The government pays for advertising companies. Follow the high -speed rail running Beijing -Shanghai line to open the “Anji Chair Industry Number”

At 10:59 am on March 1st, the first “Anji Chair Industry” high -speed railway specially flew out of the Shanghai Hongqiao High -speed Railway Station to Beijing. Unlike the past, there were eye -catching on each compartment of this high -speed rail. The four large black characters of “Anji Chair Industry”, the head of the interior, the cushion and the small table, the luggage rack in the car, the LED rolling display in the carriage and the broadcasting station of the in -depth station of the EMU were all by the Zhejiang Anji chair industry enterprise Elements and symbols are wrapped in a row of flowing Anji chair industry advertising buses.

Enterprises do advertising on the high -speed rail is not new, but this high -speed railway specially named by the Anji chair industry’s public brand, 90 % of the title costs from the special funds for the development of the chair industry created by the Anji County Government, Yongyi and Henglin, Henglin, , Dakang, Botai, Da Dongfang and other nine chair backbone companies participated together. This is a major measure for Anji County to do a good job of “service enterprise” and optimize the development environment of the business. It is also another new attempt to provide public services for the development of the real economy. Until now expand a major transformation of double -wheel drive and two -way force.

In 1981, Anji Science and Education Equipment Factory cooperated with universities such as Tongji University, Peking University, and other universities to develop China’s first five -wheel turntable. After more than 30 years of hard work, this place without a chair industry has grown into a famous “hometown of Chinese chair industry”, the country’s largest office chair production base, and the largest industrial cluster in the world. In 2018, 700 chair companies in the county realized sales revenue of 39.4 billion yuan, of which 17.75 billion yuan was exported, accounting for 71.7%of the county’s total exports.

Why does the government pay for Anji chair? Gao Anbing, director of the Anji County Economic and Information Bureau, said that on the one hand, Anji has the golden signboard of “the hometown of Chinese chair industry”. Taking “Dakang” as an example, from the core technology, the product has obtained 242 national patents and 2111 and 21 Foreign patents, Hangzhou G20 Summit, Xiamen BRICS Five Kingdoms Summit, and SCO Qingdao Summit. Each summit has Dakang’s boutique, which has made “face” for Anji. Developing the stage, more than 20 countries exported to products. “Yongyi”, the main board of listed companies in China, with the advantages of the academician and expert station of the enterprise, the UEBOBO chair, Picasso health seats, and “Miller” seats were designed and manufactured to win the German “IF Design Award”, respectively. The gold award of China Light Industry Excellent Design is full in the international market, and exports reached 1.54 billion yuan last year. So far, the county has established 17 academician and expert workstations of enterprises. The chair industry and 178 colleges and universities have established cooperative relations. The Anji chair industry has added a source of innovation power to form office chairs, massage chairs, casual chairs, meals, meals, meals, meals, meals, meals, meals, meals, and meals. There are tens of thousands of varieties of seven series such as chairs, sofas, plate furniture, and various accessories. One of the two chairs in China is produced in Anji.

On the other hand, the uncertain factors in the international market increased, and 18,000 companies were born every day in China. According to the calculation of 10 chairs per one, 180,000 chairs are required every day. This does not include other rigid needs. Vast domestic sales expansion space. However, in the past, Anji chair industry enterprises were exported to light domestic sales, and the proportion of domestic markets was not high. In order to encourage the 495 chair industry foreign trade enterprises that were used to exporting to open up the domestic market, the county invested in public brands with “Anji Chair Industry”. The form of “mother and child trademark” allows nine leading enterprises to implant their own enterprise elements in the carriage, expand the brand’s influence through the brand logo, and use the QR code to scan the online sales platform of the enterprise through the QR code.

“The Beijing -Shanghai Line is one of the busiest high -speed rail lines in the country. The two ends are connected to the two economic zones of Bohai Rim and the Yangtze River Delta. This is also the main target area of ​​Anji chair industry to expand the domestic market. “Gao Anbing said. The “Anji Chair Industry Number” is tentatively set for one year. In the future, Anji will also use special funds for the development of the chair industry to choose to carry out related cities and intensive commercial cities and key areas in the north, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hangzhou Wulin Plaza. The brand propaganda helps Anji chair industry to enter millions of households.

Zhang Jiayong, chairman of Zhejiang Yongyi Furniture Co., Ltd., said that the Prophet Chunjiang Water Warm Duck, the government is so intimate for the real economy and traditional industries, which is moving. Sales revenue has doubled.

Author: Zhejiang reporter Jiang Ping correspondent Chen Maoying

Edit: Jiang Ping

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