Because people’s living standards are constantly increasing, people’s demand for health exercise – the demand for swimming is getting higher and higher, especially in the influence of the epidemic, everyone is aware of the importance of sports, and this movement has also become a lot. Human choice, more and more swimming venues, below Aier Brothers

Gas film manufacturer

Tell about how to create a safe and practical


Gas film swimming pool.

The gas film Swimming pool is a high-tech emerging sports venue. It is a special architectural membrane to do building shells. It is equipped with a fully automated intelligent electromechanical equipment to provide new wind inside the fully sealed gas film building, while controlling indoors Temperature, humidity, pressure, etc., so that the interior of the swimming pool always maintains the positive pressure of the external environment, and supports a building structure system that supports the main body of the building main body.


Before building a gas film swimming pool, there is a good design. Choosing a suitable diaphragm, the choice of membrane material construction in the gas film swimming pool needs to be judged according to the use and life of the building. Membrane materials typically have high fire resistance, strong self-cleaning, durability, anti-UV, wind, and snow load, so that the quality of the membrane material determines the quality of the gas film swimming pool, the gas film swimming pool is general It is mainly based on PVF and PVDF, typically composed of inward, outer membranes. The semi-transmissiveness of the membrane material ensures proper irradiation of natural diffuse light, which is the energy-saving and environmental protection material recommended for domestic and external membrane construction industries. And the insulating material between the inner membrane and the outer membrane can also function a better heat insulation.

Second, internal lighting is designed, the lighting light of the gas film swimming pool, generally uses a reflection lighting system or a column lighting system, and the light source is photographed on the membrane material, which provides uniform, unwilling-eye lighting effects.

Finally, the inflatable system, the gas film swimming pool is usually equipped with two main fans and a diesel generator. Generally, a fan can maintain the work within the gas film building. When power outage or is powered off by other faults, the spare generator can be powered, thereby ensuring the normal operation of the gas film swimming pool.

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