How much do you buy these health products, doctors explain it in detail to avoid entering the pit


Do you know how much do we spend on dietary vitamins every year? But do they provide the health benefits of consumers seek?

Dr. 除 Tells you that unless you are experiencing the problem of vitamin deficiency, please avoid excessive health care products.

Taking the following is likely to waste money.


Bioinin, also known as vitamin H or vitamin B7, is an indispensable nutrient that has many health benefits. It can convert food into fuel and maintain our skin, hair and nail health. But I don’t know why it is touted as Wangfa, a health product that has strong nails. Hair care products containing bioin are born, but if you want to use these biochemicals, you are likely to be stunned. Because only when we lack symptoms, we need blessings to supplement.

2 chromium

It is the “essential trace element” of the human body, which helps keep insulin levels stable. However, it is extremely easy to obtain in daily diet, so there is no need to buy and take chromium supplements. Sometimes Micro Chamber of Commerce touts it is conducive to losing weight. This promise does not have any scientific basis, so buying needs to be cautious.

3 iron

Iron is an element that many people take, but it may not provide you with health benefits as you think. Although iron is an essential element of the human body, the less the better. On the contrary, it may be dangerous to take iron supplements without doctors confirmed. Too much iron can cause arrhythmia, overwhelm liver, and in rare cases, it may cause cancer!

If you do not miss the iron, do not take the supplement at will, the beans, dark chocolate, spinach, beef and chicken in the food. They are all good supplements.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an antioxidant, which plays an important role in vision. Lack of vitamin A can cause night blindness. But too much to take vitamin A can lead to a variety of serious side effects. For example, hair loss, dry lips, dry skin, fragile bones, headache, and elevated blood calcium levels. Vitamin A is a fat -soluble vitamin, and cheese, eggs, and milk contain sufficient vitamin A. When we consume, it will be stored without lack of it to prepare for future needs. So this means you don’t need to add every day.

5 Vitamin B2 (nucleolin)

Vitamin B2 is one of the eight basic B vitamins required to convert food (carbohydrate) into fuel (glucose) for energy. It is common in many common foods such as eggs, whole wheat bread, milk and yogurt. Therefore, if you have eaten these often, you don’t need to supplement the additional B2 vitamins. In fact, when your body contains too much vitamin B2, your urine will turn into neon yellow, so this is a simple way to see if you are taking vitamins too much. Including it, the B vitamin is water -soluble, so he will not store it in the body like vitamin A.

6 Vitamin B6

Also another B composite vitamin also exists in many foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, poultry and fish. Enough to get from diet. Studies have shown that long -term use of B6 supplements will actually lead to serious health problems, and high -level B6 has proven to cause abnormal nerve sensation.

7 Vitamin D2

To be honest, D2 might as well go outdoors to bask in the sun. The role of vitamin D is mainly to help the body absorb the calcium required by the bone. Although it plays a key role in muscle exercise, nervous system, and immune system. But the best way to supplement D is to bask in the sun. Vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 are two main forms of vitamin D. The role of the two in the human body is the same, but the molecular structure of vitamin D2 and D3 is slightly different. Vitamin D2 is made of plants, and the absorption efficiency in outsiders is not high. Studies have shown that vitamin D3 from animals seems to improve vitamin D levels, so the use of vitamin D2 supplements is doubtful, and it is better to bask in the sun.

8 Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a lipid -soluble vitamin that protects cells from damage and supports the immune system. Vitamin E is abundant among avocado, almonds and spinach, and most people do not need supplements. At the same time, healthy adults need about 15 mg of nutrition a day. Excessive taking this supplement may lead to bleeding tendency.

9 red yeast rice

For anyone who wants to reduce cholesterol, red song rice can reduce cholesterol through its active ingredient Monacolin K. The biggest problem for purchasing supplements is the variability of the active component content in the supplement. Red song rice supplements actually do not contain active ingredients at all. There are even people who are worried that it will cause liver failure.

If you want to use the product to reduce the cholesterol, to be honest, you might as well eat more fiber -rich foods and reduce the content of cholesterol or saturated fat in food, instead of spending money on red song rice products.

10 软 糖 vitamin

I want to add vitamins, why do you give me sugar?

The flowers played by such products not only to be honest, the vitamin content provided by the truth is poor. If you chew this seasoning vitamin soft glucose, think twice.

Look at the packaging before eating, take a look at his content, and see which sugar, sugar alternatives or artificial pigments or seasonings are added, these are unhealthy.

11 dehydrogenucleone, known as DHEA

DHEA is also called a product that is eternal youth, which is not only expensive but also risky.

DHEA is the prelude of human estrogen and testosterone. Some people say that his antioxidant ability is strong. But I want to tell you that its side effects are very poor. Incorrect taking it will also cause slow development, elevated blood pressure or cholesterol or emotional fluctuations. In addition, there may be signs or symptoms of women’s testicular hormones, such as hair loss, sound changes, or facial hair growth. If men are taking, it is likely to cause male estrogen to rise: breast enlargement, testicular reduction or sperm number decreases. It may even cause negative affecting hormone reactive cancer, such as some breast cancer, ovarian cancer or prostate cancer.

The long -term safety of this supplement is unknown. If we all in order to keep your youth, the absolute best thing we can do is sleep for 7 to 9 hours a night, minimize stress and eat the main full -food plant -rich diet rich in antioxidant -rich agents, and at the same time minimize the tobacco, alcohol, Toxins including processing food.

Who doesn’t want to find the source of youth miracles in vitamins, but there is no such thing.

12 Vitamin C for ordinary colds

Have a cold and take vitamin C reliable? But this is not actually a good suggestion. There is no evidence that supplementing vitamin C can reduce the risk or incidence of ordinary colds. Like other supplements, a healthy diet will get sufficient horizontal vitamin C. In fact, eating a medium orange every day will reach the recommended daily allowable amount and will bring multiple extra benefits to your health. In one breath intake of high -dose vitamin C, it will benessing to heart and kidney stones, nausea and vomiting.


Male friends must have heard of this thing, and it is said that they can improve their erectile ability. But here I want to pour a pot of cold water. L-arginine is not a substance that can be asked for help.

When the nitric oxide content in the male system is low, it may have a certain use of men, but for most people, L-arginine has no effect.

The nitric oxide in the blood actually comes from endothelial cells in the pulse. These endothelial cells secrete nitric oxide, acting on nearby tissues and continued for a short time, causing vascular enlargement, thereby increasing blood flow. The same is true of sexual activities, but taking L-arginine does not increase the production of nitric oxide of ordinary people, but it can help reduce chronic inflammation and endothelial damage.

It may not be practical if you expect it to improve it.

It may be better through a healthy diet, sufficient rest and minimizing emotional pressure.


If our doctor does not diagnose the lack of certain elements, we don’t have to buy such products in daily life. Spend more money, and may also have side effects.

To this end, we must be familiar with which we need to make up and which do not need to make up.

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