Take you to understand the assembly structure and buffer of the Haoyang environmental protection filter dust collector

We know that whether it is a bag dust collector or a filter dust collector, we must avoid working in a high -temperature environment for a long time as much as possible, because the high temperature environment not only affects the service life of the filter dust collector, but also causes safety accidents. Therefore, in order to ensure the dust removal effect and ensure the service life of the dust collector equipment, certain measures need to be taken.

Figure: Filter dust collector

At present, the filter tube dust collector we see on the market is mainly divided into two types of high -voltage airflow anti -blowing and pulse air flow spray blowing. They also have advantageous characteristics. Today, Haoyang Environmental Protection came to share the assembly structure and buffer of the filter dust collector about our own research and development.

Compared with the bag dust collector, the filter dust collector is small, and the installation area is small, and the selected design process of the selected design process has better dust removal effect; carefully observe the environmentally friendly filter dust collector of Haoyang, you will find that the dust gas enters the entrance of the filter dust collector into the entrance of the filter tube dust collector. With dustboards, it can effectively buffer and prevent the effect of directly impacting the filter element at high speed, extending the service life of the filter element.

At the same time, the filter dust collector provided by Haoyang Environmental Protection has been continuously improved and adopts a vertical combined structure. There are tapered ash buckets, filter dust removal rooms, pulse jet dust removal rooms, and the exhaust port. The appearance is more neat, more reasonable, and better.

The pulse automatic ash is used to clear the ash, which can effectively ensure the continuous operation of the filter dust collector. In addition, the filter dust collector filter element adopts a vertical assembly structure, which is convenient for disassembly and replacement. For general categories of dust, the dust removal filter bar can be used for a long time without requiring replacement.

Figure: Haoyang Environmental Protection

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