Smart Security Home Assistant-Xiaomi Smart camera battery model

Affected by Zhengzhou’s rain disaster and epidemic, the planned evaluation was soaked in soup, and he has been busy reconstruction and work after the disaster. He failed to complete the evaluation task in time, and was deeply sorry.

In the era of intelligent interconnection, many people have begun to pay attention to the application of smart home products in their lives. I believe that students who are in contact with Xiaomi will have some Xiaomi and ecological chain products in their homes. The device enters our home.

Now there are many smart cameras in the home. The first is a small recipe camera of Xiaomi ecological chain. Later, the Mijia camera was successively started. At home, let’s talk about Xiaomi new products today, Xiaomi outdoor camera battery board

You can see the interior and outdoor machines in the box, as well as instructions, power cords, installation tools, and connecting the power through the data cable on the indoor machine. The Type -C interface is used. At the same time, it also has a network cable interface, TF card interface and a USB interface, which can provide a variety of storage modes. The indoor unit feels more like a small router, and the outdoor unit is similar to a previous outdoor camera of Xiaobai. Essence

Different from the traditional wired camera, this wireless battery camera gets rid of the restraint of the wired connection to the distance, which is more convenient to connect to use. It can be placed or lifted through Wi-Fi connection.

Because it is the design of the rotating gimbal, whether it is placed or lifted, it can cover 130 degrees wide -angle. At the same time, it also has IP65 dustproof waterproof and waterproof. It is not afraid of wind and rain, and protects the family. Built -in 5700mAh large battery, low power design, over 90 days long battery life, and it also has intelligent power saving. It is a PIR humanoid detection and automatic recording abnormal conditions. However, this camera is more applicable to scenes such as corridors with relatively small traffic, family courtyards, etc. If you use it in shopping malls and other scenarios, the automatic recording function will be triggered. The battery life and memory reserves will be greatly shortened and reduced.

High -definition picture quality is presented, 1080P high -definition picture quality, night vision is so clear, you can view the livelihood of the home anytime, anywhere through the Mijia APP, and the voice communication is more convenient.

The actual installation is also very simple. Familiar with Mijia Equipment and others can say that you can operate and install it independently without reading the manual. WiFi, then installation and debugging. Generally speaking, installation is very convenient, and it is not as cumbersome as wired.

Summary: Xiaomi’s new intelligent wireless camera and Chuangmi Xiaobai’s wireless camera have similarities in hardware and software, but I prefer Xiaomi. Although they are applicable to the Mijia platform, they are based on Xiaomi Yun service and Xiaoai classmates. Intelligent interconnection is convenient and more convenient, and wireless connections also make it more cost -effective than traditional cameras. You can choose different types of cameras on demand. Now Xiaomi and Mijia have a variety of cameras to choose from, as well as ecological chain products to compare. Taking advantage of 816, pay more attention to official activities and purchase discounts.

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