Phosphorus deoxyry copper heat exchangers, high -end configurations that foreign capital burning heat brands are not easily replaced

As the “heart” of gas water heaters, the quality of the heat exchanger determines the performance and period of use of the water heater.

At present, most brands in the industry use copper as the raw material for heat exchangers. Of course, there are also 304 stainless steel heat exchangers.

What is the difference between stainless steel and copper?

The difference is that the thermal exchanger of copper is better than the 304 stainless steel thermal switch.

Teville is a German company that specializes in research and development and production of gas water heaters. Since its establishment in 1930, Teville has always focused on the research and development of high -end gas water heaters to explore the high -tech field of heat -burning heat.

In response to the heat exchangers, Teville has tried to replace stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper and other materials, but after countless experiments and testing, it was found that copper is the best choice for heat exchangers.

In terms of thermal conductivity, the thermal conductivity of the copper is 400W/mk, while the 304 stainless steel is 16.2W/mk, which is nearly 25 times.

In terms of service life, the ductility and heat resistance of copper are better than stainless steel. For long -term heat expansion and contraction, it does not produce old wrinkles and has a long service life.

In terms of corrosion resistance, Chinese residents use water to disinfect with chlorine, and copper corrosion resistance to chlorine -containing water is stronger than stainless steel.

From the perspective of hygiene, copper ionic bacteriostasis, complex material elements in water, and copper materials are not easy to cause secondary pollution. The stainless steel is in a humid environment for a long time, it will still rust, and it will be corroded and affects the water quality.

From the perspective of cost, the price of copper is about 72,000 yuan/ton, while 304 stainless steel, the most expensive about 20,000 yuan/ton.

Copper heat exchangers are widely used in the industry. The industry then appeared again, a heat exchangers made of phosphorus and copper and oxygen.

What are the differences between the two?

Oxygen copper does not contain pure copper of the oxygen residue, but in fact, there are still very small amounts of oxygen and some impurities. According to standards, the oxygen content is not greater than 0.003%, the purity of copper is greater than 99.95%, and the conductivity is also strong.

Phosphorus dehydration copper is processed on the basis of anaerobic copper, reducing the contact between copper and oxygen, increasing the oxidation of copper, higher corrosion resistance, and longer service life.

In short, oxygen copper has good thermal conductivity, phosphorus dehydration copper is not electrical, but thermal conductivity is better.

It can be said that anaerobic copper is more suitable for the water tank of electric water heaters, because the electric water heater is heated, and the water tank is required to have good conductivity.

The phosphorus dehydration copper is more suitable for the water tank of the gas water heater because it only needs to change heat without conductive. It is more troublesome to conduct electricality.

The Teville gas water heater, which uses a phosphorus deoxitized copper heat switch, with 15 spray refined fire, the hot water speed is very fast, fast thermal conductivity, and good thermal insulation.

In the past, it took 1 minute to take a bath before hot water. The gas water heater using phosphorus dehydration and copper heat exchanger. It will start to doubt life without hot water within 10 seconds.

In order to strengthen the insulation and sealing, Teville added heat insulation cotton to the heat exchanger during the processing process.

This process not only improves the heating efficiency, but also protects the heat exchanger itself. No matter how the environmental temperature changes, it is not worried about being burned or frozen.

Stripted from Germany’s leaning and sequential attitude, and did not relax because of staying away from the birthplace. Teville has always worked hard to bring users a higher quality life experience.

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