

The second trash can in my house is a MUJI lidless trash can. I use it as a dry trash storage bin. Hema fresh disposable packaging boxes, etc., all thrown in. I deliberately didn’t choose a lid in the hope of reducing the step of throwing out the garbage. Dry garbage should be the most useless thing in the world! But I still can’t make it disappear completely in my world.

My third trash can also comes from MUJI. This barrel is not large, but I think it is very valuable. Because of the garbage stored inside, all of them can be reborn, such as waste paper, plastic bottles, glass bottles, etc.

At present, the amount of dry waste in my daily household waste is significantly more than the recyclable garbage. I look forward to the day when my second and third bins are swapped to minimize the amount of dry waste!

Zhao Xiaojun [Paris, France

Garbage sorting secrets: everyday items


At the home of Zhao Xiaojun, the contracted instructor of the first tidying technique, it is her husband who is responsible for taking out the garbage.

In France, she said, garbage sorting is a very brain-draining thing. Although she has lived in Paris for nearly 20 years, she is still a little indistinguishable.

The kitchen at home, which is her territory, currently has two trash cans.

The first trash can, as if it were a fashion work of art. Born in the Netherlands in 1919, the Brabantia trash can is used to store combustible waste and kitchen waste.

The second trash can, which is actually a basket of flowers, is used to store recyclable waste. Someone will come to collect it regularly every week. There is no brand.

In addition, there is a trash can with glass products on the balcony of the house. Because the French like to drink red wine and eat jam. So, there are a bunch of glass bottles at home.

In the French garbage classification propaganda poster, glass bottles will also be listed separately, placing them in the most important position.

Honda Saori [Osaka, Japan]

The secret of garbage sorting: fine sorting

Honda Saori is a popular finishing blogger in Japan. The first finishing technique has also reported on her many times. For example: it turns out that the devil is really hidden in the details! The storage heart of one of Japan’s top home celebrities.

Today, let’s talk about the trash can of Hondo yarn. She and her husband live in a small apartment of only 670 square meters, but there are five garbage cans. AT THE HEART OF THE KITCHEN IS A RECTANGULAR FOOT-OPERATED RECYCLING BIN OF THE SIMPLE HUMAN BRAND.

This is a wet and dry trash can. The ratio is 7:3, and the volume is huge. For small families, you must first learn to tidy up in order to hold this behemoth.

FOLDING TRASH CAN ON THE BALCONY, FROM NIDALI NITORI. With three supermarket garbage bags fastened on both sides, you can store cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles.

The Hondo weaver also has three trash cans, and on the left is IRIS’s “Extremely Fine Shredder”. In the middle is MUJI’s PP bin, which is used to store some cans, bottles, plastic bottles, etc., and on the right is also a document storage bin from MUJI for newspapers and recyclable paper.

A conclusion

After reading so much, do you think garbage sorting is a science?

In March this year, Leng Mei, a reporter from Life Weekly, invited me to do an exclusive interview about garbage classification, and I began to carefully observe and analyze my daily garbage, consciously reflecting and improving.

Because of this interview with Life Weekly: Garbage sorting in the green house, emitting a happy dopamine smell, I began to re-examine life. I found that behind garbage sorting is a way of life. It can be used to test whether you live seriously. Once life is sloppy, garbage sorting is not good.

I think that’s what sorting out trash is all about.

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