As a children’s life brand, the products launched by Pupupula are often full of childlike and ingenuity. For example, children who have been on Xiaomi Youpin Smart save money cans, small light bulbs wireless charging portable light Pro, etc.

Not long ago, Pupupula launched a new product called “paper is the bell”. Yes, the body and pointer of the entire bell are made of paper. The raw materials are recycled sugarcane pulp and log pulp. Compared with ordinary hanging clock plastic plastics, it is compared to ordinary hanging bell plastic plastics. The fuselage is more environmentally friendly and easier to recycle, lightweight without losing solidity; but because it is a paper product, the official also reminds not to place it in a high temperature and high humidity environment such as bathrooms.

PUPUPULA 设计了一款「纸糊」的挂钟:孩子认识钟表的好工具

The bell body uses the tilt angle of upper width and narrowness to adapt to the perspective of children; the hour hand acupuncture is designed as hollow and wave -like, which is full of cartoon -like; while the driving pointer rotates the mute scanning movement or radio waves from the battery energy. The movement, the latter can automatically receive the standard time information issued by the National Time Center, without manual time.

Pupupula “Paper is the bell” quiet scanning movement version is 129 yuan, and the electric wave movement version is priced at 199 yuan. It is currently available in the official shop of Taobao Pupupula.