Three districts supporting black and white tones leading to the technological innovation of ergonomic chairs

With the growth of the office groups and the time of sitting for a long time, the chance of lumbar and cervical spine is also rising. More and more young people have begun to attach importance to workplace health, and have paid more attention to the health functions contained in various products. This increasing demand for health has greatly promoted the development and application of ergonomic seats, making it show huge market potential.

With the black and white tone of “continuous efforts for human health” as the mission, the user’s strong demand for health at the beginning of the design was noticed. In the past few years, the black and white adjustment is based on the research of ergonomics, ergonomics, and ergonomic physiology. Under the current situation of the long -term sitting time in the workplace, the high -tech ergonomic chair developed by the black and white adjustment has met market demand well and achieved good results.

In today’s market environment, major brands have made articles in functionality to highlight their own characteristics and competitiveness. Black and white tones have not been at the status quo. Using the brand’s ten -year professional ergonomic technology precipitation, it has renovated the ergonomic seat technology again. The new E3 ergonomic chair launched by Black and White Tune has been overturned by countless times in design. Finally Effectively support the side waist muscles and share the pressure of sedentary to the waist in all directions.

Black and white tone

The three -zone waist protection function can effectively solve the problem that the flat -angle waist support cannot correspond to the support of the supporting ring side waist muscles. Automatic adjustment of the waist support in front and rear positions can adapt to the body weight of different people, fit the waist curve of the human body, alleviate sedentary fatigue, assist in correcting sitting and anti -spinal bending, so that users have a more comfortable sitting experience experience. Both back and head pillow can rotate a large range to make the seat adjustment more free. The back of the chair can be adjusted at 90 ° -115 ° to make the back more relaxed when working nap. The large -scale mesh contact surface of the headrest is sufficient to support the neck to relieve the neck pressure that has troubled modern people for a long time.

In the future, products that integrate more scientific and technical content will inevitably be favored by more consumers. Black and white tone will also continue to develop technology -based ergonomic chairs with high technology content, enhance their brand value, and create a global health home leader brand.

Black and white tone

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