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The time passed quickly, in a blink of an eye, Double Eleven had arrived, and in 2021, it also came to an end. The tradition of Double Eleven is to buy and buy. After December, the baby is five years old. In her own words, it is already a “big baby”. Since the Double Eleven family has to buy and buy, how can she miss her. Under the premise of taking into account both practicality and gift attributes, I decided to send her a schoolbag with a pink princess, that is, this GMT For Kids mermaid elves.

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[Professional protection spine] GMT For KIDS small square bag 1-5 grade elementary school schoolbag schoolbags children’s spine backpack search for unicorn

¥ 578



The outer packaging design of GMT for Kids is biased towards the Nordic style, with obvious family characteristics and high recognition. LOGO design is colorful, the color is escaped, and the middle is the “GMT For Kids” logo with color gradients. It’s pretty good.

The top of the outsourcing is designed with a handling hand for easy carrying. The weight of the schoolbag is very light. The GMT For Kids was known for lightness. The outer packaging volume is relatively large, and there are filling inside to prevent the transportation from squeezing the schoolbag and deformation.

When you open the outer box, you can see the true face of the mermaid elves. The pink appearance quickly attracted the attention of the baby, and immediately grabbed the happiness in his hand. Founder’s shape can improve the spatial utilization rate, and the book is more neat. This is also the origin of the GMT For Kids children’s schoolbag.

The design of the GMT FOR KIDS children’s schoolbag is relatively simple. It is also known for its daily functions, and the practicality is better. There are no flowers in the flowers. The overall shape still adopts the appearance of a small square bag, and the family characteristics are obvious.

There are six colors for this set of antibacterial upgrades for children with ingenuity. I chose the most pink mermaid elves. After all, I have to satisfy the baby’s princess heart.

In terms of size, the size of the GMT For Kids Mermaid Essence children’s schoolbag is 41x27x14cm, the capacity is 22L, but the weight is only about 0.75kg, which is very light. The lightweight design concept and high -density light materials are comprehensively adopted, and the burden is reduced from the doll.

The large capacity of 22L is already very sufficient for a baby who is just going to school. Not only can you put down the commonly used things such as books, stationery, water cups, umbrellas, etc. Fruits, towels, and clothing are completely installed.

Product Highlights

The fabric of this GMT children’s schoolbag has been fully upgraded. The main thing is to use high -efficiency antibacterial fabrics, with antibacterial rates to 99%and long -term antibacterial. For the common Golden P. and E. coli in our lives Very good bacteriostatic effect.

At the same time, the fabric has strong waterproof, oil -proof, and anti -dirt resistance. Even if you choose pink like me, you only need to wipe it gently with a wet towel, it is easy to take care of it, it is more resistant to dirt, and it will not be old quickly. The main thing is that the fabric has passed the EU Reach’s security certification, which is more environmentally friendly and safe. It is more assured for babies.

In terms of carrying the system, GMT For Kids Mermaid Elf Bag has made a lot of upgrades. The innovative 6 -point accurate release pressure carrying system, effectively reduced burden by 30%. Combined with the S -type waistband, adjustable chest buckle, and the four -way air diversion slot on the back, bringing a more comfortable experience. Release the sweltering at any time and keep the back dry at all times. There is also a back -to -back card on the back. In case of accidents such as loss, you can also contact parents faster.

In the actual experience, the GMT children’s schoolbag is more in line with the back curve, effectively dispersing the pressure on both sides of the back, reducing the burden on the spine, and helping the baby’s healthy growth.

The shoulder strap of GMT for Kids children’s schoolbag is S -shaped, which can effectively disperse the weight of the schoolbag and elastic chest buckle design to meet the actual body type of different babies and be more comfortable. There are anti -light strips on the strap, which can ensure safety to the maximum rainy days and nights. From the side, the schoolbags have a certain arc, which fits the baby’s back curve more. The patented EVA spine backplane also provides good support. The scientific force structure can be easier even if it is carried out for a long time.

In terms of security, GMT For Kids is also considering sufficiently. Like after winter, the sky is dark, and sometimes the children are darkened when they set off at night. The front zipper of the GMT for Kids Mermaid Elf Bag has an anti -light strip. At night, it plays a reminder to warn the driver in front of the driver to avoid accidents.

Show details

GMT for Kids Mermaid Elf Children’s Bag’s top design has a sticker, which can be replaced with personalized replacement and full of fun. The schoolbag comes standard with three different stickers. In the later period, you can also buy various patterns to post it yourself. The baby likes it very much.

▼ schoolbag

There is a top bag on the top. Pulling open the top zipper can see that there is a removable rain cover in the top bag, which is a very practical accessory. With this removable rain cover, there is no need to worry about wet books on rainy days. At the same time, it also ensures that the internal environment of the schoolbag is dry and clean, and the book is avoided by the rain. The dismantling rainproof cover can be fully wrapped in the schoolbag when used. At the same time, it is designed with anti -light strips. It is safer to travel on rainy days. Daily storage is only tennis size, and does not take up too much schoolbag capacity.

At the same time, the sight of rainy days will be worse, and the sky will be a lot darkened. This fluorescent rainpow can be reminded, and it is still very good in practicality.

In addition to the removable rain cover, GMT For Kids also presented a mini small hanging bag that could be hung on the side of the schoolbag. The bag is equipped with a sticker, of course, you can also install some of your own objects, such as rubber, hair clips, parts and other things. In this case, it will be more convenient to take it when needed.

In terms of capacity, the top bag is actually very capable, and it is the outermost, so it is very convenient to pick items. Generally speaking, the days of school will let the baby put some stationery in the top bag or bring to the school’s opinions, feedback letters, etc. When traveling on weekends or holidays, you will bring some toys, such as plush toys.

▼ The front and lower pockets of the GMT children’s schoolbag are designed with two pockets. The size is very scientific. The front pockets can just put down all kinds of books of the mainstream size. I usually choose some stationery or baby’s clothing.

▼ The bright yellow zipper with pink schoolbags, the overall eye is very eye -catching.

▼ The left and right sides are designed with left and right pockets. I usually use it to place the baby’s water cup. If you encounter a rainy day, you can still put an umbrella, which is very practical.

Next is our large -capacity main pocket, and it is also the core part of this GMT children’s schoolbag. At the first glance of opening the main capacity pocket, you can see a place to put the course list, which reminds me of the days when you were going to school. Through the comparison table, we can know the course arrangement tomorrow, bringing the necessary books to avoid affecting our lecture experience.

In terms of capacity, 22L is enough for babies. The main bag is square. When placing books, it can be stacked very neatly. There is also a hidden small partition inside. You can put some important small objects (such as pocket money, AIRTAG anti -loss device and the like).

The bottom of the GMT for Kids Mermaid Elf Children’s Bag is still designed with foot pads, which can usually stand up and place it. The overall is more stylish. The wear -resistant foot pad design can effectively reduce the wear of the bottom fabric and extend the service life.

Actual experience

The pink color matching of GMT for Kids Mermaid Elf Children’s Bag is a beautiful landscape, no matter where it is, the children also actively put forward the request to walk home because of this bag.

Walking in the park with a schoolbag, passing through the deciduous trail all the way

Walking over the curved stone arch bridge, curiously looked at the old grandpa fishing on the bridge.

Walking along the bank of the river, holding the warm sun.

Brief summary

The baby likes the GMT for Kids Mermaid Princess Children’s Bag this time. After all, who doesn’t want to be a princess?

The overall workmanship of the schoolbag is good, and the materials are relatively solid. Three -defense fabric+EU Reach Safety Certification, environmental protection and good care. The carrier system is also relatively professional. The 6 -point precision press release system, S -type waistband, adjustable chest buckle, and four -way air derivation slot on the back are invisible on ordinary schoolbags. The shoulder strap is soft and generous, effectively reducing the pressure on the shoulder. In the actual use process, the baby did not feel tired when he walked home with his schoolbag back home, and there was no sweating on the back. The overall experience was still very good.

The practicality is also very good. The unique formal shape can help the book stacked more neat. A reasonable multi -zone design. The large capacity of 22L can fully meet the baby’s daily needs. Essence The front reflective zipper design and the standard dismantling rainproof cover can also provide perfect protection on rainy days.