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Herders Abu Gapar Gapar Mangan December showed the party’s badge at the scene and rejected the reward of tourists (video screenshots).

Zhan Yi Photo

On January 4, Yao Beini, Chen Yuanhang, Zhan Yi, Xiong Ruikang (from left to right) showed their group photos with “Uncle Party Hui”.

Shi Wei, a reporter from the Yangtze River Daily

□ Changjiang Daily reporter Shi Qiang

Recently, a video of Xinjiang herdsmen who helped the martial arts citizen refused to collect money and showed the video of the party membership badge on the chest that caused widespread concern. Related topics have exceeded 110 million Weibo browsing. On January 4, 2022, a reporter from the Yangtze River Daily interviewed several Wuhan citizens who were helped at the time and learned the details of the development of the matter.

At that time, it rained and snowing, the temperature was relatively low, and the off -road vehicle was trapped in a pit.

After media reports, everyone learned that the name of the “Herdist of the Party Member Badge” was named Abu Gapar Gaparh. He was 53 years old. He was a native of Muji Township, Aktao County, Kizilu Sukirkiz, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. He said, “How can there be money between loved ones for the benefits of the party’s badge after helping others.”

■ Cross -country vehicle is trapped in a mud pit

“At that time, we had 5 people to play in Xinjiang, and 3 of them were my high school classmates.” 28 -year -old Jin Wenhua told reporters that she was from Wuhan and went to work in Beijing in November 2021.

Jin Wenhua and several high school classmates are very good. In recent years, several people go out to play together every year. Although everyone has been to many places at home and abroad, they have not been to Xinjiang yet.

Since 2019, Jin Wenhua has begun to go to Xinjiang together. In June 2021, Jin Wenhua launched a plan to play in Xinjiang. The participants include her classmates Yao Beini, Zhan Yi, Xiong Ruikang and cousin Chen Yuanhang.

On the evening of June 24, five people including Jin Wenhua flew to Urumqi and rented a car after flying.

On July 2nd, a group returned to Kashgar from Panlong Eighteen Bends. When passing Muji Township, Aktao County, they wanted to go to a local volcanic attraction to take a look.

After the car entered Muji Township, it started to rain and snow. Several people successfully reached the top of the mountain, but when they were about to open the mountain, they encountered trouble.

The road surface is a soil road. Because of the rain and snow, the road surface was soft and the wheels slipped. Chen Yuanhang, who was responsible for driving, tried to increase the throttle and rushed over, but after opening more than 10 meters, the rear wheels were stuck.

Seeing this, Yao Beini, who was more experienced, mobilized everyone to look for stone cushions under the wheels. “This area is surrounded by small gravels. It is not easy to find a suitable stone.” Yao Beini said when he recalled the scene at the time.

It was the evening at the time of the incident, and the temperature began to decline gradually. Because the five people came from the mountain, they were still in summer. There were only 4 coats on the scene. If they were trapped on the top of the mountain, it was very dangerous after the temperature dropped.

■ Enthusiastic uncle, then drive after washing hands

When everyone struggled to save himself, a police car passed and found the situation of Jin Wenhua and others, and the three policemen got out of the car to ask the situation. The police told everyone that they received another trapped vehicle for help. When the rescue was over, they could turn around to help them.

At 6:12 pm, a motorcycle drove over and stopped from a distance. A herdsmen who were sitting behind the car came over and said “Hello” to Chen Yuanhang in Chinese, and Chen Yuanhang also replied “Hello”.

Because the two sides are inadequate, there is no more communication. “Just laugh at me, I don’t know what’s going on, and I laughed at him.” Chen Yuanhang recalled, “Later, I saw them start picking stones, and I immediately understood that they were here to help us. At that time, my Tears almost come down. “

After understanding everyone’s dilemma through body language, the uncle took another herdsman uncle to pick up stones and padded it under the wheels. When the stone was almost padd, the uncle asked Chen Yuanhang to continue driving. He and his companions and other other People help the cart together.

In order to be afraid of the mud to soil the vehicle, the uncle was washed in the ice water in front of the car, and the hands were dry, and then pushed it. Yao Beini told reporters that this detail was discovered by netizens in the video.

■ Highlights the party’s badge, thanks to the compensation

With everyone’s efforts, the car quickly poured out of the mud pits, but how to drive from this only way, Chen Yuanhang and others had no bottom. The uncle of the herdsmen motioned for himself when he saw this. Under the command of another herdsman uncle, the uncle drove the car to a safe area.

After the vehicle was out of trouble, Jin Wenhua and others were very happy. Because they couldn’t communicate in language, everyone shook hands with the two herders and stretched out the thumbs “like”. The two uncles also smiled.

After seeing the two herders were dirty, after discussing Jin Wenhua, Chen Yuanhang and others, they decided to thank some expenses. Chen Yuanhang said that he was smiling, and the other party said “no”.

Seeing that Chen Yuanhang and others were still insisting, the uncle suddenly picked up his clothes and showed the party’s badge on his chest. This scene was photographed by Zhan Yi, who was returned to the car because of a lame. Seeing this scene at the scene, she and Yao Beini couldn’t help but shouted.

Seeing that Uncle herders are so determined, everyone admires it very much. She hugs and cares about her uncle, and takes a group photo together. In the early morning of the next day, Jin Wenhua and others successfully arrived at the hotel.

“This incident was very moved, and everyone sent a circle of friends later.” Xiong Ruikang told reporters that at that time, everyone hoped that more people could know this, and they sent a circle of friends and sent this in social media. Video, but none of them have influence.

■ “How can there be money between loved ones”

Near the end of 2021, Jin Wenhua proposed to edit this video as the “Special Commemorative Edition” of the Year, which was unanimously approved by everyone.

On December 27, 2021, Jin Wenhua sent the edited video to several small groups, and proposed to send it to social networking sites, which was supported by everyone.

On January 1, 2022, Jin Wenhua posted a video of this herdsmen’s uncle’s party badge on the station B. On January 2nd, this video was reposted by the Douyin of the Xinjiang Communist Youth League, and more than 200,000 people liked it all over the country.

With the attention of the media, the identity of “showing the party’s badge” is also known to the outside world. The 53 -year -old Abu Gapar Manganese is a native of Muji Township, Aktao County, Kizilu Sukirkiz Autonomous Prefecture. Scenic area.

In the face of an interview, he said: “Our Chinese nation family, 56 ethnic groups are family, how can there be money between loved ones.” He also said, “I am an old party member, and do these things (yes). “Regarding the party’s badge, he explained that he was accustomed to wearing party badges at all times.

On the afternoon of January 3rd, under the contact of the local media, Jin Wenhua and others saw the uncle who showed the party’s badge through a video connection after half a year. The uncle was very happy to see them and invited them to visit them again.

■ This is a vivid party lesson

Yao Beini is a post -90s party member. There are 6 party members in the family. She also grew up from listening to her elders who told red stories from an early age. She said that she had not deeply understood party members before. After experiencing this incident, she decided to inherit this spirit, and she would take the initiative to help others in the future, and proudly show the identity of the party members.

“In the future, I will keep in mind the identity of the party members and try my best to help others.” Xiong Ruikang is also a post -90s party member. This incident is a vivid party lesson for him.

Although not yet party members, Chen Yuanhang and Zhan Yi also secretly determined in their hearts to learn from the herdsmen who “showed the party of the party members”. They were willing to help others. At the same time, they continued to improve themselves and strive to become a party member as soon as possible. In the new year, if time permits, go to Xinjiang and visit the simple herdsmen, which is the common wish of these Wuhan citizens.

Source: Changjiang Daily

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