Ultrasonic extraction machine is irreplaceable

Ultrasonic ultrasound is an important branch or component of acoustic acoustic. The production -type ultrasonic extract machine uses the interaction, dissemination, receiving, and interaction with the substance in various substances in various substances, and the various effects and applications produced as the main content.

Ultrasonic extraction machines are suitable for Chinese medicine, health products, cosmetics and other related enterprises. They are used in volatile or non -volatile solvents from various land and marine raw materials


, Especially applicable to the research and production of extracts with small batch and high added value. The equipment is designed and produced strictly in accordance with the GMP standard. It is widely used and cost -effective. It is a small test of biochemical research. The Chinese medicine ultrasonic extraction machine and the new pharmaceutical factory and GMP transformation extraction equipment.

Ultrasonic extract machine Equipment Equipment Emile Revolution of ultrasound engineering, advanced technology, and high equipment extraction efficiency. Divergent ultrasound and high -power multi -level poly energy type ultrasound can be used alone and can be combined together. The scope of applications is wider and more convenient to use. Ultrasonic frequency is 20-80kHz optional, which can achieve dual-frequency, three-frequency and multi-frequency ultrasound extraction, advanced electrical control system, high degree of automation, stable performance, convenient and safe use. The split can be designed, the structure is compact, and the area is small.

The production -type ultrasonic extraction machine is the intense vibration of the application of the ultrasonic extraction equipment and the high and fast acceleration, the intense carrix effect, and the stirring of the cells that can destroy the cells of the plant. The chemical ingredients of the extract are dissolved in the liquid, and then the chemical separation is purified to obtain the required ingredients. The main driving force of the production ultrasonic extraction machine is empty. The phenomenon of emptyness refers to the phenomenon that forms an empty cavity in the liquid under the action of ultrasonic extraction equipment. These empty cavity stretch and compress the frequency of sound waves.

The equipment is high -efficiency, and the production -type ultrasonic extraction machine Optimize the product structure to integrate the product structure and the divergent ultrasonic equipment on the basis of the traditional multi -function extraction machine, extraction tank, straight cone -shaped and oblique cone extracting tank. Make ultrasonic dynamic circulation extraction, extraction, filtering and other production processes.

The transformation rate of raw materials is high. This device uses the unique physical and carrier effects of ultrasonic waves to promote the effect Extreme high temperature and high pressure at partial points. The large -volume Chinese medicinal materials can be fully exposed to the ultrasonic probe, and the active ingredients in the raw materials can be evenly precipitated.

The production -type ultrasonic extraction machine has a delicate structure and gives full play to the characteristics of ultrasonic waves. The area of ​​the ultrasonic effect is large, the extraction time is short, and the extraction of Chinese medicine can be obtained in 1 minute. Extraction of Chinese medicinal materials is not subject to the ingredient polarity and molecular weight. Chinese medicine ultrasonic extraction machines are suitable for extraction of most Chinese medicinal materials and various ingredients; this equipment is equipped with oil -water separators and high -efficiency condenser, which can extract plant properties such as aroma oil Essential oil.

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