Match · dry goods

Chapter 8 Original

If you want to ask the Sister Pi 9, who wants to drink with, it must be@要 º º. Not because he looks handsome, but because his string is too good. In minutes, Sister Pi 9 wants to cut him away.

In this kind of thing, it was not good to be too bold, and he had to drunk him. But these years have not succeeded, because the amount of sisters of Pi 9 has not grown, and he dare not provoke. Moreover, he has never been able to fight. It is estimated that he knows what I think.

However, you can’t cut the skewers, and you can cut some dry goods. Today, Mr.@今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 º, let ’s share it with you, with the things about the string ~


Buddha head


“There are no three -way string is incomplete.” If the bracelet is compared with the hand, the three links are thumbs up. A complete string, people’s eyes will stay there at first glance.

The three links are also called “Buddha heads”, the “mother pearl” in Buddhist rosary. Simply put, it is one more hole than other beads.

The size can be large or small, and the material can be cooked.

Some people like large sizes. The 9 string of 9 is matched with the three links of 20, which is in sharp contrast and domineering side leakage.

Some people like small sizes. The 6 string of 6 is equipped with the three links of 08, which is harmonious and harmonious and complement each other.

I have a string habit according to the proportion. The three links are generally 1.5 times that of the beads.

As for the type, when you don’t know what type of choice, the conventional public will never be wrong.

The changes of the times, the public aesthetics is constantly changing, and various three links are constantly changing. In recent years,

Shi Shi pot is a relatively successful type.

And when you have a certain concept of matching, everything is type, and everything can be three.

Innovation is endless.


Top bead


Dingzhu is naturally indispensable as the finishing touch.

At the beginning of the string, it is best to choose the bead type similar to the bead,

The formula, the circle is rounded, cut straight.

As for the size, it depends on personal preferences. The size is appropriate, but it is generally smaller than the three links.

Generally, the beads of about 2-3mm can be selected according to the size of the three links.

As for the phaseless, A -Da, corpse forest … are all advanced choices.


Waist bead

Yao zhu

For 108, the waist bead is located between the top beads and the head of the Buddha, with 27 pieces of 27 pieces, and the average beads are divided into 4 copies.

The size is smaller than the top bead, in order to coordinate,

It is best to match the shape and color of the top beads.

Of course, there are advanced choices, which are available, alien, and carved beads.


Back cloud

Bei yun

The back cloud evolved from the Qing Dynasty Chaozhu, also known as the back fish.

“Book of Changes” said: “The back is yang, the chest is yin.” The back gathers yang on the skewers, so it will be behind. At the same time, the pressure of the string can be balanced to reduce the burden on the neck.

However, there are not so much particular attention in the Wenwan circle.

As for the type and material, there are too many, and there will be no examples here.


Disciple bead

Di zi zhu

The volume of the disciple beads is generally smaller than that of the beads. The number of six to twelve capsules is used, and the average arrangement is arranged in two cases.

The simplest is the same beads.

In fact, how to match the disciples depends on their preferences.

Design some shapes and color matching.



Diao zui

The pendant is the most common for disciples as the alternative of disciples beads.

In fact, I am not very recommended to be a pendant, after all, it is big and heavy.

However, if it is paired with a 3-5mm millet bead chain, it is also a good choice.



Ka zi

The so -called card was originally a tool for auxiliary counts, which is similar to bookmarks.

As for now, it is a beautiful decoration. If the good Buddha head draws the finishing touch, then the beautiful card is icing on the cake.

Most of the cards on the market are imitation deer.

Of course, as an advanced, cards are ever -changing.


Side hanging


The counter is derived from the Tibetan Buddha beads, which consists of counting header and records. There is a count head with ten record heads at both ends. Together with Kazuko to record the number of chanting scriptures.

The extension of the side hanging as a counter is now more beautiful.

Generally, small carvings are used with small beads, and the color matching can be used properly, which can make a lot of color.

If you like Tibetan style, the counter is also an essential element.


Running ring

Pao huan

Run ring, a kind of accessories that began to be popular in one or two years.

Legend has it that a player put the strings and the finger string together in order to facilitate the game, and slowly evolved into a running ring.

The running ring is an interesting accessory, which is not so restrained and is casual.

You can run up in a circle. It is large, small, thick, thin.

The bracelet with a running ring is so fun.

Sister Pi 9 said

There are a thousand kinds of players with a thousand players.

Do you have any habits? Welcome to share your own string experience, and some novel and fun small accessories.